Chapter 1

       At age 11 I found myself with an overwhelming urge to wet my pants, just to see
what it felt like. I found myself fantasizing about it, how and when I would do it and what
it would feel like. The one big problem, I lacked the nerve to actually do it.

      Age 12, I started to find the nerve. I had managed to rescue an old pair of jeans and a
pair of underpants with a hold in the seat, from the scrap bag. I made a simple plan , I
would do it on a Saturday morning while my mother was at work. The first time I tried I
was unable to go, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't pee.

       The second time I decided not to go to the bathroom when I got up. I drank 2 glasses
of orange juice for breakfast, and waited. By the time my mother left for work I was ready
to explode. Even though I had to go so bad it hurt, I was still unable to pee. I walked
around the house, played with the dog, and tried to forget what I wanted to do. It seemed
as though it was never going to happen, I decided to just go to the bathroom and forget
about peeing in my pants. I started to climb the stairs when I felt the first trickle, I stopped
halfway and waited. I felt the warmth start to spread across the front of my pants, I
couldn't stop if I wanted to, I let it go.

       I was so excited about what I had just done and how good it felt, I forgot about the
pee running down the stairs. My heart was pounding from the excitement, I had just wet
my pants and it felt so good. It took almost an hour to clean up the mess on the stairs. I
had to make sure everything looked normal when my mother got home. I kept my wet
pants on while I cleaned up, I wanted to enjoy the feeling as long as I could. Eventually I
had to clean myself up before my mother came home. I washed my jeans and underwear
in the deep sink in the basement and hung them on a makeshift clothes line behind the
furnace. My mother never suspected a thing.

        I knew it was going to be easy the next time. Every Saturday I would do the same
thing, except I was a little more careful, I didn't want a major clean up every time. The
routine continued for months, I was having a ball.
        Chapter 2

        I couldn't wait for my mother to leave for work. My heart would start to pound when I
thought about what I was going to do. My mother left at her usual time, I was started
down the steps to the basement before the door closed behind her. I was into my old
jeans and underwear in seconds. I was able to pee in short bursts rather than a big flood.
This kept clean up down to a minimum and made the warm sensation last longer.

        I was walking around on the first floor in my now very wet jeans. I thought I would
get something to drink and sit in the kitchen and listen to the radio. I didn't hear the front
door until it closed, my heart dropped. My mother came right to the kitchen, I didn't have
time to get away. She stood in the doorway staring at me and shaking her head.

        "If I didn't see this with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. What do you think you're
doing?" "I'm sorry mom, it was an accident." "Don't stand there and lie to me. How long
has this been going on?" "This is the first time, honest, it was an accident." "I told you
not to lie to me. This has been going on for months, you do this every Saturday. The
neighbors have seen you, the whole town knows by now. How do you think I found out?
Mrs. Staylor told me all about it, she has been watching you every Saturday. Do you know
how this makes me feel? The entire town knows I have a 12 year old baby boy living

      I knew I was in trouble, but I didn't know just how much. I thought I was going to
spend the rest of my life confined to my room. My mother didn't stop yelling, she
wouldn't give me a chance to say anything. I just sat down and listened, that was all I
could do. My mother yelled, "You stay right there, I'll be back."

      She came back carrying 2 large bags, she sat them on the kitchen table. "I can't
understand why anyone would want to wet their pants, but if that is what you want, that is
what you'll get. Thanks to Mrs. Staylor, I had almost a week to prepare for this. If you
want to act like a toddler, that is the way you are going to be treated."

       I didn't know what to say, I was scared to death, I didn't know what my mother had
planned. I was starting to whimper from fear. "Don't you start to cry, I don't want to hear
it. Take those wet clothes off and put them in the trash bag." I did as I was told, trying to
keep my back to my mother, I didn't want her to see me without pants on.

       She was emptying the bags on the table, there was baby powder, diaper pins, baby
oil and packages of Playtex Rubber Pants. She laid everything on the table, then picked
up a white sheet with baby pictures on it, opened it up and spread it on the floor.

       "Get over here and lay down on this, on your back." I did what she said, I was
embarrassed but I knew from the sound of her voice that she meant business. I found out
in a hurry what she had planned for me, she took a diaper out of one of the bags. "Pick
up your butt." I raised my butt and she slid the diaper under me. The baby oil came next,
she rubbed it all over me, the powder followed. She spread my legs and pulled the diaper
up between them, pinned one side then the other. I couldn't close my legs, the diaper was
so bulky. "Stand up." she said.

         I stood up and faced her, she took a pair of rubber pants out of the package and
held them in front of me. I put a leg into the opening, then the other without being told.
She pulled the pants up and checked to make sure the diaper was not sticking out,
anywhere. "You like just like a toddler. Now you can wet your pants anytime you feel like
it. Don't you like that?"

