It had been a week now since I had seen the goodnites on the shelf in CVS. He had
always loved walking the diaper aisle with his mom yet never knew why. I had been
thinking of a way to get them, my names Billy and I'm 10 I have no car to get to the store
which was a mile and a half away. Me and Marc had been talking about his brother who
was a bed wetter and suddenly we had a plan.

      Marc was 9 and his brother Joe was 6 and their aunt was watching them for the
summer and everyday I would wake up everyday and go to Marcs house and hang with
him, he is my best friend. Today was a little different because his aunt was watching
another boy who lived next door to her , named Brian , she told the boys that she had to
go get new tires today and would be gone most of the day, Marc asked his aunt if Billy
could come too, she said it was ok and they all went to the mall where me and Marc were
asked to watch Brian in the mall while his aunt got the new tires.

      We said yea, and our plan was put into action, the boys first went to get lunch at
McDonalds, ate and continued. Next they stopped in the toy store and then finally to CVS
where everyone but Marc stayed in the front, Marc went and got the goodnites from the
back wall and then proceeded to the checkout line were the cashier smiled and asked if
they were for him, marc replied that they were for his little brother pointing to Brian.
Satisfied, the cashier gave him the bag and we rushed to meet his aunt, not telling
anyone what we had bought.

       The next day was Saturday and I went over to Marcs house and he was wearing a
diaper, he said he made fun of his little brother by leaving a goodnite under his pillow
and has to wear them all weekend. I let it go and we started to play and before you know
it was dinner time. I went home knowing that twenty minutes later Marc would be on the
phone asking me to sleep over.

     About twenty minutes later the phone rang, I was excited, it was Marc's mom asking
my mother if I could sleep over tonight. My mother said it would be fine with her cause
her and my dad were going out. I was soo happy. I packed my things and my goodnites
and headed down to his house for the evening.

     When I got there he was sitting in just a diaper and a shirt. I asked him what happen,
andhe said he got in a fight with his brother again. This was how he got punished, I said
kewland we started playing Nintendo and drinking soda, then his mom ordered pizza for

     While she was gone I changed into my goodnites in the bathroom and mark had
already been wet for a while. When his mom came home he took her aside and they both
went into her room. He came out with a big grin on his face.

      When we got back down stairs which was pretty much the kids room I asked him why
he was smiling, and he said that this was the last goodnite cause his mom ran out of his
brothers diapers and he was wearing one too. I thought darn he will wet it quick to get
out of it and then I will be the only one diapered here or at least of the two of us.

       We went back to our kids stuff, we were watching cartoons. Just horsing around, as
Marcs mom yelled down from upstairs she was going shopping and she was taking his
brother with her. We said cool and we kept playing. By the time Marcs mother had come
home he was already wet. He went up and whispered something to his mom, and they
again walked towards her room.. This time Marc came out with a few tears running down
his cheek.. I asked him what was a matter, he said she really meant all weekend and
showed me he was now wearing and attends brief. I thought this was cool and I calmed
him down and we went back to playing.

    Again his mother yelled down from upstairs that she was going to the neighbors. We
both yelled ok, and off she went. I asked Marc if he would feel better if I was wearing one
of the diapers too. He just smiled I think he was actually enjoying it. We went to big
through his mothers closet were she kept the diapers. We found them and pulled one out,
they were huge. I started to strip and laid it on the bed and he helped with the tapes. And
I was in my first real diaper.

     We went back downstairs and played for the rest of the night and when his mom came
home. She came down and started to watch a movie with us. I tried to keep still so she
would not hear the rustle of the diapers under my pants. I never thought that it was
possible to see the bulge. After the movie we continued playing til 3 am and we went to
bed. I woke up that morning scared to death, I had wet for the first time in 3 years. So I
just laid under my blankets and went back to sleep.

      During the morning my mother came over and dropped more stuff of at marcs house
cause she had an emergency she had to attend to for work and Marcs mom talked to mine
for an hour and she woke me up and I groggily said goodbye to my mom. She covered
me as I rolled ova to go back to sleep and heard the crinkle of the attends, she then told
Marc's mom I was a wetter like Joey. She told Marc's mom just to do what she did to Joey
and Marc at nite thinking that Marc wet too because he slept on top of his blanket in
nothing but his diaper.

