The Lady Teacher Who Wore A Diaper
I was in grade six and my teacher miss Zadick was getting very upset with me and Bobbie. We were the class trouble makers and she would some times have to hold bob with his hands pulled behind his back.

Well one day I was picking on bobby and calling him a baby
when our teacher then said to both of us. If you to don't stop
acting like little babies then she would put diapers on us and
treat us like babies.

Then bob spoke and said you can't do that. We are not babies. Then miss Zadick said if you act like big boys and behave yourself's then I will not bring you two down to the pre kindergarten daycare center and have you changed into diapers and put with the babies.

I was afraid and so was bob that he wet his pants some in front of the class . Miss Zadick saw this and said maybe bob should wear a diaper when he come back to school after lunch. The whole class began to laugh. I quickly made my way back to my desk but miss Zadick caught me and began to swat my butt. Then she said something that almost made me pee my pants in fount of my class mates and the girl who I liked.

Miss Zadick said when in the middle of my spanking. I think Freddie wettie is already wearing a baby diaper. The whole class then started to say Freddie still a baby Freddie still
not toilet trained. Freddie still has to wear pampers diapers.
Then the teacher led me to the corner and said you stay here and don't move. 

An hour went by and I put my hand up and asked if I could go to the bathroom. Well then the girl who I liked said why don't you just go in your pampers diaper that's what they are for, to go pee and poop in.

Then the teacher said well we can't have you over pee your baby diaper in class. You better get your diaper butt to the daycare pre kindergarten class room to have your diaper changed.

I was so embarrassed that I began to pee my pants and the font of my jeans stared to grow a big wet spot. But by the time I felt it was to late and now the whole class saw me pee my pants. The girl I liked shook her head and said well looks like he forgot to wear his diaper to school.

Then my teacher took me to the daycare center where a very hot looking teachers helper came up and saw that I had wet my pants and said well we have a big one today normally I only see grade one and some times grade two. What grade are you in honey? I stood there and cried my teacher said he in grade six and acting like a two year old toddler peeing his big boys pants.

After my teacher left the girl who was eight-teen said it's
alright, lots of people have accidents. Even I have had some
this year. I looked at her and said but did you pee your pants
in front of the whole class? She then said no, I WET MY PANTS

She then told me the boy in her class when they were up on the stage to receive a reward was jealous of me so he pulled my pants down right in front of everyone. This was in grade twelve, I was so embarrassed that everyone could see my little girls pink my little pony's undies that I peed in my undies right in front of the whole school and my now ex boyfriend and my parents.

My mom went up on stage and pulled my short up and led me away crying and still peeing my pants.

    End of part one

                      Written by: Freddie

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