I guess I was around five years old when my mother created the new baby. I would often go to my
bedroom and play baby by myself. crawling around on the floor, playing with blocks and such. One day
my mother came into the room just as I was attempting to diaper myself. She came
over to the bed, and saw my naked bottom lying on a makeshift diaper.

       She sat down on the bed and told me that babies weren't diapered that way, then she turned me over
her knee, giving me a spanking for my perverted act. After I'd stopped crying, I got dressed and left my
room, but mom was standing outside my door. She took my hand and led me into the nursery which was
on the far end of her bedroom. lifting me onto the changing table, she said that she would show me how to
diaper a baby and with that, before I knew what had happened, I was on my back and my pants were gone.
As she powdered my bottom, she said that this was necessary to prevent diaper rash.

       I said that I wasn't a baby and didn't need a diaper. Her only reply was That it didn't look that way to
her, and if I didn't need one why was I trying to diaper myself. Lifting me by the ankles, she slid a VERY
thick diaper under me brought it between my legs and had it pinned in just seconds. Then she got out a
pair of plastic pants and slid them into position. After she Lifted me off  the changing table, I told her I
wanted my pants back.

       Mom just laughed saying that babies can't wear big boy pants and since I was in a diaper, I must still
be a baby. The tee shirt, diaper and plastic pants were all I could possibly need. As she led me out of the
nursery, our neighbor was standing in moms bedroom. She just shook her head as she laughed. Mom
stood me on her dressing stool and went over to her friend. They looked and said I was a very cutebaby
and also wondered why I was such a Big Baby.

       Millie asked mom if she wanted some coffee then suggested that they go over too her house. Mom
agreed but then said she couldn't leave the "baby" alone. Millie just laughed again and said that at least I
was old enough to walk. Soon my diapered bottom was swaying in the beautiful summer breeze. They
decided that it was so nice, that they should go for a walk. I screamed and said that I would not go,
running back toward the house. a few feet later, I was caught and spanked again for throwing a fit.

       Still crying, they led me around the block, making sure that all the neighbors saw the new baby.
After what seemed like hours, we arrived at Millie's house. I was put in a playpen and given a bottle. they
laughed and giggled all the time that they were there, talking about how cute I was but how silly a diaper
looked on a boy that was five years old. When mom finally took me home she sent me to my room. Telling
me it was time for all good babies to take their nap.

       While in bed, I thought about what had gone on during the last few hours and decided that I
definitely did not want to be a baby. A short time later nature called and I headed for the bathroom. I
guess it was her sixth sense, but mom caught me in the hall and asked what I thought I was doing. I told
her that I had to go to the bathroom. She looked at me and said babies don't know how to use the
bathroom, that is why babies wear a diaper. then she took my hand and led me back to the nursery, saying
she would have to make sure that I stayed in bed.

       After lifting me into the crib, she fastened some clips to the sides of the sheets and said they would
hold me until she came back later. After that she closed the door on her way out. Not being able to hold it
any longer, I wet my diaper. As the warm fluid soaked into the material, I again cried but also felt a
strange feeling of being very safe as I welcomed much needed sleep.

       I awoke when I felt mom gently starting to pat my bottom, she asked me if I liked being a baby.. I
said no and asked if I could have my real pants back. She said that she would think about it, but only if I
could prove that I was a big boy. Just then she reached down the front of my diaper. Oh My!-- stated
mom, it doesn't look like you are ready for big boy pants yet. Then it was to the changing table for me.
She quickly changed my diaper . The second one was thicker than the first.

       After she was through, she said if I could stay dry, I could have my regular clothes back in the
morning. I thought no problem, since it was getting late. After dinner, I was told that it was time for
babies to go to bed. I tried to protest but it did no good as she put me back into the crib, gave my bottom a
pat then kissed me on the forehead. Nighty Nite my little baby boy were her last words as she closed the
door behind her. Some how there was a sarcastic yet forceful tone to her voice and I knew that my baby
days were not over.
Chapter II
Caught in the Act
          The next morning I awoke and I realized my diaper was wet. I thought I'd get it for sure. I climbed
out of the crib and took the diaper off. While doing this I noticed there was a bowl of water on the
changing table. I quickly pinned on a dry diaper as shear panic set in. What should do with the wet one ? I
opened the window and threw it outside.

