Daddys Wittle Boy
I was 14 years old, last day of  8th grade, I could hardly wait
for summer then high school! Only an hour left when Jack walked up to me “Hey Jason! You dropped something” He swiped his hand across my desk knocking over all my books. I looked, typical the teacher didn’t notice.

I was never a bad kid, but this jerk has picked on me all year! This is the last straw! I got out of my desk, pretending to pick up my stuff, and kicked Jack right in the nuts! He fell crying and I laughed. “JASON! GO TO THE PRINCIPLES OFFICE!” she shouted… “how come I always get caught….”

My mom died when I was little and my dad never paid attention to me, he was too  busy working construction. If I could describe him It’d be 6’5, 250 pounds of pure muscle, and a face that could make anyone scared. When The principle called him on the jobsite to pick me up.. I knew this wouldn’t be good.

We got home, and I started to head for my bedroom when suddenly I was yanked by arm and dragged to the couch, He literally ripped off my pants leaving me in my white tighties. He sat down and put me on his knee, pulling my briefs down. He spanked me furiously over and over again. I was crying like a baby, and after the 50th spank I ended up wetting myself.

He stopped. Looked at me surprisingly sweetly “Did daddy’s wittle boy have an accident?” he said in baby talk. He picked me up as if I weighed nothing and carried me up to my room. “Don’t worry, everything will be just fine” He put me on my bed, left and shut the door. I was so exhausted and confused I feel asleep.

I was awoken about an hour later to him pulling off my wet underwear. I just moaned. Next thing I knew he was wiping me clean. Then came baby oil, he rubbed all my parts. I looked over to see a big disposable diaper laying next to me! I screamed and tried to run for it.

He just pulled me calmly like it was nothing. Wasn’t even mad. I was crying hysterically. He put me back on my belly. I held still crying. While rubbing oil in between my cheeks he said “Aren't we a cry baby tonight. What wrong, my wittle baby can't poop? That’s ok, I was prepared for that…”

He pulled out a jar of laxatives and pushed one through my butt. It felt weird yet arousing…”  He finally Flipped me over and laid the diaper down under me “Please No! I don’t want to be a baby” I cried. “Well your acting like one, peeing yourself right on me.” I got quiet, I knew there was no escaping this… “Welcome to your summer of babyhood” He stuck a pacifier in my mouth.

He carried me back downstairs. I was very quiet.  “This will help my little guy poop“, he put me in a highchair. He pulled out a big juicy steak, my mouth watered for it. I ate it all. “For desert….” He pulled out a few jars of baby food. I read the label “MUSHED PRUNES” It was cold and disgusting. We finished off with a exlax pill. Then a bottle of warm milk nursed on his lap.

After all that he made me burp and carried me to a caged hospital crib. I wonder where he got all this in such a short time. He put me in it, locked me up, and sat on a chair facing it. As if to see a show. Just then my stomach growled loud, and I got a cramp. “Oh no.. I know what all this was for”

He smiled at me, when I gave the baby impression. “uhhh… Dad-” “My name is daddy baby boy” he corrected. “Daddy I have to go to the bathroom bad.” “That’s why your wearing potty pants. I reached to take them off, no way was I gonna poop myself.

I reached for the straps to find none. I felt around to find a key hole in the back. I was doomed… I tried my best to hold it in.. But no use. There was a giant explosion! Then even more poop pushed its way out. This had been the heaviest load I had ever given… My daddy must of made sure of that.

I began to cry when I realized the diaper was now brown and sagging this new steamy load. I thought daddy would change me instead he flicked off the lights laughing. “Goodnight My precious baby”

I woke up almost forgotten I was in a giant load of mess. I had to pee bad, I gave up and let it out. My diaper leaked a little. I waited for an hour but no one showed up. So I fell back asleep… I woke up with a pair of plastic pants over this dirtied diaper. Daddy must of saw my leak. He left a note. “Baby, I left for a little Bit to the store,  I would have changed you but you were sound asleep. I'll be back around 8:00PM. I left you a bottle and some mushed peas, Love Daddy”

I looked at the clock it was 5:30PM. I began to cry when I spoon fed myself the peas. And drank my milk, It tasted really funny. Oh well. About an hour later I had to pee, I let it out. Then came another cramp. No wonder the milk tasted funny. I barely resisted to go, I knew it would happen anyway's. I let out yet another large load. “hmm.. Actually not that bad, fun to sit in-NO! you hate this! This is AWFUL!” I told myself. I made up excuses as to why I had a boner.

Daddy Got home earlier than usual and for some reason I was relieved to see him, I even giggled “Daddy” in a baby voice… Am I really enjoying this? Is this the connection I’ve wanted with my dad for all these years..? Maybe…

“There’s my little boy!” He exclaimed. “Lets get you cleaned up, Did you play nice while Daddy was gone?” He put me on a changing table and unlocked the diaper. Took it off and lifted me up by my two legs. My whole waist was covered in poo and pee. No use to even attempt wiping it up. He carried me to the tub and started the water.

As he knelt down I kissed him on the cheek, he smiled. He scrubbed me good. And carried me in a towel to the table. He put me on it and tickled my tummy. We both laughed. Then I stared at him in the eyes… I began to cry, so did he. After 10 minutes he pulled out a diaper this one with no lock, “Can I trust you?” I giggled “Yes Daddy, I wuv my diapers!”

He powdered me good, and carried me to the crib “Daddy, can I sleep with you?” He smiled and said “Sure, and tomorrow I'll put your crib in my room.” I laughed in enjoyment. We watched a movie and I fell asleep in his arms, sucking my thumb.

EPILOUGE: After an amazing summer My daddy pulled me out of school and home taught me. During the days I learn As a DL, and during nights and weekends I'm his help wittle baby boy. I love it.

                      written by: dbjay

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