    With that she left, Marc's mom came down the stairs to wake us up an hour later with
two attends in her hands. I woke up to her changing Marc. I could see he had wet at some
point last night, and she started to take my blanket off and I started to cry, she pulled me
close and gave me a big hug and told me my mom had told her everything and it will be
alright now. With that she stripped me of my blanket and my pajamas and started to
change my diaper of which I had emptied quite a bit into. Then she placed a new one
upon me.

    After I was all cleaned up, I looked over at Marc just as confused as he was, she then
told me that my mother had to go out of town for the week and asked if she could watch
me. I said, ok but why am I in a diaper too? She said since my boys are in diapers for the
next week, you will be too. With this said Marcs face dropped to the ground, he thought it
was only for the weekend. He was still half smiling though, with that she said everyone
get dressed for church and went back up stairs. Then happily, Joey bounced down the
stairs. Hey Billy isn't it cool you get to stay here with us all week? Still kind of confused I
replied uh huh, which Joey excitedly took as a yes and waddled his diaper butt back

     All the way to church, I was not quite myself and either was Marc, we both had never
been out of the house with diapers on, even though we were sure we should get used too
it cause we knew for sure we wouldn't be let to sit around the house all week. Marcs mom
had the week off and she was planning some awesome things to do. When we got to
church Marcs mom and Joey held hands and started to walk towards the church.. I took
off the long sleeve shirt I was wearing and tied it around my waist, Marc saw this and did
the same. We then started to walk towards the door to church. While we were in church I
felt everyone was staring at me, I looked over at Marc and we nervously smiled at each
other. As we stood in line for bread, oh no Tiffany just bumped into me, and she's
smiling, man I think she knows now. Marc's mom asked me why my face was red. I just
kind of smiled at her and said nothing.

      After, Tiffany came up to me and kissed me on the cheek remarking on how
handsome I was, I wiped it off and said gross now I got girl cooties. My face blushed
again. Marc and I had made it through church, and quiet easily too. He was hoping
however that he could get a change when they got home. On the way home Marc's mom
stopped at the supermarket to pick up some lunch, and also stopped at CVS to pickup
more diapers for her babies, but she came out with two other bags as well.

    As we got home Marcs mom grabbed the CVS bags and we carried in the rest of the
groceries. We had lunch and then she changed us all. I felt kind of nice to have such a
caring person taking care of me, I was beginning to like it. She then told all of us we
needed to take a nap because we were all going to be up late tonight. Marc started to
argue, his mom just said now! He continued to argue, and sat watching television, Marks
mom said congratulations, you have earned another month of diapers. Marc started to
protest, but stopped when his mom said "do you want two months?"

     With that Marc went to lay down like a good little boy like his mom wanted. I just sat
at the table looking at her, "you too" she said. "Where do I sleep Mrs. Long?" I said. She
said "please don't call me that, it makes me feel old!" "Then what do I call you?" I asked .
" Seeing I have known you since you were in diapers, and well now you are living at my
house, you can call me mom or mommy or what ever" She stated. Ok I said. Where can I
sleep mommy, sounding and looking about 6ish. She said that I would probably be best
on the floor for now because I rolled around a lot last nite on the pull out couch and she
wouldn't want me to fall and hurt myself. So I went into Marc's room and started to put
my pajamas on, laid down and went to sleep. I woke up an hour later dripping with sweat,
I was having a nightmare again. Marcs mom was right there to calm me down, she
hugged me and told me I was ok and wiped the tears in my eyes, comforted I fell back to

      Marc came in and woke me up again at 3:30pm, telling me he has been up for an hour
and wanted to play. So I wiped the sleep out of my eyes, and looked down at the yellow
tint of my diaper now remembering my bad dream, I was now kind of glad I was wearing
diapers. When we went out to the kitchen marcs mom was no were to be found, just a
note that said gone to store be back soon, love mom. So we went and started to play
Nintendo downstairs again. Five minutes later from upstairs his mom yelled down that
she was home and asked if anyone needed a change. Marc yelled up no, she then called
me up to come and see her. She knew I was wet from her comforting me from my
nightmare, she lovingly changed me and I hugged her and went back to play.