       Mom found me in the crib about five minutes later. She said good morning little baby -- Is mommie's
baby wet or dry this morning reaching down the front of my diaper, she said maybe I had grown up after
all. She left the room returning a short time later with my clothes. She said get dressed because we had to
go shopping. It felt good to be in shorts again.

       After breakfast we got into the car and were pulling out of the driveway, when mom suddenly
stopped. she got out of the car and walked toward a white object lying on the ground. As she picked the
diaper up, I could see the anger in her eyes. Without saying a word, she pulled me out of the car and into
the house we went. She told me to go to the nursery and wait there for her. I knew that I was in big trouble
as I climbed the stairs. Mom let me sit there for a while thinking about what I had done.

       When she came in she had a paddle. I received the hardest spanking of my life. After that she said
that she could have excused the wet diaper, but not the way I tried to hide it, furthermore we still had to
shop, so the sooner I was "dressed" the quicker we could leave. Soon I was again in a diaper, plastic pants
and a tee shirt. She marched me back to the car and we proceeded to go on her errands.

       The first stop was a department store and the first place we went was the infant section. A sales lady
looked at me and said that I was awful big to still be in a diaper. Mom said in a loud voice that since I
couldn't keep my pants dry like a big boy, that the diaper was the only thing that was appropriate for my
behaviour. The sales lady laughed out loud and said that she agreed with mom, asking what mom needed.
Mom said she needed two dozen toddler size diapers, large plastic pants, a diaper bag, with couple of pair
of pants with snaps in the crouch and at least four baby bottles.

      The sales person said she had everything we needed except the pants. I was just too big. Then she
said I didn't need pants anyway because it was summer and lots of babies went outside in just there
diaper during this time of year. Mom made her purchases and we left the store. It seemed that everyone on
the street was staring at me as we walked by.

       Next stop was a drug store. where mom bought some medicine. We sat down at a booth in the coffee
shop. The waitress came over and seeing me, asked mom if she needed a high chair. Mom thought for less
than a second before saying she thought that was a good idea.

       Within a couple of minutes I was in the high chair which was placed at the end of the booth sticking
into the aisle. Mom ordered a hamburger, which was my favorite, and then asked the waitress if she could
fill one of bottles with milk. She reached into the diaper bag, produced a bib and two jars of baby food.

       By this time, my bottle had been returned, along with moms hamburger. She looked at it and then
said that maybe some day I would be big enough to eat them too, but for now it would be nothing but baby
food. As she spoon fed me, all of the customers laughed and made comments. Mom ate her hamburger
very slowly, making sure that I watched her chew every bite.

       As we were about to leave, she removed the tray on the high chair as I hopped out she held me by the
arm while she reached down the front of my diaper announcing to the world that the baby was wet. She
asked the waitress if they had a rest room, who replied with a snicker, yes but it was not for public use.
She then suggested that mom change me in the booth, further stating that lots of mommies changed their
babies diaper in the booths.

      Seconds later I was flat on my back as mom removed the plastic pants and diaper pins. she reached
into the bag and got out a diaper, powder and a small box that she then opened. Turning me over onto my
stomach, she powdered my bottom. Reaching into the box, she picked up a small round object that she
inserted into my bottom. flipping me back over she put on the diaper and plastic pants. I asked what she
had given to me and her reply was you will see soon.
Chapter III
The BabySitter
          We then left the drug store and headed back to the car. On the way, mom stopped to use a phone,
holding my hand as she talked. After hanging the phone up, Mom said we only had a couple more stops to
make. Soon we arrived at one of her friends houses. As we went in Joan said I was the cutest baby she had
ever seen, then she tickled me. I was then placed in a play pen with Joan's baby and was told to play nice
or I'd get a Spanking.

       They talked for a while and then mom said she would be back a little later. Joan told her not to worry
, that she was quite capable of taking care of two babies. Mom brought in the diaper bag then left. I heard
the car drive off just as Joan came into the room. She asked me if I felt silly. After all a boy my age that
still was in diapers should feel very silly. All I could do was to look down at the floor of the play pen. She
reached down and checked my diaper, I was still dry. Her son wasn't though..

