Ski Trip Suprise
This story is true; the parts I remember are anyway.

My name is Julia this is one of the many things that stick out in childhood when I lived in Colorado.

It was a few days before Christmas vacation when I was in 7th grade. My neighbor asked if I wanted to go to their cabin in the mountains for a week or so and I replied “Yes”. It was terrible though since I was going to have my period for some of that week. Well, I had stayed over their house since they were my age (Molly Girl 13, Tom Boy 11), and I knew they wet the bed and the occasional accident in the day. I would wet the bed about once a month and it was getting worse, the doctor said it was puberty. The last day of school we spent talking about going to the mountains and found out others were going too.

It was the day after Christmas, Thursday, and they were over my house I was going to spend the night at their house so we could leave early the next mourning. Since my mom told their mom that I may wet the bed their mom said I would have to wear a diaper just in case every night so they would have to do sheets if I wet and plus they were going to be in diapers at night anyway. That night their mom put us all into pampers size 6, with a little protest from me and I watching her put it on Molly. When Molly left to brush her teeth, I told there mom that I was supposed to have my period tonight, and for the next 4 days till Monday night. There mom said it wouldn’t be a problem and that I could just use the stuff I brought with me during the day since I am wearing the diaper and said Molly would have her period on Friday. I went up staires and I into Molly’s room we posed for each other our diapered bottoms, lots of laughs. Then we watched a movie till we fell asleep.


I woke to a cold feeling, I had peed, and had my period my diaper was  full. I realized I had forgotten to go to the bathroom last night. Thank God I was wearing a diaper. As usual Molly had wet too and so had Tom. Tom took a shower first, Then Molly then me after I cleaned up with a wipe first. Then we made sure we had packed everything we needed and ate breakfast. About 15 mins before we left we were diapered again for the 2 hour car trip it was around 9:30. We stopped about halfway there so Molly and Tom could get changed Tom had pooped so we had to stop, but I was just a little wet and there was no need for a change. We saw our friends Kelly and Tina at the rest stop, but hurried away without them noticing after all we were carrying a diaper bag. We arrived around 12. First thing we did was get our diapers taken off and cleaned up I had peed and so had Molly again. We ate lunch and unpacked and planned out the week. Around 7:30 Kelly called inviting us to ski with her and our friends tomorrow afternoon. We were excited to see who would be there and talked about who we would want to be there then got our diapers on and went to bed.


Woke up not wet but wet while still in bed cause I was too lazy to get up. Molly woke up wet and told me she would start her period and not to get to mad if she was moody I told her I had started mine yesterday. We got showers and went down to breakfast. While we were eating their mom  mentioned that she thinks we should wear diapers while skiing just in case and that it would be better than wearing a pad we protested saying our friends would find out, but to no avail so we got our diapers put on and while this was happening the doorbell rang it was our friends.

Their dad got the door and they were all there. We rushed to get dressed and head out the door. It was most of our friends from school Kelly, Tina, Stephanie, Diana, Danny, and Andrew. Molly and I join them and we went to the ski lifts. Tina was all moody you could tell she was on her period too. We had fun skiing for  a couple of hours till I, Molly, Tina, and Steph had to go to the bathroom so we decided to do one more run and go to the ski lounge, big mistake. I wet myself on the way down and so did Steph only she wasn’t wearing a diaper. When we finished, us 4 hurried to the bathroom while the others went to the lounge to find seat and order hot chocolate. I went to the lockers to get the bag with our diaper supplies hidden in it.

We went to the bathroom to find Steph crying, “I know you peed yourself on the way down” I said I bent down and whispered in her ear “I did too. Only im wearing a diaper, do you want one?”. “Your wearing a diaper!” she said “Yes and Molly too.” Then Tina came out or the stall with a used diaper in her hand and a new diaper on her. “Well I guess that makes 3 of us”. “Tina why are you wearing one?” “Well as you probably have figured out by now I am on my period plus I wet the bed and can’t always make it to the bathroom in time”. “Me and molly too I said” Steph said I she would try one and we did have 6 left.

Tina asked if I could fix her diaper and make it tighter so I locked the bathroom door and fixed it. Then Molly cleaned me up powdered me and put a new one on me. Then I did the same to Molly she had gotten her period and wet and pooped a little, she went on the toilet and finished her poop then I cleaned her up powdered her and put a new one on her. Then I gave one to Steph she tried to do it herself but couldn’t so I powdered her and put it on her. Then I packed it up and put it back in the locker. It was 4 o’clock we returned to the rest of our friends who we relived and then they went to the bathroom. We talked till 4:30 and went back to skiing. We were skiing and around 6 Steph whispered in my ear she had wet again. “That’s fine” I returned “I’ll change you when were done.”