      She checked us all at 4pm, Joey was the only one wet. She then told all of us to get
ready to go out and bring a sweatshirt. We all asked were we were going, she just said
that it was a surprise. We all said kewl and piled into the car and we were off. About an
hour later Marc yelled out alright! He had figured out were we were going, it was the best
night event for drag racing all season the jet cars! As we pulled into the parking lot his
mom asked if anyone had to be changed and Marc sheepishly replied he did, so as we
parked the van Marcs mom told him to climb up onto the bed in the back. There she
changed him and we again were on our way to the event. Again Marc and I tied our
sweatshirts around our waists and smiled at each other.

    As we climbed into the car we all needed to be changed, Marc's mom told everyone to
strip and then she would change us for the night. As we did, she dug out a big shopping
bag that said salvation army on the side. She first changed Joey and then grabbed a
blanket sleeper from the bag and put him in it and zipped him up, then I went next I guess
she was going bye size, I was small for my age and could have passed for a seven or
eight year old.She cleaned me up and pulled out another sleeper and placed me into it as

   Then it was Marcs turn and he figured he better not put up a fuss. Just laid there as his
mom changed him and placed him into his new pajamas, she then told them to buckle up.
They started to drive home.

   All the boys were asleep when they pulled into the driveway, Joey and I were both
sucking our thumbs while Marc had most of his hand in his mouth. Quietly Mrs. Long
picked each boy up and brought him to bed, placing Billy in bed with marc. She then
went and got three pacifiers from her room and exchanged the fingers of the boys with
the pacifiers she had bought earlier in the day. She was happy to have three babies in the
house again.

     The next morning the boys woke up in their sleepers with pacifiers hanging out of
their mouths. Both Marc and Billy were confused but thought it was the best sleep they
have had in a long time. Neither knew that both were wet as they made their way out to
breakfast. At breakfast Marcs mom asked "how do you like diapers boys?" The three just
smiled at each other than at her and she knew that they would be in diapers for a long
time to come..

     After breakfast Marcs mom gave each of them a bath and then changed them into day
diapers and let them play, she told them not to go to far because as soon as she got
home from the store they were going out. So Marc and Billy went out to the back yard to
play in the dirt pile, it was a hot day and before you know it the boys were sweaty and
decided to go back inside. As they came around the corner, Marc's mom pulled up in the
Jeep. She carried a grocery bag inside as the boys continued to follow. They climbed up
to the kitchen table for lunch which was cold cut sandwiches. When the boys finished,
Marc's mom told each to go change into the pile of clothes they found upon their beds
and she said Billy could change in the spare room. So off the boys went, in their rooms
each found a pair of extra large huggies lil Swimmers, a pair of swimming trunks and a
T-shirt. They all quickly changed as their mother packed the car and they were off to a fun
day at the beach.

     While at the beach, Joey decided to try to try to body surf in the waves, he was having
a lot of fun . This one large wave he tried to ride was so large it was tossing him around
and once the wave had subsided and Joey stood up, his pants were missing, and there
he stood in just his swimmers. Joey was kind of small for his age anyway so no one
really even looked twice at the young boy in his swimmers but Joey's face was beet red
with embarrassment. He found his shorts and carried them up to where his mom was
sitting, and he plopped down on his towel upset, his mom said " Don't pout baby, no one
cares what you are wearing here, see no ones even looking." This made Joey feel a little
better and he started to play in the sand.

      Meanwhile Marc and Billy were enticed with the idea of digging to china , they had a
hole over four feet deep and soon the tide started to come in and filled there hole with
water and they both were completely drenched and they both smiled and laughed and
everyone had a great day.