       She changed him and placed him back in the play pen. I was starting to get a funny feeling in my
stomach. It felt like it was jumping up and down. Suddenly without warning I got a terrible cramp and
before I knew what had happened I pooped in my diaper. The smell was awful and I felt totally
embarrassed. There I was , five years old sitting in a play pen wearing a diaper that was full of poop.

       Joan walked in a few minutes later. the aroma filled the room .She picked up her son and carried
him to the changing table. Joan talked to him as she carefully removed his plastic pants then the pins, she
said baby doesn't smell nice and she would make all ackie poo go away, as she pulled the front of his
diaper down to find nothing. She re pinned him and re applied his plastic pants.

       Placing him back into the play pen she then looked at me and said "How does it feel little baby" do
you like your poopie pants. I started to cry, she just stood there looking at me then she told me to stand up.
As I did she spun me around and pulled the back of my diaper away from the top. looking down at the
mess, she asked me how a person my age could just sit there and poop in their pants.

      Joan lifted me out of the play pen but instead of taking me to the changing table, she sat me on the
floor. Then she got down on her knees and said "well Mr. Poopie Diaper, let me see you crawl around on
the floor like the baby you are." As I moved , I could feel the sticky goo start to move first it came up
between my legs. This had to be the worst feeling of my entire life.

      Crawling around on the floor, the poop just kept shifting with every movement of my legs. She said I
was a good baby and my mommy would be very proud of me when she saw my diaper. I asked if she was
going to change me. She just said I should wear the messy diaper for a while. Maybe I would learn
something about being a baby. Minutes later she told me to sit back down, and look between my legs. I
started crying when I saw that some of the poop had made it's way to the elastic on my plastic pants and
was working itself onto the plastic. She said that this would leave very pretty orange stains on the plastic
and it would never come out announcing to everyone, that I poop my diaper too.

       The first thing my mother noticed when she came back, were the brown stains on the plastic pants,
as I crawled around on the floor. I overheard her say to Joan that the suppository had done it's job well. I
was then carried to the changing table. Joan did the honors , carefully getting everything ready. She got a
wet wash cloth, and then removed my diaper wiping the excess while doing it. Using the wash cloth she
cleaned me up and then re diapered me saying that it looked like I'd be in diapers for a long time. Telling
my mother I might have to be potty trained all over again. Mom just said that it was O.K. because as
punishment for throwing my wet diaper out the window, She thought that I should be kept in a diaper for
at least six months.

       Then she asked Joan to assist Millie and herself in my baby care. Joan said that she would love to but
if I was to remain in diapers , I should have some appropriate clothing to wear also. Mom told her about
the store, and Joan said that was no problem, as she could sew me some. Mom said that was great and we
could start the next morning. It was very late when we got home, because before leaving Joan's house,
they had taken all my measurements including around the thickest part of my diaper and from the back of
the to the front. Joan told mom that I'd have a present in the morning and to please make sure I was in the
thickest possible diaper. and heavyweight plastic pants.
Chapter IV
Baby gets new clothes
         I was afraid that I'd be a baby the rest of my life. Six months in a diaper was too long to imagine.
Alas my fate and pants were sealed. I was again put in the crib and the sheet fasteners were again applied.
My mother said that babies could not be trusted and therefore had to be secured in their cribs. Wow what a
bed, a typical crib, complete with high sides and a plastic covered mattress. The top sheet kept me in the
position that mom had originally put me in which was face down on my stomach.

      She told me that babies had to sleep that way because if they threw up during the night everything
would be away from their mouths and prevent them from choking. The time passed slowly. I guess I slept.
It was not a sound sleep however, I dreamed about my future life as a baby and I didn't like it . When
morning came I was awakened again by mom, checking my diaper. She informed me that I was so wet
that my diaper leaked and spread throughout the sheets of the crib.

       After taking me out she again put me on the changing table and removed my wet diaper. She said we
would have a busy day ahead and I should just make the best of it. Pulling out another diaper  and pinning
it on, she said that she hoped I realized that I was going to be her baby for a long time. lifting me to the
floor, I could barely stand up. The diaper was so thick, I could not even begin to put my legs together. She
then slid a second pair of plastic pants over the first ones, telling me that they would rustle when I walked
and call attention to my diaper. They certainly did crackle , every step I took sounded like a bolt of
lightning. I was sure that everyone in the world could here my pants making their distinctive noise.

