Magan was sixteen and was sent to camp to keep her out of trouble.  Magan had arrived at the camp late she put her stuff in the cottage were five other teenage girl were staying .

Magan introduce herself to the girls and one of the girls she knew from school she was the most popular girl at school she had all the boys after her because she had big breast and was so gorgeous. 

Kristin was two years older then magan and was in grade twelve. This year at school she made the grade nine girls wear depends diapers for a whole week and some of the girls she made them wet there diapers and have to go to the daycare center to have there diapers change.

Magan also had some trouble with Kristin. Magan had stopped her from picking on a friend who magan knew from
public school. Kristin was making fun of her that she was wearing diaper and that she had piss them. Magan then step in and said if you going pick on my friend then your going to pick on me to? Then Kristin pulled out a pampers diaper and said well if you say so come her and put your baby diaper on my little baby.

Magan then told her to shut up. Then Kristin said well if you want me to stop picking on your friend? You will put your diaper on and pee and poop it at school . And have your dirty diapers change at the daycare center.

Magan then took the diaper and went into the stall but then Kristin said to her no that will not do babies don't know how to put on diapers go to the daycare center and ask them to put it on you .

Magan then went to the daycare center were she did her volunteer work and then asked Kim who was in charge if she could help her with her little problem. Kim was took back by the question because she never thought the Magan had a wetting problem all the time that she worked with the kids and
babies who she even diaper changed.

Kim took Magan to the diaper changing room and magan lifted her self up on the diaper changing table with her legs hanging over.  Kim then pulled down magans jeans then panties and lifted her legs up and wiped her bottom and private area with Vaseline then pored baby powder on her and slid a pampers size six diaper under her then Kim pulled magans panties up holding her new dry diaper.

Magan then stood up and stated to pull up her jeans when a four year old girl who magan was helping toilet train came in and saw that magan was wearing a diaper in her underpants. Lisa then said out loud "Magan still has to wear diapers" over and over then all the kids at the daycare started to laugh at her and call her a baby .

Magan now with tears in her eyes felt her diaper getting wet and then she over peed it and Lisa then said "look magans over peeing her baby diaper and is now peeing her pants".

Kim saw this and said well I don't think we can let our new little baby girl leave like this can we children. After a new diaper change magan met up with Kristin and she checked to
see if she was wearing the diaper.

Magan wore the diapers for a whole week and now it was summer time and she was going to have to sleep with Kristin in the same room. Magan wanted to get revenge on Kristen so she thought up a plan to make Kristin wet the bed at night.

Later that night Magan went over to Kristin's bed and pulled the bed sheets aside then magan saw something that almost made her fall on her butt. Kristin the most popular girl in high school still wore goodnights toilet training diapers.

So then magan said to Kristin in her dream state dose my bigbaby girl need her diaper change then Mangan herd Kristin say mommy I am a big girl now not a baby. Magan then checked her diaper and it was soaking wet. Magan then put Kristin's thumb in her mouth and went to her bag and fond her camera and took a picture of Kristin sucking her thumb and wearing a traning diaper.

end of chapter one


                      Written by: Captain Freddy

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