     At the end of the day Marc's mom handed the boys each a towel and a plastic bag,
she told them to put their suits in the bag and the swimmer into the garbage, dry off and
come to the car. This boys met their mother back at the car were she put them back into
diapers and gave each boy a pair of overalls to wear for the rest of the night. When they
were all dressed, it was funny that Billy and Joey looked like identical twins except one
was a bit taller than the other. They all buckled in and they were off again. Soon they
boys were whining that they were hungry and Marc's mom said good and she pulled into
a chinese resturant where she and the boys had the buffet, when the bill came she
chuckled because she only got charged for one adult and 3 under 6years old buffet

        Once they were all finished they all went next door to the mini golf course and
played golf for the rest of the night. All the boys had almost completely forgot about
wearing diapers. When they got home Marc's mom changed each of the boys and put
them into their sleepers. She gave them all bottles of milk .all the boys giggled at each
other as they drank from the bottles and saw each other in their sleepers, Joey's had little
truck on it, Marc's had looney tune figures on it, and Billy's was a Buzz Lightyear space
ranger sleeper. They played until each were put to bed. Joey was first to go, Joey's bed
now had side rails upon it that were adjustable, mom said it was so he didn't fall out.

       Then Marc, his bed was the exact same way as Joey's was except his foot board had
been built up as well. She gave Marc the same reason as she gave Joey. Next it was my
turn. She came and picked me up, it was kind of weird. We walked into Marc's room and
she put me into a portable crib, she told me it would be more comfortable than sleeping
on the floor. She kissed us all goodnight and placed our pacifiers into our mouths and
closed the door. Marc and I stayed up for a little while talking about what was happening
and we fell asleep.

      The next day I awoke to Marc's mom changing me, she said I was very wet that
morning, I didn't even realize I had wet during the night. She just smiled and changed
each of us and we went out to have breakfast. It was here that Marc's mother informed us
that there were going to workers coming into the house today, so any valuables were to
be placed in her room before we left. We were almost ready to leave as the workers were
showing up, we all wondered what they were doing as we got into the car. More
importantly we wondered where we were going next.

     Once on the road Marc asked in a sweet voice "mommy where are we going?" Mom
replied it's a surprise baby now sit still and be good. I liked Marc's mom she was always
full of suprises. About a half hour later his mom pulled into a drive thru at McDonalds and
ordered each of us a happy meal and we continued our drive while Marc and I had french
fry wars. We finally pulled into an amusement park about an hour later. All the boys were
ecstatic. They piled out the door of the car and headed for the gate, as they headed for
the gate Joey stopped, blushed and went back to his mom. Marc and I caught back up
with him as his mom finished saying "don't worry we will take care of it in the park" and
then we knew exactly what happened.

      Once inside the park, Joey started getting nervous, there were so many people. Mom
found a family bathroom and we all piled inside to help give half privacy to Joey. Once
Joey was changed we were off for an awesome day in the park . We road more rides than
ever, Marc and I both rode the roller coasters until we puked, then we laughed, slapped
each other high five, and rode again. It was the longest I ever stayed at an amusement
park, as we watched the fireworks display go off over the enormous lake, I wet my self
again. I looked over at Marc and he was smiling too. I knew he was doing the exact same
thing. We all fell asleep in the car on the way home, Marcs mom changed us all and got
us to bed, without any of us even waking up.

        Mark and I woke up in cribs the next morning, when we looked around we saw what
the workers had done. They had ripped down the wall between Joey's and Marc's room
and had made it into a large nursery with three huge cribs, I mean these were so big even
bigger than my normal bed. We saw Joey curled up in one corner of his crib hold his
teddy and sucking his thumb. We didn't know what time it was cause there were no
clocks in the nursery and there were black out curtains installed to keep sunlight out in
the middle of the daytime. We smiled at each other through our pacifiers and fell back to

      Marc's mom came in and got us all up, she commented on how we were all wet today.
We all just smiled as she lovingly changed each of us and scooted us off to breakfast still
in our sleepers. Well I am guessing that she thinks we all need a rest cause she said we
are just going to stay around the house today. So Marc, Joey and I all toddled down
stairs and played till lunch. Marc's mom called us up for lunch she had ordered pizza. We
all ate. After lunch she took us all to the nursery and changed each of us and then placed
us into our cribs. Joey asked why we were in our cribs, she replied cause its nap time.
Joey said but I am thirsty! His mother walked out and then walked in with three bottles
and handed them out, smooched each of their foreheads and left. I think Joey fell asleep
first, I shortly after.