       After my breakfast which included two jars of baby food and a bottle, mom said it was time to go
back to Joan's house. Before we left however, she called Millie across the street and asked if she would
like to come with us. Millie was ready about ten minutes later. As I was led to the car,  mom asked Millie
to hold "the baby" while we were en route. Millie gladly put me in her lap. bouncing me like an infant.
During the trip, she played peek-a-boo with me. We arrived at Joan's a short time later. Joan opened the
door ran out and picked me up saying she had missed her big baby as she patted my bottom all the way
into the house. Mom and Millie followed and to their surprise Joan was already dressing me.

          She had made me a romper suit complete with snaps in the crouch for easy changing. On the front
of it was some words that I couldn't read. but I knew it wasn't good. Mom looked at me in my romper. She
was delighted, and told me to crawl over to the play pen like a good baby. After being placed in the play
pen with Joan's son, the three ladies left the room. Later Millie came back in and checked us. We were
both wet, and were changed one at a time. She took great pride in changing me. All the while saying that
I should be ashamed of myself for acting like an infant.

       By the end of a week, this had become routine. I was to the point that most of the time I didn't even
realize that I was wetting my diaper until I felt the pee soaking it. There was no escape and I knew it. Life
went on day by day and each one was a living hell. Every night in the crib, every day in a play pen. the
only toys I could play with, were rattles, pacifiers,  stuffed animals, and blocks.
Chapter V
A Problem Develops
           My mother was confronted with an unusual problem when August arrived. The three ladies had
kept me in diapers all summer, totally babying me. However school started in less than two weeks and I
was due to start first grade. Now all of a sudden, they were trying desperately trying to have me use the
bathroom. In the past two months, I was only allowed in there, for a bath and then only if at least one of
them was there to bathe the baby. It felt funny, sitting on a potty chair, with them coaxing me on. "Come
now it's time to be a big boy, lets see you pee-pee in the potty." In spite of all their efforts, less than a week
before the start date, I still hopelessly wet all the time. Joan suggested that mom send me to school in a
diaper, with a note explaining that I could not control myself due to an illness. My mother said she would
do that as a last resort.

        Well the day arrived, and I had finally graduated to training pants. Mom took me to school and met
the teacher. After talking to her for about ten minutes, all I could hear the teacher say was she that
understood and not to worry, they had ways of helping me. The first day went all right. When I got out for
the day, mom was waiting for me. She asked if there were any problems and I told her school was fun.

         On the second morning I wet my pants before ever leaving the house. Mom said that big boy didn't
do that as she handed me another pair of training pants and jeans. Then she told me that if I wet myself at
school, Everyone would laugh at me, and call me a baby. That hit home, For as long as I could remember,
people laughed at me and made baby comments. Arriving at school, everyone was running around in the
classroom. We played and colored and even started to learn letters. About ten I had to go. I went to the
teacher and told her. She said that the class would be taken to the rest room at ten thirty and I could wait
like everyone else.

       Wrong answer ! Within ten minutes I had wet my pants. The teacher saw me with the large wet
circle and called me to the front of the room. She said that I was acting like a baby and maybe I wasn't old
enough to be in school. I started crying as she took my hand and led me to the nurses office. When we
arrived, she told the nurse that I had an accident. The nurse took it from there, as my teacher disappeared
down the hall, she came over and said that there was no reason to cry and she would make it all better.
        The nurse lifted me onto a table in the middle of her office, opened a cabinet next too it. She
gathered some things and then told me to take off my wet clothing. As I did this, I felt that she was a nice
lady and really wanted to help me. She produced a small pile of things that she put on the table then she
got a file out of her desk. Reading  it, she suddenly looked over at me. I was looking at the things on the
table. Clean underwear, and a dry pair of jeans. She put the file folder away and walked over to the table.
Picking up the clothes and putting them away, he said that she didn't feel right letting a baby wear grown
up clothing. Moving to her closet, she said she had what I needed and then gathering some items, she
came back to the table. Setting down the pile, I could see a pin sticking out from under the plastic pants. I
cried NO you can't put me in a diaper. She looked me right in the eye and said that she didn't put me in a
diaper, I did by wetting my pants like a baby.

