This story is true. Nothing in the story is made up. All people in the story are real. The
events in this story did happen. And all events in this story were ok with the people in the
      It is 11:18am February 24, 2001. Me (Stanley) and baby dennis's mommy arrived at
dennis's house. I helped Mommy Jane take all the stuff from her car into dennis's house.
Dennis came out and greeted us. And then he went into his computer room and signed
off-line and came to be in the living room.

      We all got comfortable. And I mentioned I had a video for us all to watch. And before
we watched the video dennis's mommy had some stuff to share with dennis mostly. She
had gotten him a nice blue sweater and a nice romper suit. She found a nice toy truck that
moves on it's own if you push the head down it moved forward. She had 2 stuffed
animals with her and a new fleece navy blue blanket. It was very soft.

        Well after dennis changed into his nice blue romper and I got comfortable in my
sweat pants and T-shirt I sat on the floor. Then dennis walked in with his mommy from
the back room with a T-shirt for me. It was a white shirt that had Baby Huey written on it
with a picture of baby huey on it. It was cute. Mommy Jane helped me take off my gray
T-shirt I was wearing and put on the Baby Huey T-shirt.

       Then she asked me to bring out my blanket. So I went in my bag and got out my
baby blanket and laid it on the floor. And then Mommy Jane asked if we wanted bottles.
And me and dennis said yes. So mommy Jane made dennis a bottle of baby formula while
I made a bottle with my toddler mix that makes regular milk taste like banana's.

         I sat on the floor with my bottle next to me and I cuddled my stuffed puppy and
Mommy Jane held dennis across her lap like a baby and fed him his bottle while patting
him on his back and rocking him. I started the movie and we watched Baby Geniuses.
After about 20 minutes or so dennis changed positions on the couch with Mommy Jane
and he laid on his stomach.

      After another 20 minutes or so Mommy Jane asked if I had drank my bottle yet. And I
said no. So Mommy Jane asked if I wanted to be held while I drank my bottle. So I
accepted and grabbed my bottle and laid across Mommy Jane's lap and she held me like
a baby and she patted my back and rocked me while I drank my bottle. After around 30
minutes passed I had nearly fallen asleep. And then Mommy Jane got up and laid me
down on the couch.

     At around 1:00 PM Baby Tony arrived. He came in and we all said hi. Dennis and Tony
hugged and said hello. And I shook Tony's hand and said hello. Then Tony got
comfortable. He took of his T-shirt and pants and was in a onesie. Then Mommy Jane sat
us all down and we went over her services as a mommy. We voiced what we wanted from
her. Me and Tony mainly wanted cuddling. We went over the red light green light. Red
light meaning serious talk and no baby play at the moment and green light is the signal
for being a baby.

     Then Dennis showed Tony his nursery. Dennis's nursery has a crib and everything. It
is a really nice nursery. It has a Winnie the Pooh theme. We brought the toys out into the
living room. Mommy Jane had brought some balloons and she blew up 3 and we played
with the balloons. We built towers with some blocks. And then we had a block fight. And
we were throwing blocks at each other. It was fun.

     Then Mommy Jane asked Tony if he was wet. And he said he was so she took Tony
into the nursery and changed him. Then Tony and Mommy Jane came back out. While
Tony and Mommy Jane were in the nursery me and Dennis cleaned up the blocks. After
they came back out Mommy Jane asked if Tony wanted a bottle. And Tony said yes. So
Mommy Jane made Tony a bottle of formula and had him lay across her lap like a baby
and she covered him in the blue fleece blanket and held him and rocked him while he
drank his bottle. Me and Dennis went to his computer room to play. I had come out to see
what Tony and Mommy Jane were doing. And I saw Tony laying across her lap with a
bottle in his mouth and I giggled. Mommy Jane said "Come here" and I told her
"nooooooo". Then she repeated her request. So I walked over to her and she told me to
give her my hand. I slowly gave her my hand and she slapped it and told me "you don't
tell mommy no". And I gave her a sad baby face while holding my stuffed dog by my face.
Then she told me to go play. So I went back to the computer room.

       Me and Dennis played on the computer for a hour or so while Mommy Jane cuddled
with Tony and fed him his bottle. After about a half hour of playing on the computer
Dennis got thirsty so we went into the living room and asked Mommy Jane if we could
have some juice. And she said yes. So I had some juice in a regular glass and Dennis had
his juice in a toddler sippy cup. We took our juice back to the computer room and played
for another half an hour or so.

     Me and Dennis came back out and Dennis asked if me and Tony wanted to play video
games. I said no and laid on the couch cuddling my puppy and watched while Dennis and
Tony played a boat racing game. looked pretty cool. While Mommy Jane was cooking she
asked if I was wet and by then I was so she had me go change my diaper. So I went to the
nursery and changed and then went back to the couch and cuddled with my stuffed
puppy. While me, Dennis, and Tony were in the living room playing Mommy Jane made
lunch for us all. I laid on the couch and cuddled my stuffed puppy for about 30 minutes
and noticed the small plastic paddle on the table Mommy Jane brought for Dennis.
hehhe. So I picked it up and said "Hay dennis, look what me have. hehhehe". Then
Mommy Jane saw I had the paddle and told me to put it down and I wouldn't so she
started to come around the counter from the kitchen and I put it down on the table real
fast. She gave me a small pat to my diapered butt. And again I gave that sad baby face
behind my puppy. God I love that baby face. Then she went back to cooking.

       After another 20 minutes had passed lunch was ready. Dennis and Tony went to the
nursery and got Dennis's high chair he built. It looks real cool. And it uses a real high
chair plate. He did a great job on it. So after Dennis and Tony got the high chair they put
it in the kitchen. Then Dennis sat in the high chair while me and Tony sat at the kitchen
table. Mommy Jane cooked hot dogs wrapped in buns and was baked, and we had beans,
and pineapple cups, and we had pumpkin pie after we finished eating. Mommy Jane had
baked it at home. Mommy Jane spoon fed dennis in his high chair while me and Tony fed
ourselves. Mommy Jane fed me and Tony a little of our food but that was for a picture.

     Just as we were finishing up dennis acted up and pounded on his tray and pouted.
Mommy Jane asked him what he was doing and he didn't say anything. He just continued
pouting. So Mommy Jane said "ok that's it, you earned a spanking" and dennis said
"whyeee, what me do?" and then Mommy Jane said "You pounded on the tray". So
Mommy Jane removed the tray from the high chair and sent dennis to his room. She
excused herself from me and Tony and went with dennis to his room.

         Me and Tony cleaned up the table and placed the dishes in the sink. And just then
dennis came out in just a diaper and plastic pants on and his mommy right behind him.
She sat on the couch and brought dennis over her knee and spanked him right there. She
spanked him with his diaper on but he still felt it. He got that sad pouting face again and
rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands. And then Mommy Jane hugged him.

     Then with everything done it was time to get going. It is now 5:00PM. So we all got
into our regular clothes and packed our bag that we brought. I got my bottle out from the
strainer and placed it back in my bag along with everything else. As Tony did the same.
We all gave Mommy Jane our envelopes witch contained our payment for that day. We all
said our good byes and got our bags. Then me, Mommy Jane and Tony got in our cars
and left to head home.

                                                             THE END

                                           WRITTEN BY: STANLEY THORNTON
                                                  FEBRUARY 24, 2001

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