        I was afraid to answer. I liked the feeling of the diaper, and I was sure that I would
like the feeling when it was wet. I couldn't tell her how I felt, she was mad enough as it

       Chapter 3

       I roamed around the house trying to stay away from my mother. Every time she
would see me she would say something to embarrass me. I was on a chair next to the
window in my bedroom when my mother came in. "Is my little baby ready for lunch?" "I
guess so." "Come over here, I want to see if you need to be changed."

       She pulled my rubber pants open at the waist, ran her finger across the front of my
diaper. She took her hand away and patted my butt. "My little baby is still dry and he
doesn't have a poopy diaper."

         I just stood there, shocked, I never even thought about pooping in my diaper. I
didn't think I could do that. I knew at that point that my mother was serious about the
diaper punishment. My heart was pounding again with the thoughts of spending more
than one day in diapers. As I followed my mother out of the room, I noticed the white pail
next to the door, a "Diaper Pail". She must have put it there when she came to get me for
lunch, I hadn't seen it earlier.

         Lunch was a constant reminder of my situation. My mother was not going to let me
forget that I was in trouble and what my punishment was. "What were you thinking? What
is wrong with you? Why do you want to do such a thing?" I kept quiet, I didn't want to
add to her anger. "We will see just how much you like wet pants. You are not going to use
the toilet, at all, your diaper is your toilet. Do you understand?" I didn't say anything, I
just shock my head, yes. "I am not going to change any of your poopy diapers, you will
have to do that yourself. I changed enough of your dirty diapers, I'm not going to start
that again." "How long do I have to wear diapers?" "Until I think you've learned your
lesson. I am going to the store after lunch, I'm going to have to buy you some pants that
will fit over your diapers. You can't go to school dressed like you are now."

          School!!, I hadn't thought about school, I thought this would only last for the
weekend. "Are you wet?" "No mom, I'm not wet." "Watch the tone of your voice young
man, I'll smack you for talking like that to me." My mother cleaned up after lunch, told me
to behave myself while she was at the store. She left and warned me not to go near the

           I stood by the window, watching my mother pull out of the drive. I had to pee, I
thought it would be better to do it when my mother was gone. I stayed at the window
while I concentrated. I was watching the neighbor across the street, I felt the first dribble
flow into the diaper. It felt so warm, I let a little more go, then I just let go. The warm pee
ran between my legs, the diaper was soaking it up. It felt so good, I didn't want to stop.

          This felt much better than wetting my jeans, it was so nice and warm. At this point I
had no regrets about getting caught, a wet diaper felt great. I walked around, went up and
down stairs, and finally sat on the sofa, every movement caused a different feeling.

           I was watching TV when my mother came home. She dropped 2 large bags on the
sofa. "I want you to try these on," she said as she handed me a pair of jeans. I pulled the
jeans over my diaper, I was able to button the fly and the waist. They felt a little tight in
the crotch but not uncomfortable. She pulled a pair of overalls out of the bag and handed
them to me. "Try these on." I took off the jeans and put on the overalls, my mother put
the straps over my shoulders and buttoned them. "Don't you look nice. I tried to find a
pair with buttons on the inseams, but they didn't have them large enough to fit you." I felt
like a little kid, I hoped she didn't expect me to wear them to school. "Now get upstairs,
you need to be changed."

       Chapter 5

       I didn't sleep well, I'm not sure if it was a wet diaper or what happened before I went
to bed. The first thing I did when I woke up was pee in an already wet diaper. My mother
told me she wasn't going to change me until after breakfast. I could feel the soggy diaper
sagging between my legs when I walked. I didn't dislike the feeling, it was just different.

       Breakfast was the usual, cereal, toast and juice. The only difference, my juice was in
a baby bottle. After breakfast my mother took me to my room and took off my very wet
diaper. "Go take a bath, you're not going to church smelling like this," she said.

            I wondered how I was going to hide a diaper under my Sunday clothes. My dress
clothes were not as loose as my new jeans and overalls. After my bath my mother put a
diaper and rubber pants on me, then watched while I got dressed. I knew she didn't really
care if someone saw the bulge from the diaper, she said I looked fine. I looked in the
mirror, anyone who looked at me could tell in a second that I was wearing a diaper. The
only thing that helped hide it was my suit coat, but that didn't hide much.

           We always walked to church, it was only a few blocks from our house. By the time
we got to church I was wet. I figured there was no sense in holding back, everyone would
soon know I was wearing a diaper.

           I saw several of the women give me funny looks, but no one said anything. My
mother acted as though everything was normal. I could feel my face getting hot, I must
have been bright red. I tried to stay close to people so they couldn't get a good look at my
pants. I just wanted to get to a seat and sit down.

           I had had to poop since I got up in the morning, I thought I would be able to hold
it until we got home from church. I could feel the pressure building, it was starting to
hurt. It sounded like the preacher was almost finished, I thought I could hold it until the
service was over. Everything was fine until we stood up to sing the last hymn, I could
hardly stand straight. The pressure was too much, I could feel the poop starting to push
out, I gave up trying to hold it and relaxed, I filled my diaper. I pushed a little, a reflex
action, and I was finished. I knew that I had a huge bulge in the seat of my pants,
everyone was sure to see what I had done.