       After being diapered, she pinned a note to my shirt and took me back to class. Standing there in the
diaper and plastic pants in front of the whole class, was the worst moment in my life. My teacher told
everyone in the class that if they wet their pants like a baby, they would wear baby pants too. She then sent
me into an area of the room that was marked off by lines on the floor. She told me that this was a special
play area for all her babies and anyone in a diaper had to stay in this area. I just sat on the floor and cried.
The other kids weren't allowed to cross the lines, and suddenly I found myself alone again. By eleven
there was a second person in the special area. He too had wet his pants. At least now the two of us could
play together in our diapers. By the end of the day, four diapered bottoms were in the baby area, each of us
had a note pinned to our shirts but we couldn't tell what they said.

       When school let out for the day, the teacher made us stay there. She said we were going to get some
"special education". A few minutes later, the nurse walked in with each babies mommy. Each mommy had
been instructed in the proper method of dealing with our problem. One by one each mommy sat in the
teachers chair. As each mommy sat down, her baby was brought over to her. Over her knee each baby
went, their diaper being pulled down and a stern spanking administered.

       After that they stood us in front of the desk. each mommy removed the note from our shirts, used a
pen and signed the notes. returning the notes to the nurse, We were told that because we were still babies,
we would have to wear a diaper to school. Also our mommies were to come to school twice a day, so our
diapers could be changed. This was to remain in effect until we could act like big boys.
       As we went home, mom said that I would again be kept in diapers twenty-four hours a day plus it
was back to the crib for me. Nothing more was said. No more needed to be, I knew I was doomed.
Chapter VI
Time Passes
         This routine had gone on for a long time. By the time I was ten I was still in and out of diapers on a
regular basis. Even though I was growing in size, mom always found a way to keep me an infant. At least
I was too tall to sleep in the crib. She would still diaper me though. I still spent a lot of time outside in just
a diaper, plastic pants, and tee shirt. Mom always dried my "special clothes" outside on a line. Everyone
for miles around new who wore the giant diapers and plastic pants.

        Millie had moved away to another city , but Joan still helped mom with my care. When I turned
thirteen, I had finally become a big boy. Able not to wet for extended periods. I guess mom finally realized
that her baby had grown up. The diapers just seemed to disappear. Never again to wrap and trap this body.
At least that is
what I thought.

       I was extremely shy, (still am) and never wanted to mingle with anyone my age. I couldn't sleep at
night, did very poorly in school, and seemed always to be in trouble for something. On weekends, I would
just sit in my room and stare out the window. Mom took me to a counselor. She told mom that some
psychological testing was necessary. By the time all was said and done, it was determined that I was a
Manic Depressive with possible suicidal tenancy and hospitalization was recommended.

        I was now a rebel. not wanting to have anything with my mother or anyone else for that matter. I
didn't know who or what I was. I would argue with mom all the time. I ran away several times, but was
always returned home by the police.
Chapter VII
In Lockup
         By the time I was sixteen, I had become a school dropout, (why stay in when you fail EVERY
subject) Regressing further and further into my own little world. I was nervous all the time, still couldn't
sleep for more than an hour or two, refused to eat and generally didn't give a damn about anyone or
       Mom committed me to a mental hospital where I was able to sit in peace. At least at first. After being
there a few days, the doctor ordered me taken to a small room. I was about to receive my first shock
treatment. Not knowing any better, I followed the orderlies like a whipped puppy.

       I will never forget that first trip down the halls. It looked like a scene out of a movie when a death
row prisoner is taking his final walk. Four orderlies on each side of me, the only thing missing was the
priest. We arrived at the room I was placed on a table with the eight young men still four to a side. A
nurse spread some jelly on the sides of my head then stuck a rubber thing in my mouth. A few seconds
later, everything lit up . I swear it seemed like lightning bolts were shooting out of my eyes. then
everything went black.