We stopped skiing around 6:45 and us 4 went to the bathroom  again while the others walked home. I got the bag went into the bathroom  waited for the one person in there to finish and locked the door. All of us needed to be changed so I did Molly and Tina. Then it was Steph’s turn she said she didn’t want to wear one home because she was scared how her parents would react. So, I cleaned her up and then she got changed. Then I was change and cleaned up by Molly. We walked home together and planned a sleepover. We went to our cabin and Molly’s mom said we could if we really wanted too and we could have it here.

Then went to Tina’s cabin, then Steph’s cabin and both their parents said they could stay over our cabin. They got their stuff and we walked back to our cabin. We talked until 10 when it was time for our diapers. Molly’s Mom was surprised when Molly, Tina and I lined up to ask her to put them on. We were put into pampers size 6 with loving care. Then Steph walked in and asked if she could have one too so she wouldn’t be left out and I told Molly’s Mom she had borrowed a diaper when she wet on the mountain. So we all we watching a movie in a diaper and a shirt, giggling and talking about the day. We fell asleep around 11.


I was woken up by everybody I had wet when I woke up because I saw a
bunch of people I didn’t recognize. Tina and Molly had wet during the
night and Steph had wet when she woke up during the night but didn’t make
it in time. It took long because their mom had 5 people to clean and
re-diaper for the day plus 3 girls with full messy diapers. We ate a good
breakfast and went with Steph’s parents while Molly’s mom went with Tom
and his friends.

We broke the news about Steph’s accidents during skiing an that today she decided to wear diapers and so were all of us. We snowboarded today with 2 rounds of changes with everybody wet, I wet once for convenience and once by accident. We decided to sleepover at Steph’s house since her mom invited us. I brought about 20 diapers and enough supplies with us for the night and next day. We did pretty much the same thing except I put showed there mom how to change our diapers and did Tina’s and Molly’s while Steph’s mom did Steph’s then mine.


That mourning I awoke to a smell. It wasn’t me it was Tina she had pooped in her diaper. I hadn’t wet and neither did Steph. I changed Tina
extremely messy diaper and Steph’s mom changed Molly’s. It took me a  while to clean Tina up it was a lot and smashed all over. We were going  Tubing with the group again, us 4 plus Kelly, Diana, Danny, and Andrew. Each tube held 4 people and we roped them together to form a double one so we cloud all stay together. On the way down Molly wet you could see it on her face. When he landed at the bottom Diana rushed to the bathroom and Kelly followed as usual. I followed I thought she was hurt. I arrived I in the bathroom to find Diana with peed pants she had had wet on the way down.

Kelly thought his best friend was laughing and Diana was starting to cry, Kelly laughed so hard she peed they started laughing at each other. Then they noticed me and cried there secret was out, but no I told them the same thing I did to Steph and soon I was putting them into diapers as well I think they liked it a little to much. I told them about the other four and said they could hang around with us. About 3 hours later all the girls went to bathroom for changes. Everybody was wet just simply cause we couldn’t leave. Diana and Tina had wet multiple times and were full to burst. Molly had pooped I changed everybody since I was the best one then Molly showing Diana how changed me. 

Just the girls decided to go to our cabin and have a sleepover/ diaper party, so we walked the boys to there cabin and then to the girls cabins to get the sleeping stuff. We arrived and set up camp in the living room then we just walking around wearing diapers, bras, and short tee shirts.
We talked about diapers and what to do tomorrow and what movie to watch.
We stayed up till 1 am with two rounds of changes and some people using
the “Big Girl Potty”. I was the last to fall asleep.


None of us woke up till 10am. I was third to wake up after Molly and
Diana. Molly’s mom had gone to the store to get more diapers for us. We
waited for everyone to get up but had to wait to get changed because
there were no more diapers. As soon as their mo got home we started to
shower and change. I was the last one to shower because I put the diapers
on people after they got out of the shower. Their mom had gotten some
Depends cause they didn’t have enough pampers. We all chose Depends
cause they fit better.

They were just plain white diapers so we decided after breakfast to decorate both packs with pictures. We finished around noon after I had un- and re-diapered people who had made it to the bathroom in time. With everybody still in a clean diaper we decided to snowboard. We got dressed and walked to the mountains. We had and instruction lesson and started down the hill. I thought it was awesome and we were having a blast around 3 it was time for changes everybody had used their diaper for its intended purpose.

