The BabySitter Is Now The Baby
It all started when I was ten and my mom and dad left me with the babysitter for two weeks. I sometimes wet the bed but not every night my mom told the babysitter that if I wet the bed that she was to make me wear the pullup diapers she had bought they were called goodnights and if I wet them that night I would have to wear them all day long and be treated like a baby.

My mom then said if this does not stop him from wetting the bed that I would have to wear my sisters pampers size six diaper in my underwear all day and night and sleep in the baby crib and diapered change like a baby. Magan the babysitter said no problem I have dealt with a lot of children and teens who have to wear diapers.

So on the first night everything went smooth I did not wet the bed. Magan came into my room to check up on me but found that I was dry then she went into my sisters room and change her wet and messy diaper. About near the end of the first week Magan
asked me if I wet my bed deliberately to get attention.

I thought about it and said no I only have accidents then she said do you some times pee your pants in the day? I got mad and said do you pee yourself at night and in the day time like a baby? Magan then said don't be silly I have not peed my bed or pants since I was three. I then said have you ever wondered what it would feel like to pee your pants or wet yourself wearing one of my sisters diapers.

Magan then said no you little dummy. Then I said can you remember the last time you wore a diaper and slept in a baby crib and had your diaper changed? Magan then said stop asking me
these stupid questions. I then said can you imagine yourself being a one year old baby sitting in a high chair drinking from a baby bottle and wearing a pampers diaper and feeling your self peeing and pooping your diaper like a one year old baby and then having me change your diaper. 

Magan then snapped out of her daze and said in your dreams little boy. I then left my house and went to my friends house and used his computer to buy some subliminal stuff that would turn my babysitter back into a crying one year old baby. I found what I was looking for it was a movie and music cd that had subliminal commands and pre set commands that I would say that would turn on and off with a simple word like pampers time.

This would turn anyone who listened to the music cd or watch the movie into a crying one year old untoilet trained baby. I had the stuff sent overnight fed ex and it arrived in the afternoon. I then put my plan to work. I first let Magan watch the movie and play the cd after the movie when she was sleeping.

So when the movie was over I came into the room because I did not want to be affected by the subliminal message. I first noticed that Magan was half asleep in a daze. I then programmed her with my special words that would make her pee her pants or poop them or just turn her into a one year old baby who could not talk or walk or control her bladder or bowls, but she could understand everything that was going on and do nothing. 

I then left the room and waited for her night time treatment. After three days of playing the cd at night I was confident that she was well programmed so that night I went into her room and said the word to pee and poop her pants. Then I got my camera
ready to take a picture of my once proud babysitter peeing and pooping the bed.

So I lifted her sheets up to her chest and saw her pee and
poop herself and not even waking up. I took some pictures and
pulled down the sheets and left the room. In the morning I stayed in bed and heard her run to the bathroom. And I thought I herd her crying saying this cant happen to me I am nineteen years old not a baby who still pees and poops the bed at night.  

Later that day we went to the kids climber with my sister in her stroller. Magan told me I could go play on the big kid climbers and she would stay here. After about an hour I came by to see what Magan was up to I saw her changing my sis diapers I then put my second part of my plan into work .

I walked up to Magan and said what you doing she then replied I am changing your sisters diaper what's it look like I am doing? I then said the word for Magan to poop her pants.  Then it happened she got these embarrassed look on her face and put one of her hands to the back of her shorts right in the middle of  putting a new diaper on my sister.

Then I could smell it and see the back of her shorts fill up with poop. Magan finish with the diaper change and told me that she left something at the house and she would be right back. So just before she left I said the word for her to pee her pants. Magan ran to the house but it was to late she noticed that she was now peeing her pants and hope no one saw her and that she peed and pooped her pants.

But on the last block to the house she ran into a little boy who she babysat and did not have to wear diapers no more and his
older sister was there and they both saw her in her pee and poopy state. The little boy began to laugh at her and call her names the sister then said its not nice to make fun of people who have accidents.

But the little boy kept saying you peed and poop your pants your still a baby you still need to wear diapers your still a little baby you pee and poop your pants. Magan began to cry she could not believe what she had done. She had peed and pooped herself in public and now even the little boy who she helped toilet trained was now making fun of her and calling her a baby.    

End of chapter one

Written By: Captain

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