       When I woke up, I was back in a bed. My mind was gone, I couldn't remember my own name much
less where I was or how I got there. Slowly my memory returned. Somehow things were different though.
They did this to me three times a week for seven weeks. Since I wasn't eighteen. I had absolutely no say in
anything. All of the treatment were determined by the doctor and my mother. Finally the shocks ended,
but I was kept in the hospital. Medication was given to me continuous basis. The only way I got out of that
place was when I turned eighteen and became legal. Then it took a social worker and several appearances
in a courtroom.
Chapter VIII
The need to Baby again
         As I grew older I still could not sleep at night. I would just toss and turn in the bed. I felt like
something was missing from my life. Then I remembered how safe I felt when I was in a diaper, and
sleeping in the crib. One night I got an old towel and pinned it on. It almost looked like a diaper, but it
sure didn't feel like one. Just the same I crawled around on the floor for a while, looking into a full length
mirror as I went by. I actually felt comfortable and at ease. the diaper was my key. That night I slept like a
baby. (pardon the pun) For the first time in years I rested at peace with myself.

       The next morning, I set out to find some plastic pants. Not an easy thing to do! I started at a local
department store and went to the baby needs area. Hundreds upon hundreds of plastic pants were before
my eyes. but I knew that they wouldn't fit me.

       I must have stared at them for a long time because the next thing I remember was the sales girl
tapping my shoulder and saying excuse me, may I help you find something. I explained that we needed
some over sized plastic pants. She raised her eyebrows and looked at me. I said they were for a ten year
old but he was large for his age. Trying not to laugh she inquired about the waist size of the big baby. I
told her it was somewhere in the 28 inch area.
        Moving further down the aisle she picked up a pair that looked huge. They were standard plastic
pants but also the biggest ones I had ever seen. Removing them from their box she grabbed them by the
top of the elastic band and gave them a shake. as they unfolded she held them up to my waist. See now she
said these would do nicely then she added that they would probably fit me. I bought them and as I was
turning to leave she asked me if I needed a diaper too. I could feel myself turn red. as I walked back up to
her. What do you mean I asked.

       Looking at me she said that the diaper I had on was sticking out the back of my pants. I almost died,
quickly reaching around to check. Then I remembered that I was wearing underwear and not a diaper. I
told her that I didn't have one on. she took a pen and scribbled something on a piece of paper then handed
it to me. All it said was "babies taken care of" and a phone number. As I left the store, I wondered how
she knew that  secretly I was a baby.
Chapter IX
Baby Gets a Surprise
           I Arrived home and went right to the task of trying out my purchase. A few minutes later, I was
again on the floor crawling around only this time my new plastic pants covered the makeshift diaper. The
pants fit like a glove. Bulging in all the right spots. my well padded bottom was sticking out like a sore
thumb. I was in heaven, it was very comfortable.

       Getting dressed, I decided that I needed a bottle. Arriving at the local seven-eleven I grabbed a pale
blue one off the shelf. taking it to the checkout counter, I held it out to the clerk. After ringing it up she
placed it in a bag. Quickly I ran back to the cooler and bought an eight ounce carton of milk. Filling the
bottle at the counter suddenly I felt something. The clerk looking to her partner, said he IS in a diaper and
he's wet too. The only thing I could think of to say was "do you want to change me". Too my surprise, the
clerk told me that they were getting off right then and if I needed a change, I could follow them home.

       As they drove down the street, I followed. When they pulled up into a driveway they pointed to the
side door of the house. As I went in, area overwhelmed me. In the room was a giant crib, play pen, and
four people crawling around the floor in diapers. The two girls that I had followed home, came in a door
at the other end of the room. The first thing they did was go to a baby girl who was sitting on the floor.
one on each side they picked her up. Dragging her to a large chair. they released her and left her standing
in front of them.
       I thought mommy told you to wash the diapers said one of the girls. You have been a very naughty
baby, and with that the speaker sat down in the chair. The other girl went over to a cupboard and got a
large paddle, handing it to the one who was sitting. Mommy Jane is going to give you a spanking she said.
I could see tears start to form in the eyes of the victim. Over Jane's knee went the baby, then  Mommy
Jane pulled down the babies diaper, exposing her bottom.

