Diaper Prisoner
To anyone who somehow happens to read this: Today, I was given a pencil & paper, by my captures; to write my thoughts on, making a diary. They told me that they will make my diary into a book, which they will have published; so they can afford to "retire". Somehow, I hope to get this paper outside; where someone can read it, & rescue me!

My situation is that I am locked into a small cage, & am wearing
only a diaper & plastic pants! I have been here for several months! My
captures sit on a couch & watch me, as they film my every movement. They placed a large mirror behind my cage, so I could see myself, imprisoned!

No one misses me. I am an orphan, & moved across the country, to LA, to start an acting career. I told all of my friends that it would be a year or more before they would see me again. I signed what seemed to be a good acting contract, paying $100,000 for one movie.

The contract which I signed stated the filming would likely be 2-3 months, but could be longer; & that the filming would be on a "closed set", meaning I would have to remain on the set, at all times, until filming is completed. My role is as a prisoner; thus, when I arrived, and filming started, I was locked into a cage.

I was told that I would be a prisoner in a place where experiments were conducted on prisoners, which included requiring me to eat nothing but baby food, drink milk from a baby bottle, & wear nothing but a diaper & plastic pants, while locked in my cage. It is only 3 ft high, by 3 ft wide, by 6 ft long; thus I an forced to lay down, or be on my hands & knees. Since I am unfamiliar with LA, & arrived by taxi; I have no idea exactly where I am held captive.

When I first arrived, I was shown several rooms, which were lavishly furnished, including a big screen TV; & a very nicely furnished bedroom (where I presumed I would be staying, until filming was completed). Instead, I have remained locked into this tiny cage; for months, in my diaper & plastic pants! My captures are a husband & wife; who call themselves Dan & Sally (no last names were given).

Usually, Dan has the camera, & films, while Sally feeds me; handing a baby bottle & jar of baby food thru the bars. Dan also films, while Sally gives me various baby toys, & orders me to play with then. Twice daily, she hands me a clean diaper, & wipes; & tells me to change & clean myself. I obey, as I am anxious to get out of my dirty diaper! Once per week, she orders me to remove my dirty diaper, then, before giving me a clean one, she sprays me with a garden hose, with lukewarm water!

This is my weekly shower. If I refuse to obey any of her orders, she withholds my baby food & bottle, & clean diaper; until I put my hands on 2 end bars, which she handcuffs my wrists to. Then she gives me my shower, using only cold water; while I am handcuffed, & cannot move.

They remind me daily, that I agreed to this, by signing a legal
contract; thus I could not have them arrested, or sue them; for the way they are treating me. They also said the contract stated that filming may go beyond the 2-3 months listed; perhaps for several years; perhaps indefinitely!

My daily routine; other than my 2 diaper changes; consists of obeying Sally's orders to play with specific baby toys, & to suck on the pacifier which she gave me; while Dan films me.

  I stuck this note onto the bottom of an empty baby food jar (using a
piece of baby food as glue); in hopes they would put it in the garbage
w/o seeing my note; and in hopes that someone (a homeless person) would rummage thru the dumpster & find my note; & give it to the police or someone else who would give it to the police.

  If you come across this note; please help me - this is not a hoax -
I really am being held captive in a small cage; & made to wear nothing
but a diaper & plastic pants; & ordered to play with baby toys, while
sucking on a pacifier. My only food & drink is baby food, & milk in a
baby bottle! If you find this note, please help me - please give it to the
police. It is my only help of being released from my cage!    

Written By: Jack

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