I had peed along with Tina and Molly. Diana, Steph, and Kelly had pooped and peed a lot in their diaper since they hadn’t gone before we left. I am surprised it held the pampers would have not held up. It took about 20 mins to change everybody even with help. We skied more and had another round over changes before we went back to the cabin were everybody had again done something in their diaper with a few people pooping such as me. When we got back to the cabin Molly’s mom was worried about losing our potty training so she bought some pull-ups for us to wear so we had try to make it to the bathroom.

When she got back with them we had to take the diapers off and put the pull-ups on even if we said we could make it to the bathroom. She said that We could wear the diapers while skiing the last 3 days but had to wear pull-ups in the house and make it to the bathroom. While at night Tina, Molly and I could wear diapers since we wet the bed but Steph, Diana and Kelly would wear pull-ups. We would have to wear pull-ups unless we had a full dry day all of the other parents agreed with this thinking the same ting about losing potty training. We got the pull-ups on around 6pm.

Molly’s mom was right we did need the pull-ups as a transition. Tina didn’t make it to the bathroom once and used the pull-up and was given a new one and warned that she had to make it to the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom and so did Kelly. Diana had ad accident later on and was given the same warning. Steph and Molly then made it the bathroom. Then it was time for bed Molly, Tina and I were put into Diapers. Then went back to finish watching the movie. We then went to sleep it was around 10.


I woke up dry so did everyone except Tina, Molly, and Kelly who then
told us she was a bedwetter too and hadn’t told us cause we were all
wearing diapers anyway and it wouldn’t matter. Everyone who had wet or  wasn’t already in them were put into pull-ups. We ate breakfast and watched TV for an hour. We then took off our pull-ups too try and use the bathroom. We then had a choice to wear pull-ups or diapers while skiing. Tina, Molly, Steph, and Kelly chose diaper and me and Diana chose pull-ups. We then put on our ski gear and left for the mountain to go tubing again.

We went tubing and now had to stop every hour and a half to go to the bathroom. Daina and I tried and went to the bathroom. I changed Tina and Molly who peed and Tina pooped. Steph’s and Kelly’s diaper I took off and they went to the bathroom. Molly, Tina, and Steph I put back into diapers and Diana and I put on our same pull-up and Kelly decided to try the pull-ups as well. We had fun tubing down the slopes for two hours until it was time for a bathroom check which was just in time cause I had to poop so badly, but I made it. Unfortunately Diana had peed on the way to the bathroom in full sprint. Kelly, Tina, and Steph made it also, but Molly had peed again.

Molly and Diana wanted to wear diapers this time so they tried to go to the bathroom, but didn’t then I cleaned them up powered them and put their diapers on. As we were leaving the bathroom a 15 year-old-girl and her friend walked in the one girl had obviously pooped herself because she was crying and there was a stain on her suit I gave them a diaper and some wipes and they just stared at us as we walked out, probably at all 6 of us trying to guess how many were in diapers. We went back to the top and saw the same girl an hour later and she came over a talked to us, her name was Karen and her friends name was Jamie. Asking us how many of us we wearing diaper and if it was by choice so we told her the story to her and her friend and she asked if she could have a few more diapers which we gave her.

(This part about Karen and Jamie is completely true) We spent another hour with them before it was time to have a bathroom break, and they came with us. Kelly and Tina had wet. Diana had pooped and peed it was a huge mess. Steph, Molly, and I made it to the bathroom and went. After I cleaned up and put new diapers on Kelly, Tina, and Diana. Karen asked me if I could change her could she had peed. I said sure and asked her to lie down, her diaper was on pretty badly and I was surprised it held her pee, I cleaned her up and powdered her and put her diaper on snug the right way. Then, Karen whispered something to Jamie and soon I had her diapered to. We skied for our last hour and a half, and talked to them about our diapers and diapers in general, until it was time for a final change.

Everybody was dry except for Jamie and I who had both peed. I cleaned up Jamie and put a new diaper on her then I cleaned my self up and took everybody who was in diapers except Karen and Jamie out of them and gave them pull-ups. I gave 4 extra diapers to Karen and Jamie and we headed our separate ways after we exchanged phone numbers and found out the lived 15 mins away from us back home. We headed back to our cabin which was our home base for two more nights before we leave. We took of our snow suits and were just in pull-ups and t-shirts. we ate pizza and
played monopoly, until it was time to get ready for bed I put Kelly, Molly and Tina into diapers for the night I wore a pull-up Diana and Steph just wore panties, since they hadn’t wet last night.

