Forced Into Diapers
I am 11 years old and here is my story. One day when my mom was gone I wondered what it felt like to go poo-poo and pee-pee in a diaper so stole my lil bro's pull up and put it on and pooped and peed in it.

Well as I started to take it off my mom walked in and saw me. As she went for the belt, jut before she wiped me she stopped and said "I will be right back" and she left while. I was in tears. When she came back home she had pull ups goodnights baby wipes and every thing else you need to diaper a baby.

She dumped all the bags out and told me to strip and lay down on the floor so I did. She started putting the pull up on me. I said "mom a I need to go poo-poo". She said "you can in a min so hold it". when she got it on she said "you wanted to wear a diaper so now your wearing one". I told her again I need to go poo-poo. She said go so I went to go to the bathroom and the door was locked.

I yelled for her. She said "you better get used to it because that's how it's going to be for a while". So as much as I didn't want to I squatted in the floor and started to feel the diaper get heavier while it was filled with pee and poop. I told her and she said "well your next changing time is in 4 hours so I guess you will just have to go with it". So I took the diaper off myself and she caught me and told me to put it back on.

And then just for that I have to take everything off but the pull up and I don't get changed for 8 hours. I was mad but I did what I was told and took everything off but the diaper and 8 hours later I got changed into a goodnight diaper for bed.

When I woke up the next morning I was changed into a new diaper and was sent to school. My mom had called the school and my special ed teacher about my diaper so when lunch came she called me in there and told me to lay down and she began taking care of the dirty diaper and putting a new one on.

Well I figured if a friend came over my mom wouldn't let him see my diaper, so I had George stay the night, but I was wrong. She called us both down and George sat there and watched her change the poopy diaper and I was so embarrassed.

He promised not to tell cause his mom does the same thing when he gets in trouble and he was in trouble then so he stripped and told my mom that his was dirty too. So she changed him as well. Now we both got brand new diapers on. His mom was there to get us but when my mom come to tell us she was here we had took our diapers off so then we both got in trouble so she made us put our diapers on but nothing else and we had to go outside like that to get in his moms car. When we got out at his to his house and from that day to now we have both wore diapers 24/7 and we are now both 13. In fact we are both sitting in nothing but a feel n learn pull up that are both full of pee and poop waiting for our changing time right now.

                      written by: Lance

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