Bound To Diapers
When Brad was just 15 years old he was suddenly fantasized by wetting. Everyday after school he would come home run into his room and put on a pair of his old white briefs. After holding in his afternoon bladder he would let loose. This was amazing for him.

One day he came home and did his same routine. Strange that the front door was unlocked however, but he didn't think anything of it. He put on the briefs and just in time to wet, he held it in too long today. A booming voice arose "I KNEW IT!" screamed his father. His dad was about 250 pounds of muscle. He grabbed Brad by the arm and lifted him over his shoulder.

Brad was too shocked to say anything but "NO! it was an
accident I swear!" "Liar! I've found these old underwear for days, But I guess I just to see it for myself. My only son wetting himself like a baby!" He took Brad onto the couch and tore of his wet pants. and gave him a good spanking, 50 smacks enough to make anyone cry.

He carried the extremely exhausted Brad back to his bedroom. "I got these from the neighbor, her daughter wets the bed" He pulled out a goodnight. He smacked Brads butt once. "Lay down on your stomach" Brad did as he was told. He started to oil him up real good, all over his sore bottom, and when he least expected it he slipped in a suppository. He did the front side just the same and finally put the diaper on. Brad
liked the feel of it, but still didn't like wearing a diaper. Come on were going to the market.

Brad was carried like a helpless baby out to the van, and strapped into what looked like his old carseat. He was buckled in tight and was given a bottle which he drank very quietly. Soon He got sleepy, he thought "most of been that drank" And drifted into a deep sleep. When he woke up to the sounds of laughter he still felt tightly confined. He was in  carrying strap connected to his dads chest! just like a baby!

He was very upset about it and buried his crying eyes into his dads chest. "shhhhh... its ok baby." Brad then realized something was wrong with his diaper. It felt like he was sitting in deep thick tar. Yes in fact he was sitting in his own giant load! This upset him more.

He looked in the cart. There was lots of footies pajamas, onsies, bibs, bottles, pacis, and a "build you own crib!".  And especially millions of diapers of each brand and size.

After a long checkout and drive back, Brad was changed. But this time when he was rediapered his father got millions of diapers. First he put on a small baby one, then a kids one, followed by preteen, teen, young adult, adult, husky, and extra husky. By the time he was finished it took 10 minutes. and it was so thick he looked like a giant diaper with a head.

He could barely walk, he had to wattle, just like a baby. His dad put a sleeper on him that zipped from the back. So he couldn't get out. He put him in his crib, then in restraints and explained what he was in for: "You will be staying in this crib for a whole week, I want your legs to get weaker. I will NOT change you once, but will come to give you dindin and a bottle each nite. Get used to being a baby. It's your new life." Then he pulled out pruned baby food and a bottle, Brad wet himself and began to cry.

                      Written By: JayJay

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