The Teen Age Girl Who Pee's Her Pants
It all started when Kristen was babysitting a twelve year old boy and a one year old girl . She was down in the family room watching TV with the one year old in the play pen. When Tim the brother wanted to play his xbox Kristen said no its almost
your bed time. Tim got angry and said this is my house and im going to play my xbox. 

Kristen then said to him your acting like a baby do I have to treat you like one and put you back into diapers. Tim said IM not a baby. Kristen replied then act like a big boy or I will make you wear your sisters pampers diaper and have you sleep in her baby crib tonight. Tim then said I'm to big to wear pampers ha ha.

Kristen grabbed the baby blanket and wrapped it around Tim real tight so Tim could not move. he lay on the floor and watch TV. After the movie was over he asked to be untied. Kristen said no. He then said I'm thirsty I need something to drink. So Kristen went over to the one year old and grabbed the baby bottle with juice in it and put it in Tim's mouth.

Tim tried to not drink but she just kept the baby bottle in his mouth and said drink up. So he did. When he was done he said I have to go to the bathroom. Kristen said does my little baby need his dipee. Tim said no I really have to go or I will pee my pants. Kristen said alright we don't want the big boy to piss his pants right in front of his little sister. So she untied him.

Tim ran to the washroom and almost wet his pants. when
he returned he said I hope you are happy I almost didn't make it to the washroom . Kristen looked at him and said good thing you did or I WOULD have to tell your mom and she probably would put you back into training diapers.

She then went over to Tim's sister and changed her pampers. She then said this could be you if you don't start behaving. So Tim said alright I will I'm sorry. Kristen then said go to bed. later that night Tim woke up and went to the room were Kristen slept. He had a bowl of warm water and a spray bottle with pee in it. He was now going to get Kristen back.

He slowly pulled the cover up and saw Kristen sleeping in
just a night shirt and blue panties. He then put Kristen's hand in the warm water and her other hand he put her thumb in her mouth. Kristen began to suck her thumb. Then he sprayed her crouch area with the pee. He waited to see if she would wet the bed.

After five minutes Kristen started to pee her self just a little then a little bit more until she was completely peeing her self and she did not even wake up. Tim then took a picture of her and pulled the covers down and left the room with the bowl.

When Kristen awoke in the morning she could not belive she was sucking her thumb like a baby. Then she realized she felt wet and that she had pee the bed. Then Tim came in the room and said my little sister needs her diaper changed.

Tim then grabbed the blanket and pulled it off her. Kristen lay there trying to hide her wet state. Then Tim said you pee the bed, your still a little baby. Kristen began to cry please don't tell any one, please I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT.  Tim then said any thing? Kristen just nodded.

So if I told you to act like a dog you would? Kristen said yes just don't tell anyone that I wet the bed when I was babysitting. Ok I won't tell or show the picture of you peeing the bed. Kristen replied what picture? Tim then showed her and she began to cry and wet herself.

Tim saw this and said who's the baby now. You can't even
control your bladder in the day time. Maybe you should wear one of my sisters pampers diapers for the rest of the weekend. Kristin could not believe what she just heard. That she was going to have to wear pampers diapers.

Tim took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom wear she laid on the floor and had her wet panties taken off. Then Tim lifted her legs up to her chest and started to wipe her with the baby wipes. Kristen lay there and thought back to yesterday when she was a women and did not need diapers and how in this same room she had diaper changed the
one year old girl. Now she was the baby and being put back into diapers.

Then Tim took her down stairs and put her in his sister highchair. Kristen sat there in disbelief that now she was the baby and no longer the adult. Then Tim put a baby bottle to her lips and said drink up my little baby. Kristen began to suck the bottle then it happened. She had to pee so she asked Tim if he would let her use the toilet. Tim said no, that's what you diapers for.

Kristen started to cry she could not believe she was going to pee herself in a diaper. Then she felt her diaper getting
warm then wet. Tim saw that she had peed her diaper and moved her to the changing blanket in the living room.

Kristen lay there so embarrassed. She could see through the window. She could see the kid next door who she baby sat some times, he was eight. She noticed that he could see inside the house from the slide that he was on. Kristen turned bright red. she knew that he could see her being diaper changed and that her life as a adult was over. Everyone would know now that she was wearing diapers.

Tim then said maybe we should go to the mall and let everyone see in your diapers. Kristen said while crying, if that's what you want I don't care the kid next door has already seen me in my diaper. Tim said well I think that you been
punish enough so you can take of your diaper and put your adult clothes on.

So Kristen did and when she when outside to ask Tim for the picture Tim said, I gave it to Fred next door the boy who you babysat. Kristen with shock on her face went over to the eight year old and said give me my picture back. Fred then said I didn't know that a big girl like you still pees the bed and has to wear diapers in the daytime. Kristen stood there and Fred gave her the photo. He then said I will keep this A SECRET between the three of us.

                                  The End

Written By: Fred

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