Baby Time Part One
       A true story

        I had been told the best thing to do, would be to treat Mike like the baby he needs to
be to feel safe and get better. To be honest I had never really taken it as far as I should
have, but tonight that was to change.

      The first step was to sit down with Tommy Mike's younger brother, and explain his
part to him. Tommy was to help out with the baby's care, just little things (all a 7 year old
can do) help in changing and dressing the baby. In exchange for this help Tommy would
see an increase in his weekly allowance.

     Tommy was a little nervous about caring for his 15 year old "baby brother" after all
Mike was twice his age, even if he wasn't acting that way, but Tommy was willing to do it.
Just to see how things would go, I sent Tommy in to try to change Mike, and I watched
from the hallway to see what would happen.

     Tommy quietly and nervously walked up to Mike's crib and lowered the rail. Without
saying a word he climbed up on the edge of the bed and started to unsnap the legs and
crotch of Mike's sleeper. "What are you doing?" Mike asked surprised with Tommy's
presence. "Mom said I should change your diaper." Tommy said matter of fact.

    Mike looked like he was about to yell for me when Tommy added "and if you complain
I have to spank you, and if you try to stop me, mom will spank you!" Mike closed his
mouth and laid back deciding not to get himself into trouble.

    Tommy finished unsnapping the sleeper and went on with his work. He undid the
tapes on Mike's wet disposable diaper, and Mike instinctively raised his butt up so
Tommy could slide out the wet diaper. With a surprising amount of skill (I guess from
watching me) Tommy rolled the diaper up and taped it shut tossing it across the room to
the trash can.

     Tommy then got down off the bed, got a clean diaper and the tub of baby wipes from
the dresser, and returned to his work once more. He carefully wiped Mike clean and slid
the fresh diaper under him. He was just about to tape it when he stopped, and got back
off the bed, remembering that he needed to powder Mike before closing the diaper.

      Finally finished Tommy snapped Mike's sleeper back in place, got down from the
bed, and raised the side gate back up locking Mike in. Mike went back to watching TV as
Tommy put the tub of wipes and powder back on the dresser and left the room.

    Baby Time Part Two
    Bath and Bed Time

       Lowering the side of the crib as I turn off the TV with the remote. "Mikey, come on,
It's time for your bath." Mike was a little surprised to be getting his bath so early, but he
didn't say anything.

        Mike walked in front of me to the bathroom, being led by my hand on his shoulder.
Once in the bathroom, I started the water running, and sat on the toilet cover (you know
the fuzzy pink one) With Mike standing in front of me, I unzipped his sleeper, and let it
drop to his ankles.

       Next I untapped his diaper, throwing it in the trash can. Mike put his hands on my
shoulder for support as he stepped out of his sleeper. I helped Mike into the tub with a
playful slap to his now naked backside.

      Mike is used to being given a bath by now, in fact he not only likes it, but requested
it. I did a thorough job of cleaning him from head to toe, including between his toes, and
even cleaning under the skin of his penis.

    Since it is still a little early I allow Mike to just sit and play in the tub for 5 minutes
before getting him out and drying him off. Wrapped in a towel, Mike and I walk back to his
room, where Tommy is waiting to dress him for bed. I leave Tommy to do his work and go
down to the kitchen to get him his bedtime bottle.

     I return with the warm bottle, and find Mike already diapered and in a clean sleeper
ready for bed. I sent Tommy to go get ready for his bath, while I tuck Mike in for the night.
"Mom did I do something bad?" Mike asked surprised by his early bedtime. "No honey,
you weren't bad, Daddy and I just decided that little boys need their rest, and a regular
bedtime routine. "

      Mike replied with a simple "Oh" I finished tucking Mike in, said my goodnight, and
left the room at exactly 8pm (his new bedtime), turning off the light as I left. I knew I
would be back, to do some net surfing on the family computer which is in his bedroom so
I can be near him, but I wanted to get Tommy ready for bed, and give Mike time to fall

     Tommy is easier to get ready for bed. I ran his bath water for him, and left him to
bathe. At 8:15 I went to Tommy's room, and found him playing Nintendo in the nude (a
new sport?), waiting for me to get him ready for bed, and hoping to finish level 7 of Super
Mario World. I let him finish, then had him shut off the system and get in bed.

      With tommy in bed, I went to his dresser and got a thick nighttime cloth diaper a pair
of blue diaper pins and a pair of clear plastic pants. Tommy (who has no bladdercontrol
due to physical injury) prefers cloth diapers, where

       Mike (no bladder control due to medical reasons) prefers disposable. I diapered
Tommy, and let him pick out his PJs for the night. It was no surprise to me that he picked
his Mighty Morphin Power Rangers PJs. Tommy put his PJs on, and got under the covers
of his twin bed. I gave Tommy a kiss on the forehead, as he rolled over on his side and
went to bed at his normal bedtime of 8:30. For the first time in a long time, both boys are
in bed at a reasonable time, giving me the time to write this part of the continuing true
story of My sons.

     Baby Time Part Three
     Late Night Feeding

     Quietly I slip into his room, and silently lower the rail on his crib. My mission: To
change his diaper and leave without waking him. Slowly and quietly I unsnap each of the
snaps on the inside legs and crotch of his sleeper. He fidgets a little as I untape his
diaper, but he doesn't awaken.

       Gently I wipe his genitals clean, and sprinkle powder on him. Methodically I re-snap
the snaps of his sleeper, and cover him with his blankly. Backing away, I raise the side
rail of the crib until, I hear the locking "click".

       Mike starts to move around at the sound of the click, and his eyes slowly opened, so
close I came to not waking him, but now he is up and cranky. "sh .hhh, quiet little one, I'll
get you a nice bottle of juice, I'll be right back."

      Having lost my battle, I tip toe quietly downstairs (in an attempt not to awaken
Tommy) fill a clean bottle with some apple juice, and bring it to my baby. Again Lowering
the crib rail, I sat against the back of the crib, with Mike laying in my lap. I gently rub his
shoulders as he drinks from his bottle.

       A few minutes later, he is asleep again, with the half empty bottle dangling from his
mouth. Ever so softly I lift Mike up and slide out from under him, laying him down on his
pillow. I laid his bottle at his side in case he wakes again in the night. I raise the side
again, but this time he does not wake. Taking a moment to just look at my little angel
laying there in slumber, I excuse myself from the room, and finally after a long day put
myself to bed.

                                       COPIED FROM STORY ARCHIVE

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