       The spanking started. After about twenty smacks, Mommy Jane said I think you need more. and
started to spank her again. The babies bottom was cherry red. She was almost screaming because of the
pain. When Mommy Jane finished, she stood the baby up. This lovely young lady grabbed her bottom and
started jumping around the floor. Jane arose from the chair then came over to me. She said how dare you
wear big boy clothes in here. I should spank you too.
        Instead she said follow me, I was beginning to wonder if I really wanted to stay there, but I did as I
was told. Jane took me to another room. that had a large changing table in it. She told me to take off my
clothes and lie down. Again doing what I was told, a third lady walked in. To my surprise it was the same
girl that had worked in the baby department of the store where I bought the plastic pants. Looking at me
she said "I knew they were for you. You shouldn't tell lies. Jane took off my makeshift diaper. Looking at
me she told me that babies don't have any hair in the diaper area so she would make sure I didn't either.
        Taking some lotion, she spread it all over my crouch and legs. She then went through a door and I
heard her turn on some water. As she re entered the room Jane looked at her watch. She left me for a few
minutes, then escorted me to a bath tub. Saying that all her babies were clean babies she told me to get in.
The water was hot and full of bubbles, but once I had sat down, she went to work. Getting a washcloth,
she started at my head. Wetting down my hair she used baby shampoo on me. Carefully washing me with
baby soap, she said that should do it.

       Telling me to stand up she wrapped me in a towel. Go back to the changing table baby was her next
command. As I was dried, I noticed that all my hair below the waist was gone. She laughed as she said,
yes we do look like a baby now. As I climbed onto the changing table, She laid out a diaper, plastic pants,
lotion and powder. Lying on my back, she proceeded to diaper me just like I was a real baby, Lifting me
by the legs to slide the diaper underneath. She applied lotion, and powder then pinned the diaper. Pulling
on the plastic pants she was very careful to make sure that everything was safely inside them. sitting me
up, she said that I could go play with the other babies.

        I jumped off the table and took a couple of steps when I felt a sharp slap on my bottom. Quickly
turning around, Jane asked what I was doing. Going to play was my response. She said that newborn
babies had to crawl not walk and any further attempt to walk on my part would result in a spanking. She
sounded very firm as she spoke those words, and I had already seen one baby get spanked.
Chapter X
Wanting OUT
          I sheepishly obeyed getting down onto all fours and started to crawl to the play area. The baby that
received the spanking was now sitting in the middle of the floor, so I crawled over to her. She said her
name was Karen, and she was the oldest of the babies that were in residence there. I said that I didn't
understand. She looked at  me kind of funny, then told me that anyone that was admitted to the house, was
there permanently. She added that by now the clothes that I was wearing when I arrived had been
destroyed and if I did leave, I'd leave dressed the way I was. I asked her about Joan's comment about
newborn babies.
        Karen's reply was swift, for the first thirty days I was considered a newborn. A close watch would be
kept on me, and I would be severely punished if I didn't do exactly as I was told. Karen went on to tell me
that the three girls who ran the place were actually into bondage and discipline. In another part of the
house, they had male slaves who took care of their every whim. The babies were there because none of
them had any intention of having a baby for real. So we were elected to fill their needs to be a mother.

        Just then Joan walked in with the other two. All three of them came over to us. Karen was told to
leave the room. As she crawled off, a chill went up my spine. they sat down on the floor next to me. Joan
spoke first telling me that the redhead was mommy Carol and the blond was mommy Kathy. They would
take care of me, and support me as long as I followed the rules.
         1. All babies were required to wear a diaper and plastic pants
         2. The diaper was to be used for it's intended purpose
         3. Any order given by a mommy - must be obeyed without question
         4. All newborns were required to crawl
         5. No baby is allowed to change any other baby
         6. No baby will remove his/her diaper for any reason
         7. Babies were not permitted in any area of the house except the baby areas
         8. No baby is allowed to leave for any reason
         9. Any violation of the rules would be subject to disciplinary action
          She asked if I understood, I said that I did but I couldn't stay there. Joan looked angry, she said that
I needed to be taught a lesson and with that I was plucked from the floor by Carol and Kathy. Joan took
her position in the chair, I was brought over and draped across her knee. Joan patted my bottom, saying
no more outbursts like that would be tolerated. She then said I hope you learn quickly, as she pulled down
my diaper. Using the same paddle, she blistered my bottom.

