PART ONE

        I can't believe that little rat, My seven year old brother. He told mom that I cut class
yesterday, and now I'm grounded, and dad will spank me for sure when he gets home
tonight. I can't believe he rated on me, But I will get him, tonight while he sleeps.

         My thoughts are kept to myself as I plan how to get my revenge on Tommy, I knew
right from the start what to do, just the little details had to be taken care of.


       "Oh Shit!, Moms gonna kill me" I heard Tommy said as I rubbed the sleep from my
eyes and the lingering pain from my backside. I had to play dumb. "Why?" "I wet the bed
again, I haven't done that in months" I almost felt bad for Tommy as he started to cry, we
both knew what mom would do, but then I felt my rear again, and stared at the concert
tickets I wouldn't be using this weekend, and had to smile, Pay back sucks I thought to

         Tommy had been slow to potty train, and wet his bed at night every night until he
was six, and my mom who works and has to take care of us, hates spending time on extra
laundry and naughty children. so any kind of problem was always dealt with immediately.
Tommy knew what was coming so he decided to get it over with and went down the hall
to our parents room.

         Still crying he knocked and entered the room, I listened from the door as my
revenge was being carried out by my mother. Before Tommy could even speak my mom
noticed his soaked PJ's and was very mad, she hated problems the second she woke up.

         "Tommy, get over here" To save extra trouble Tommy didn't argue or protest but
instead he walked over to her, and knowing what came next, dropped his wet PJ's and
underpants to the floor. He was crying harder already even though she hadn't even
started yet.

         I smiled from ear to ear as I heard the first slap to his bare backside, and his
screaming. The little twit should know better than to mess with me. He got twenty slaps
that morning, and was sent to shower before school.

       Sure one day would have been enough, but I wanted him to pay for wrecking my
plans, so like the night before I got up at 2 in the morning, and went to the bathroom. But
I didn't pee in the toilet, instead I peed in a jar, and after checking to see that the hall was
clear, went back to my room, and poured the jar of pee on the crotch of Tommy's PJ's
and tried hard not to laugh as it spread out soaking his pants and the bed. This would be
two days in a row, and that means another spanking and diapers.


        Before Tommy even woke up mom came into our room, and of course noticed the
soaked sheets right away. I sat up in bed to watch the show as she woke Tommy up. The
second he woke up he realized he was wet. "Mommy, I'm sorry, I didn't know I had to go, I
swear it, please don't punish me mommy" Tommy said as tears rolled down his cheek
like marbles down a hill. Knowing how sad he was, mom spoke softly and with a
kindness seldom seen on a "wet" morning.

         "Honey, I know it wasn't your fault, you didn't mean to wet the bed.....In fact you
didn't wet the bed, your brother did." I started to panic, how did she know? I was in
trouble now, but maybe I could still save this, maybe she was fishing "What are you
talking about?" I asked as if I was about to be convicted of a crime I didn't do. Where is
the dream team when you need them, can't I blame it on the one armed man, or present
DNA evidence?

         Oh yeah, I forgot I am guilty. "Save it Michael, I saw you last night, you should have
thought to close your door last night, I heard someone in the bathroom, and I got up to
see if it was Tom having wet again, and instead I saw you pouring piss on your brother,
so that means you wet Tom's bed, so you get Tom's punishment."

         "No, please, I'm sorry, It was a dumb joke, I was mad at him, I'm sorry, really I am"
"Nope, not going to cut it, you have been a naughty boy the last couple days, and it's
time you were punished. Now come here. I knew there was no getting out of it, I was
going to be spanked, might as well take it like a man. I pulled down my briefs (all I sleep
in) and went over to my mom and let her pull me over her lap. She spanked me harder
than she ever had before, and even though I tried hard not to cry, by the 38th slap I was
bawling like a baby, but that wasn't enough for her, she gave me an even hundred, and
then sent me to stand in the corner with my bright red naked butt sticking out for Tommy
to see and laugh at.

         My mother left the room and returned a few minutes later with the cordless phone,
this was a call she wanted me to hear....

