Short Hospital Stay in Diapers Goes On and On
For knee surgery; I was scheduled to stay 3-4 days in the hospital, followed by being transferred immediately into a rehab nursing home, for recovery & physical therapy.

I had asked, prior to surgery, how long I would be in the rehab nursing home; but they just said it would depend on how the rehab recovery went; thus could not give me an exact timeframe. They did add that it would likely be about 2-3 weeks, for surgery such as mine; but I had to sign my agreement to stay there for as long as they thought necessary; in order to be admitted.

Before my surgery, I had informed the staffs, both @ the hospital & at the rehab nursing home, that I have permanent
bladder nerve damage, resulting in urinary incontinence; thus would need diapers. Both places told me that this was very common, thus they were prepared to give me diaper changes, as needed.

I replied that, when I roll over in bed, the diaper twists over to one side, unless I wear a pair of plastic pants over it; & I also need the plastic pants on when walking, or else my diaper will slide down. Being male, my hips are a little smaller than my waist; thus the elastic waist on my plastic pants keeps my diaper up.

Both facilities said I can bring several pairs of my plastic pants, as they did not provide them. I brought snap-on style, as
that is easier for the nursing staff to unsnap, for changing my diapers, rather than pull-on plastic pants.    

    After being transferred from the hospital to the rehab nursing home, I began my daily rehab, while the staff changed my diapers every few hours. Of course, I would not tell them that, in addition to having legitimate incontinence; I am also an "ABDL" (they would not have understood); thus I really enjoy having cute nurses changing my diapers (which I viewed as my "mommies"). I love the smell of the baby powder, & the sight & sound of the nurses snapping & unsnapping my plastic pants; during each of my diaper changes.

In addition to bringing several pairs of plain white & some semi-transparent plastic pants; I brought a couple pairs of my favorite "baby nursery print" plastic pants.  After being there
for a week, & getting to know the nursing staff; letting them know that I cope with my incontinence by using my "good sense of humor"; I pulled a pair of my baby nursery print plastic pants out of my clothes bag, & asked one of the nurses to put it on me, instead of my plain white ones.

She looked at the baby nursery print, & said "it looked very
amusing"; & that I "would look like a cute baby, wearing it"! When each of the other nurses saw me wearing it, they all said I "looked like a cute baby", & were all very amused, & in favor of my wearing it! The next day, one nurse surprised me by bringing me a pacifier & a baby bottle of milk, to drink out of; saying both would go perfectly with my baby nursery plastic pants; & that all of the nurses had contributed their pocket
change, to buy this for me (thus they were all in on it)!

Each nurse, when coming into my room with a fresh diaper, put the pacifier in my mouth during my diaper change; & have told me to "start sucking on the pacifier". Then each nurse brings me my bottle of milk to drink, right after my diaper change! They each tell me to "drink my baby bottle of milk,
like a good baby"! My wife also encouraged this, on her frequent visits (knowing all about my "ABDL" feelings, & enjoying babying me).

Near the end of my 2ND week there, my wife brought her digital camera, & asked a nurse if it was ok if she took some pictures during my diaper changes. The nurse replied that "as long as he (me) doesn't mind, I (she) was all for it"! A few days later, my wife placed some of my diaper change pictures on my room's dresser, for all to see (the nurses really enjoy seeing the pictures, & like to kid me about it)!

     After 2 weeks, I inquired when I might be discharged to go home. Although it was fun to have several "mommies" changing my diapers; & treating my like a baby; I was otherwise very bored with staying there (with mostly really old patients), as I am middle - aged, & usually very active & used to going out places with friends, & with my wife. There is nothing to do here, except going thru my daily rehab, & lay around &
watch TV, read the paper & magazines; & get my diapers changed.

They replied that my physical therapy was not going well, due to complications, and it would be at least 2 or 3 more weeks before they would agree to discharge me! Since then, 3 more weeks have gone by, & there is still no end in sight, as my physical therapy has not gone well, due to the complications.

I was told yesterday that my stay would "be indefinite; for at
least 6 more months, perhaps much longer"! When I was anticipating the upcoming surgery, I enjoyed fantasizing about having several cute nurses (mommies) changing my diapers; for 2 or 3 weeks. This is a lesson: Be careful what you ask for/fantasize; as it may go on, & on, & on; with no end in sight! I cannot leave until they give the ok (hopefully in about 6 months from now. Meanwhile, it's time for me to have another diaper change, & act like a good baby, while I suck on my pacifier!
                      Written by: RJack

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