Week At Camp
The week at camp:

I was sent to camp by my parents because I getting into trouble with boys and staying out late at night. This camp was for girls only so I would only be with girls for the whole week.

I had to bunk with six other girls all my age. But the camp had girls of all ages some as young as six. My group of girls were six teen and the lady in charge of us was twenty five.

Tifany had blond hair blue eyes and was only five two. But she was very strong willed and she didn't put up with any trouble makers.

The first night I slept on the bottom bunk the girl Kim slept on top when I awoke in the morning I could see a big wet spot on the bed above me. Kim the dark hair girl had wet the bed I could not believe that Kim the most popular girl at my high school sill wets the bed at night like a baby.

I then got out of my bed and pulled the covers down from her body and saw that she was wearing a goodnights training diaper. I then shook her and said wake up Kim you wet the bed then some of the other girls heard me and said did you just say that Kim had pee pee herself last night in bed.

I then said yes she did but she won't wake up. The girl Sam who Kim had picked on in grade nine got up and walked over and said well it looks like we have a baby in our cabin girls. She then laughed at Kim when she saw the training diaper. Sam then said hey girls look the most popular girl in school still has to wear diapers at night.

Sam then shook Kim to wake her up. Kim then said in her half sleep state "mom I don't want to get up". Sam then said to Kim "get up little baby you wet your diaper honey". Kim then said "mommy and can you please change me so I can sleep some more?" Sam could not believe what she just heard. So she went into Kim's suitcase and grab a new diaper but also took a picture of Kim in her wet diaper and more when she was diaper changing her.

Then Tifany came in and saw what was going on and said did Kim pee the bed last night. Sam right away said yes just like a little baby she didn't even wake up when she peed her diaper.

Tifany said well some people have bed wetting problems I bet all of you here have wet the bed before so I don't want you to make fun of her you got it. We all said yes then she said well get dressed and go to breakfast.

Kim finally woke up but didn't know that we knew that she wore diapers to bed. She thought she had a dry night until Sam said "well how long have you been wearing diapers to bed?"

Kim looked at Sam and said "what did you say you little pest". Sam said "you herd me I said how long has the most popular girl in school been wearing baby diapers for?"

Kim face turned red with embarrassment. Sam then said "do you have to wear pullup in the day time to? or do you wear a pampers diaper in your panties big baby?"

Kim just stood there not knowing what to say. Then Sam said "is it time we change your diaper like I did in the morning when you were sleeping?"

Kim then began to cry and Sam said "what a little cry baby you are wait till everyone at school see the pictures of you wearing a diaper and me changing your diaper." Then Kim stood there and wet her pants right in front of everyone.

Sam then said "well it looks like Kim forgot to wear her pampers diaper." There was some younger girls that saw Kim pee her pants and said "is that the girl that babysat your two year old brother who is almost toilet trained? Looks like she needs to go back to wearing diapers. Wait till I tell mom that Kim the baby sitter peed her pants at camp." Then tifany saw what was going on and took Kim to the nurses office and left her with the nurse.

End of chapter one
Written By: Captain Fred

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