         PART THREE

         "Hi, yes, May I speak to the nurse please"(Just a moment)(Nurses Office) "Good
Morning, this is Jane, Mike's mom, I just wanted to let you know, that Mike will be coming
to school in diapers for the next two weeks." (Diapers, Why?)"He's got a nasty infection,
and he just can't control himself right now" (That's too bad, what can I do to help?) "Well,
I will be bringing extra diapers in for you, I'll need you to change him every day at lunch
time, he could do it himself, but I really don't trust him" (I understand, I'm sure he's not
too happy about this) "No, he's not, He's also peeing a lot more than normal, so you will
need to double the diapers too."(Okay, I can do that........Jane?)"Yes?" (This is Mike's
fourth infection this term, don't you think Iknow by now?) "Well, Yeah I guess you would,
you don't mind the extra work doyou?"(Not at all) "Good see you in a little while"(Okay,
buh bye)

          So I was dressed in two extra thick diapers and a pair of clear plastic pants, and
was only allowed to wear shorts to school so that whenever I sat down everyone could
see the diapers hanging out.

            Part One.

           "Please mom don't make me wear this to school, everyone will make fun of me!"
"You mean like you always make fun of your brother?, I thought we fixed this problem
last time, but maybe two weeks instead of two days will teach you a better lesson, now
get you books and get in the car, I need to get extra diapers to give the nurse."
  I knew there was no getting out of this, when My mom made up her mind, that was it,
no changing it again. Solemnly I walked out to the car with my head hung down in
shame, praying that no one would notice me, but history told me they would.

       My mother came out a few minutes later with a gym bag, I knew had the extra diapers
in it, and she drove me to school. When we got there I made one final plea to get out of
this, but it did notwork. As we walked down the hall to the nurses office, I could hear the
other kids saying things like "look, he's diapered again", "Whata sissy baby" and other things.

       Without knocking mom opened the door to the office and motioned for me to go
inside, she followed behind me closing thedoor behind her. We sat down in two chairs in
front of the nurses desk,and waited for Nurse Ames. When she showed up, her and mom
shook hands andexchanged small talk for a minute paying no attention to me, but
theconversation did finally move to the current situation.

       "So what did he do this time?" "Made his brother wet his bed two nights in a row to
try and get him put back in diapers, so instead Mike gets the diapers." "I see" Nurse Ames
said frowning in my direction. "In the bag are 4 extra diapers and 2 pairs of plastic pants,
remember he gets two diapers for extra bulk, and there are some other directions in there
also, but I hope you won't need those.

       "Yes, I read them, I do hope we can avoid it, but it could be fun also. I had no idea
what they were talking about, but knew whatever it was wouldn't be anything I would like.

My mom excused herself and left me alone with Nurse Ames. "You know Mike, you
brought this on yourself, and you deserve what you are getting, but do yourself a favor
and just accept it, you won't like it if I have to do the other things on this list, trust me on
that." "What other things?" "Well, lets just try not to have to do them." She said as
she took the note and placed it in her top drawer.

        "Now this note will excuse from gym, just to make the next two weeks a little easier
on you, and so that everyone else believes the medical problem story we are going to tell
them. As long as you behave no one will have to know anything more than you have a
bladder infection, now run along, or you will be late."

         I took the note from her and headed to my first class, walking slowly to try and
minimize the sound of my plastic pants crinkling. I got to class just in time, which was
good, I sure didn't want to get in more trouble right now, who knows what else they
would do to me.

        First period went well, I though. Most people just ignored me, since I wasn't all that
popular to begin with, most of the kids were content to just make jokes behind my back,
instead of to my face.

       Third period was gym, so I headed downstairs since the gym, was in the basement,
and found the coach, and gave him the note. He read it carefully twice, looking at me
occasionally, and then folded the note and stuffed it in his pocket, "okay get out there
and warm up."

        "What? But I'm not taking gym this week. "Sure you are, unless you have a note?" "I
just gave it to you!" "No, you didn't, See look at it." He said as he handed me the note. It
read..... Coach Hanson, Michael is in need of serious discipline, see what you can do
Sincerely, Nurse Ames P.S. His mother has approved any means of correcting this one.

      I wanted to cry as I read the note, but I wasn't about to in front of the former drill
sergeant turned gym teacher. I gave him back the note, and went out onto the gym floor
and took my place with the other kids.

        I hear a lot of laughter when we were instructed to do 20 push ups, as I'm sure
everyone behind me (I was in the first row) could see my diapers very easily. I forced
myself to get through the push ups as fast as I possibly could, and returned to a safer
seated position on the gym floor.

         When the other kids were done and in a seated position, the coach told us what our
activity for the day would be. It seemed like an easy game, when he said dodgeball would
be the game, but then my heart sank as he said there were two rounds. If you got hit
once, you took your shorts off, a second hit, and you are out. I had to make sure I didn't
get hit.

                                         COPIED FROM STORY ARCHIVE

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