           My heart was pounding, I couldn't believe that I had just pooped myself in church.
I had no idea what I was going to do now. I was sure that everyone in the church would
soon be able to smell it and know what I had done. I wanted to put my hand on the bulge
to see how big it was, but I knew that would be a dead giveaway. I stood still, waiting for
the benediction. The organ started playing, my mother nudged me toward the center
aisle. I started moving, I could feel everyone watching me as I waddled toward the door.
My mother stopped to talk to Mrs. Jackson, I kept walking, I wanted to get outside before
someone discovered the smell was coming from me. I found a spot outside, away from
everyone, I stood with my back against the wall.

            My mother didn't say anything until we were away from the church. "Don't you
think you could have waited?" "I couldn't help it, it was an accident." "Little babies that
wear diapers don't have accidents, they just go when they want to." "I tried to hold it but I
couldn't, it hurt." "From now on don't wait so long."

            I could feel the load in my diaper shift with every step. I wasn't worried about the
bulge in my pants after we got away from all the people. I knew my mother was upset by
the way she was walking, her feet were pounding the pavement.

          We walked in the front door, my mother stopped and looked at me. "Get upstairs
and get out of that messy diaper. Dump that mess in the toilet, get in the shower and
clean yourself. Don't make a mess in the bathroom." She didn't seem too upset then, in
fact she was acting as if it was a normal thing. I couldn't believe what was happening, it
was almost like a dream. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

         When I got out of the shower my mother was waiting to show me how to get most
of the poop out of the diaper before putting it in the pail. After my mother put a clean
diaper on me, I hung up my Sunday clothes in the closet and put on a pair of overalls and
went downstairs. My mother's mood changed, she didn't say a word during lunch.

        This bothered me, she had to be thinking about something and I was sure I was
involved. I didn't want to say anything, I didn't want her to get mad at me. I finished
eating and put the dirty dishes in the sink. "Can I ride my bike?", I asked. "No, we're
going to the city. I want to see your Aunt Rose."

        I didn't want to go, I didn't want my cousin Sally to find out about my diapers. Sally
was a year younger than me, and a real pain. I tried to thing of some way to get out of
going, but I couldn't think of a thing.

       My mother put some diapers, rubber pants, baby oil and powder into a bag. "I'm
going to have to get a diaper bag for you, I can't use a shopping bag all the time. Do you
need to be changed?" "No mom." "Get in the car, I want to get going." It was a 50 mile
drive to my aunt's house in the city. We were almost there before I peed. It was getting
easier, I didn't have to concentrate anymore, I could pee without even thinking about it.

       I was not prepared for what happened when we got to my aunt's. We were no sooner
in the door when my mother asked me, right in front of my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.
"Johnnie, are you wet, do you need to be changed?" I was never so embarrassed, I
wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. I know I turned bright red, I could feel my
face get hot. My Cousin

       Sally started to laugh, my aunt stood there with a surprised look on her face. My
Uncle George shook his head and walked away. "I'm ok.", I said in a low voice. I hung my
head, I didn't want to look at anyone. "Don't sit on the furniture. Aunt Rose doesn't want
any stains from a leaky diaper," my mother said. My cousin suggested we watch TV, I
followed her to the den.

        Sally couldn't wait to start asking me questions. "How come you have to wear
diapers?", she asked. I couldn't think of anything but the truth. I told her the whole story,
I thought it was better than trying to make up something. I was also sure my mother
would tell my aunt everything. Sally listened to everything, and seemed interested.

          "Do you like to wear diapers?", she asked. "Yeah, its kinda nice." "What did your
friends say?" "I haven't told anyone." "Boy are you in for it. They're going to call you
names and make fun of you."

        "I guess so, but I don't have much of a choice not. Mom is pretty mad at me, she
says she is going to teach me a lesson. I'm not allowed to wear anything else." "Why did
you ever want to wet your pants?" "I just wanted to see what it was like. I liked it so I just
did it again."

        "I bet you're sorry now. How long do you have to wear them? Did your mom say?"
"She never said how long, but she bought enough stuff, I think it is going to be awhile.
I'm afraid to ask her."

        The questions continued, Sally wanted to know every detail. I asked her if she was
ever tempted to wet her pants, she said NO. She thought doing something like that would
be terrible.

        My mother called me and said it was time for dinner, and my diaper had to be
changed before we ate. My mother used my aunt's bedroom to change me. She closed
the door, no one could see me in just a diaper. I was glad, it was bad enough that they
knew, I didn't want anyone watching.
            The rest of the day was uneventful, nothing was said about me or my diaper. We
left early, my mother said that we had to be home for my bedtime bottle. The trip home
was bad, my mother kept asking me how it felt to have my aunt and uncle know I was a
big baby.

         She said she was going to make sure everyone knew that I was back in diapers. If I
liked it so much, everyone should know. When we got home, my mother changed me and
made me take a bottle to bed.

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