We watched TV and fell to sleep one by one. I woke up in the middle of the night I had to pee so I went to the bathroom and did. I was happy because that meant I could control my bladder at night again. I put Diana’s hand in a bowl of warm water just because she had done the same thing to me earlier in the year, but I woke up as she was doing it. So I left her hand in it for a half-hour then got tired so I took her hand out and emptied the bowl and went to sleep on the couch so if she did pee I wouldn’t be hit.


I awoke to hysteria, I knew what had happened Diana had peed, it
wasn’t that much and mostly was in her sleeping bag but some was on the hard wood floor. I saw Molly’s mom cleaning it up and the rest just standing
there. So, I took Molly, Tina and Kelly cleaned them and gave them pull-ups. I hadn’t wet during the night, but did have the urge to pee while changing them so I just let go into the pull-up and got a new one. Then, went to Diana helped her get cleaned up and give her a pull-up.

When, I was done that Molly’s mom was done cleaning and washing her hands to make breakfast. We watched TV till it was ready. We ate then finished monopoly, and played life it was then noon and we just decided to stay here and play inside and around the cabin. Since we we’re right near the cabin we all just wore pull-ups. After 2 hours of playing hide and seek, freedom, and talking we came inside to go to the bathroom. Everybody was dry and went to the bathroom we then drank hot chocolate and watch more TV. We sat and talked about school and boys, and tomorrow and tonight. We still had tonight and tomorrow morning together and we could always do something this weekend.

And we would see each other in school on Monday. We talked till dinner and afterwards as we watched yet other movie and ate popcorn. Before we knew, it I put Tina, Kelly, and Molly in their diapers. Everybody went to the bathroom Steph, and I just wore our pull-up that we hade on since this mourning. Diana needed to be changed since she had wet while watching the movie. The movie was over around 10:30 and I went to sleep shortly after that.


I woke dry again, but as usual Kelly, Molly and Tina had wet. I
cleaned them up and gave them pull-ups to wear. Then we spent a half-hour
cleaning up the sleeping bags and such and brought them back to each
cabin. Then returned to our cabin to plat till 3 when everybody would have
to go back to their cabins to pack up and go home. When we got back we
gave out the last of the diapers and pull-ups so people could wear them
on the ride home I even went to Karen and Jamie’s cabin to give them
some too. We were all wearing pull-ups so we decided to have a contest of
who could wet them the most.

None of us went to the bathroom till 2 when we had to get ready to back to our cabins. I had wet 3 times and it was really full I won. I put cleaned up everybody and put them into diapers for their rides home, cause they were all a little worried. They were giving enough pull-ups to last a few days so they could get back on track. Kelly, molly and Tina though would still have to wear diapers to bed because they were bedwetters anyway. It was time to leave and say our goodbyes and hope on doing this next year. We got in the car to leave around 4:30. I realized I had to go about 10 mins into the trip and
told Molly’s mom she said just to go, so I let loose.

Along with molly about 10 mins later. They didn’t stop the whole way home till we arrived at Molly’s house and in that time I had pooped and peed a little more along with Molly. Tom had had diarrhea in the last 10 mins of the trip and it was a gigantic mess. I was cleaned up took my stuff and a few pull-ups and went home. That night I told my mom about all the stuff that had happened and she said just to be safe I would have to wear pull-ups all weekend and every night to catch the nighttime accident I have 1 a week or every other week. She also said I might have to wear the pull-ups to school unless she was sure by Monday that I had total daytime control.

After that since I already had been put into a pull-up after the change at Molly’s house I just went to play and then to bed a few hours later. I woke up with wetness but it was barely noticeable to me. I took off my pull-up and took a shower ate breakfast and around met up with all the girls at the park including Karen and Jaime. Al the younger girls had to do the same thing as me in the day but, Steph and Diana only had to wear them till the weekend was over. Karen and Jaime had grown to like diapers and wear them when they’re alone. We discussed our diapers again until it was time to go home. It had been an amazing week.


We are all still friends till this day and still wear diapers on our
annual mountain trip. None of us all full time bedwetters any more and I
only have accidents once or twice a year but during the mountain trips
we all wet and poop on purpose. We all do still have some diapers in
our closet which we wear when we have sleepover at each others house or
when we’re alone. Though we do love diapers we are not really adult
babies we just like wearing diapers and every year we get together in the
mountains to celebrate that.
                      Written by: Julia Balas

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