       I awoke a few hours later and saw Marc's mother and grandmother in the nursery, I
just shut my eyes again. I listened to them say aren't they adorable? Yes they are, how
old is this one Diane?(marcs moms name) He is eight I heard he answer. He looks as
young as Joey she said. I know isn't it cute? Sure is they said and smiled. I smiled cause I
knew that she wasn't going to make fun of us for being this way. That was about time
when Joey woke up. He was wet. He hugged His grandma as his mom carried him to the
changing table. She changed him and put him down to play. She then told her mother
that she might as well wake the other boys or they will not sleep tonight. So Marc's mom
started to wake me up and Marc's grandma was waking him up. Marcs mom picked me up
and put me on the table to change me even though I didn't remember wetting. Marc woke
up and was scared at first cause his grandma was there and he was in a crib in diapers he
just blushed and hugged her.

       We played until supper time, where mom tied bibs on us because we were having
spaghetti and did not want us to get it all over us. We did anyway. We got so much on us
that we all needed a bath. Marcs mom gave us all a bath and then changed us into our
diapers and sleepers. Then she said go play for an hour, we said why only an hour, she
said it was bed time then , but its only 7:30? Yea but babies need their rest now go! So
we went and played. We got called up one at a time to be put to bed. She fed us each a
bottle and put us to bed. Before she left she put pacis in all of our mouths again and
turned on the baby monitor.

       None of us complained to much because we were tired from all that was happening
in our lives. We talked a bit, mostly about the nursery and how Marc and Joey were
sharing rooms again. They both didn't seem to mind that much. So we all ended up
falling asleep after a while wondering what would happen in the morning.

     The next morning I awoke wet, as usual, it was becoming a common thing now. So
much that it didn't really surprise me when it happened. I laid in the crib until Marc mom
came and woke the others up. She changed us all and placed bibs on us at that moment
and rushed us out to breakfast, it was a quick breakfast and we were rushed out the door
and into the car. Marc asked, were are we going mommy? She replied, we are going to
your aunts house baby, your cousins are having us over to go swimming. Mommy wont
they make fun of us he replied? No baby, you don't know it but your cousin Chris is in
the same situation as you are in. He was bad and his mom is correcting his behavior. Oh
Marc replied. And all was quiet for the rest of the ride there.

       Marcs aunt made a comment of how cute Joey's friend was in his diapers, of course
she meant me. Marc's mom tried to explain I was Marc's friend and was older than Marc
but she didn't really want to hear this and just kept on referring to me as such. Then she
came over to me and asked me how old I was, I proudly told her I was 8 and she told me
that it wasn't nice to fib. I shrugged and toddled to Marc's mom cause I needed a change.
It was then Marc's aunt volunteered, I blushed and followed her into their house. We went
into her older sons room, it smelled of baby powder and diapers. She told me to climb up
onto the bed, so I did were I felt the rustle of the plastic sheet beneath me. She told me
about how her boy wet the bed and was bad so she was diapering him to change his
attitude. She lovingly changed me into one of Chris' diapers which were a lot thicker than
any I had ever worn they made me waddle because I couldn't walk well with them. She
picked me up and carried me back to everyone and placed me down to play.

       The lady served us lunch and we ate, then we needed to take naps, we all went into
Chris' room piled into his bed and took our naps. During that time Marc's mom told her
sister all about the nursery and that she should do it to Chris seeing that he enjoyed it.
They talked as we napped. When we woke up they changed us into swimming pants as
the party was moved outside and into the pool. It was soon time to go home, Marc's mom
ask if she could borrow a few diapers cause she had ran out and Chris's mom gave her a
few, we were diapered and we got ready to leave. Joey had to be carried to the car by his
mom cause the diaper was so huge that we all couldn't walk, Marc and I waddled to the
car as Joey was carried. We got home and had our dinner and were sent downstairs to

     PART #2

    Of course being babies again I guess has its down side because at 8pm Marc's mom
came down and started to carry Joey upstairs. I guess this wasn't a very big deal., I was
tired from the swimming anyway. Again we were all changed and given a sleeper and a
bottle of milk and laid into our cribs to go to sleep. Joey fell asleep the moment his head
hit the pillow, he looked just like a toddler sleeping in his crib. I laid there for a while
thinking of how much attention I was getting now I was a baby I loved it. I hoped I could
convince my mom to keep up what Marc's mom had started. With the love on my mind I
fell asleep very happy to be in my crib.

