Doctor's Exam in Diapers and Plastic Pants
I recently moved about a year ago, & needed to obtain a new family doctor, in my new community. On last Monday, I went to my doctor for an exam. I had seen her 3 times prior to this. I am a middle - aged male, & my blood chem results were in (my blood lipid level is somewhat elevated).

When I made the appointment, I also said that I have a couple of suspicious skin leisions that I wanted my doctor to look @ (to be sure they are not cancerous, or pre-cancerous). One is on my left thigh.  I had previously had several conversations with her about my incontinence issues; as well as my AB/DL feelings (I purposely selected a female doctor, as I could not talk with a male about this).

Before she came into the room, the nurse was there, & took my BP & pulse. Before leaving, the nurse said I would need to remove my trousers, so that when the doctor came in,
she could examine the skin spot on my thigh.  It wasn't a shock, to my doctor, when she came in & saw me sitting on the exam table; wearing only my socks, t-shirt, & my cloth diaper & plastic panties; although she had not anticipated it.

This was the first time that she had seen me in my diaper & plastic panties (although I had previously told her that I prefer cloth to disposables).  She made numerous glances (during our
conversation about my blood lipids, & the skin spots), to make sure that what here eyes were seeing was what I was really wearing!  Meanwhile, I had a very pleased feeling (not an erection), to be sitting there, with her coming to the realization that - yes, I really was wearing a cloth diaper & see - thru plastic panties (thus, she could clearly see my diaper)! 

The spot on my skin was only a couple inches from the bottom edge of my plastic panties; thus she would have been unable to avoid looking at my plastic panties; even if she had tried to avoid looking (she didn't try to avoid looking).  She had me remove my t-shirt, so she could look over my back & chest, to be sure there were no other suspicious skin spots.

As she did this, she ran her hand over a spot on my lower back, right at the top edge of my plastic panties, to feel the texture of a skin spot. Her fingers brushed the edge of my plastic panties, as I felt her hand on it, causing the waistband to move a bit. After examining my skin, she asked me if my plastic panties felt comfortable, as she had heard that they could irritate the skin, if worn for long peroids of time. 

I replied that I make sure that the plastic isn't right against my skin, since my cloth diaper is between, except at the waistband & leg elastic; which isn't a problem. I told her that I have obtained good quality plastic that is soft, quiet to wear, & comfortable.  She replied that the plastic did feel very soft, when her fingers brushed the edge of my panties. 

Before she left the room, I mentioned that I followed up on her recommendation of seeing a LCSW therapist, who is very knowledgable & supportive of ABDL's; & that I had gone in for my initial appointment, just a few days previous. During my prevoius visit to my doctor, I had asked her if she thought it would help me, to talk to a therapist about my ABDL feelings, including my occasional use of a pacifier, baby bottle, some baby toys; as well as having some cloth diapers & plastic panties with baby nursery prints on them! 

She is supportive & nonjudgemental, & knew of a female therapist who also is (which she recommended).  I view my visits to my doctor, & my therapist; as sessions with my two "mommies"!  Since my insurance pays for 80% of the cost; it
is a lot less expensive than going online & finding a "mommy" to hire! I am greatly looking forward to my next visit, with my "other mommy" - the therapist; so we can continue to discuss my ABDL feelings, & go over my past embarressing incidents when my diaper wearing & bedwetting was discovered by friends. 

Also, I have been married (once) for several
years; & since my divorce, a few years ago, have been in a couple of intimate relationships with girlfriends; who didn't mind my ABDL fetishes (as is the case with my current girlfriend). I look forward to discussing with my therapist, how my girlfriend (& past ones) enjoys treating me as "her baby"; often telling me to wear a specific baby print plastic panty, as she gives me my pacifier and/or baby bottle; then instructs
me on what to do, to "be a good baby"!

   P.S. This story may not sound as "sexually thrilling", or as deep into ABDL specifics as most stories on this site; however, this story is 100% true; not a fantasy, & not a combination of some thuth & some fantasies. The bottom line is: I have two "mommies" (which is two more than the vast majority of guys who are reading this)!

                                    writtin by: Jack

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