       Then she pulled up my diaper and told me to sit. As I sat down in front of her, she very calmly said
Do you want to leave now? I couldn't even answer her. I was crying just like a little baby. She looked at
me and said she thought I had learned my lesson. Then all three started checking the diapers on all the
babies. Two of them were wet. the babies were taken to the changing room.

       Karen crawled over to me and told me that Joan didn't even spank me very hard. She said just wait
till you really piss her off. I said I had to get out of there, being forced to babyhood reminded me to much
of my early life and I couldn't take it. Karen said I should be patient, an
opportunity would come but I must be ready to jump on the bandwagon.
Chapter XI
Back to a crib
         The afternoon passed, Karen and I played together with some blocks. We both took turns spelling
out dirty words and best of all, we didn't get caught. Finally dinner time came. All the babies were
required to crawl into the dining area single file. The little boy in front of me had filled his diaper. The
smell turned my stomach and I thought I'd be sick. As we were put into high chairs, the trays were locked
into position.

       Joan, Carol and Kathy walked in with a large tray. a compartmented plate was placed on each chair.
I picked up my spoon but it was knocked free as my hand was slapped by Carol. Newborns aren't allowed
to feedthemselves she said. Asking if talking was permitted got me a slap in the face. She tied a bib
around my neck calling attention to the cute little clowns on the plastic. She said that if I was a very good
boy, maybe she would put plastic pants that had the same design on me. I told her about the other baby
boy and his messy diaper. She just laughed and said that she would tend to him after dinner.
       Carol picked up the spoon and filled it with green stuff from the plate. Putting it into my mouth I
almost gagged. Jerking my head away, I spit it out. Now Now baby she said, this is good for you and you
will eat all of it. Calling to Kathy she said she needed help. Kathy came over and held my head as Carol
spooned the slime in.
        Shortly thereafter we were taken from our chairs one at a time. When it was my turn, I was told to
crawl into the changing room so I could be put into my night diaper. As I was lifted onto the table, and my
diaper removed I couldn't believe what was happening to me. Carol was changing me this time. As she
had earlier stated, she pulled up nursery print plastic pants over the thickest diaper I had ever worn.
       She said that these pants would crackle when I crawled making it easier to find me. Back on the
floor I soon found out that Carol didn't lie. They made a very loud noise if I even moved. She led me to
the sleeping area where they had over size cribs. We were put in the cribs but there was one small catch,
the girls swung a door-like thing across the top of mine and locked it. Kathy walked up to the side of my
crib. Reaching in she patted my bottom saying that the cover was for my own good. Satisfied that all their
babies were safe and sound, the lights were shut off and we all heard the door lock click as the three left.
       As I tried to go to sleep, I just couldn't help thinking about how I had to get out of that place. The
next thing I remember was a hand reaching inside my plastic pants. As I awoke, I saw Kathy standing
over me while she checked my diaper. Naturally I was wet so it was off to the changing room. As she
pinned on the fresh diaper, I noticed that she had left a door open.

        This was my chance and I was going to take it. When she pulled up the plastic pants and stood me
up, I bolted forward. Pushing her out of the way I made a bee line for the door. I made it through the first
one and was unlocking the exit as she yelled for help. The door came open and I was outside in a flash.
running as fast as I could.

       Thank God it was dark, I hid in some bushes for about an hour then slowly made my way back to my
car. Since I no longer had any keys, I knew that I'd have to hot wire it. You have never seen a sight like
that. Here I was working under the hood in nothing but a diaper and plastic pants. I knew that if I was
seen, I'd be arrested for sure. Good luck was with me that night, as the engine roared to life and I drove
away. I even made it home with no problem.
Chapter XII
A Little Whine
           I have never written a story before and as such I hope that it is not mistaken for fiction. Everything
that you have read is true and did indeed happen. At this point I am forty some years old. Yes I am still in
diapers and I wish that more people could understand why. The torment that has plagued me for my entire
life, is here to stay. The final chapter to this story is not here, simply because it has not taken place yet. I
am hoping that some day the book will be closed forever.

        As I grow in age, It is getting harder and harder to discuss my need to be babied. Even more so to
find anyone that will baby me. I know that there are other people out there, who have had similar
experiences, be it real or fantasy. the end result is the same. I just pray that someday there will be an
answer for all of us.
         Thank You for your time,
         Big Baby B.

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