      On Friday morning I awoke to Marc's mom changing me in the crib, she said she tried
to wake me up but I just wouldn't budge. I said I was sorry, she told me that I felt warm
and I should probably rest for a little while longer. I said ok, and laid back down. As I lay
in my crib I heard the telephone ring, and I heard Marc's mom talking for what seemed
like a long time on the phone. I guess I dozed off while trying to listen to the
conversation. Marc's mom woke me up for lunch, and told me that she had talked to my
mommy this morning and her job was going to be a bit longer than was planned , she
told me I was going to be her baby for a little while longer.

      I just smiled and was lifted out of the crib by Marc's mom, and there Joey was in an
old highchair, I just smiled as I was placed down on the carpet , knowing full well ill
probably be next.. Joey was then picked up out of the high chair and brought into the
nursery, I would guess for a nap since he didn't come out with his mommy. Then she
went and got Marc from downstairs and placed him into the highchair and fed him. Then ,
like with Joey, Marc's mom carried him into the nursery.

       After five minutes or so she came back out and picked me up and placed me into the
high chair. She then went over to the stove to get the soup she had made me. She then
fed it to me. When I was done she picked me up and rubbed my back while I laid my head
on her shoulder. Mostly cause I really wasn't feeling good. She carried me into the
nursery and sat in the rocker with me til I fell asleep in her arms again.

      I woke up on Saturday around 3am dripping with sweat and sobbing. I had another
nightmare. Marc's mom heard me on the monitor and came rushing in to comfort me, as
she rocked with me she gave me a bottle of milk with a few sleeping pills so I wouldn't
have anymore nightmares for the night. She got me back to sleep around 3:30am and I
must have broke the fever during the night, cause when I woke up at 10:30 am the next
morning I felt fine, but Marc's mom said I should take it easy for the day, cause I still had
a bit of a temperature.

       So I went downstairs, and seen that that had changed as well, a lot of the toys I used
to play with were now gone, replaced with toddler toys and matchbox cities and cars. I
started to play with the cars, cause I loved to play cars anyway. Then Joey came down in
a pair of short-talls with a snap crotch in them, and started to play too. He said that Marcy
wasn't feeling well today and wasn't gonna be joining us. He was going to the
pediatrician instead.

     Joey and I both just looked at each other as our neighbor's daughter came over to
watch us. It was then I was glad I looked so much younger in my diapers than I really
was. I couldn't believe Marc had to go to the doctors in a diaper, I felt bad for him
because I knew that his mommy and the doctor would talk all about it. I was glad however
that the neighbor girl thought I was only like four and I was kind of cute in my diapers. I
can say I played my part rather well.

      Except she talked baby talk to us, and I guess I lost my interpretation skills for it. I
guess things went along normal at the house, I wondered what was happening with Marc.
When I woke from my nap, Marc was home and sleeping in his crib. He looked kind of
happy and I was happy too. I fell back to sleep. His mom woke us up a while later, before

       I talked to Marc for a little while before dinner, and while he was at the doctors the
diapers had indeed come up in the conversation. I guess his doctor wants him to come in
next week for some tests. I had a feeling since marcs mom knew the doctor well Marc
would be diapered again for a long time. I on the other hand was surprised on how fast I
lost control, it had only seemed that I had just gained total control. Oh well, we were all in
diapers and all happy. Over dinner Marcs mommy told her boys that she had even quit
her job for her boys. She said that they would be staying home with her when school
started, and they were going to start all over again.

       We quietly played for the rest of the night and again at 8pm one by one we were put
to bed in our cribs. I don't know what happened I just passed right out when my head hit
that pillow, I slept like a baby through the whole night. In the morning I heard voices in
the nursery it was mine and Marc's mom. My eyes widened as she peered in at me, laying
in the crib. She smiled at me and said "I guess it will be good to have my baby back, I
have missed him so". With that she picked me up out of the crib and changed me,
thanked Marcs mom and took me home to my crib and as she placed me inside I knew I
would stay mommy's little boy for quite a long time.

                                                  ~~~~THE END~~~~~~~

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