Michael had just turned thirteen. He was pretty smart, or at least that is the way he
acted. He knew all about everything. Then again, doesn't every thirteen year old? Tommy
was the younger of the two boys in the family. Still, at twelve he stood up for himself
pretty good whenever Michael teased him. Most of the time.

    Both boys had been pushing each other trying to prove who was the man of the
house. It was hard on them when dad died and in a way it was their way of getting over it.
Mom let them settle most of their own fights and arguments. When she did step in though
it was only after she had warned them to settle it "or else". That also meant that they were
both in big trouble when she did have to take action. It also meant that neither of the two
boys would be rushing to sit down in the near future.

     Mom always settled their disagreements and fighting with a paddle telling both of
them that if they had to behave like little boys then she would treat them like little boys.
Tommy had spent most of the day pouting and crying. Every chance that he got though,
Michael took the opportunity to tease his "BABY" brother. Mom had even warned Michael
a couple of times to knock it off and leave Tommy alone.

     Tommy had started wetting the bed at night. At first it was just once in a while. As
time went on though it began happening every night. Mom had taken him to the doctor
but they couldn't find anything wrong. The Doctor told them that it happens to a lot of
boys. He even suggested that it happens to most boys and reassured them that it would

     So far it had not passed. They tried all the tricks that others had advised them to try.
Nothing worked. Mom had decided that even though the rubber sheet protected Tommy's
bed, the sheets and blankets still got worn out to quickly form daily washings. Her
solution was one that Tommy was not thrilled with. It was also the reason that Michael
was teasing him so much today.

     Starting tonight, before bed, mom was going to put a diaper on Tommy. They had
discussed it and reasoned it out. It made sense for him to wear a diaper. They were
cheaper than sheets and blankets. Tommy just hated the idea of looking like a baby. It
wasn't his fault and he was not a baby!

     Mom had warned Michael several times that day not to tease Tommy. After this last
time though, she decided to teach him a lesson that he would not forget. "He thinks it so
funny" she thought to herself. She'll teach him good.

       It was a cold and snowy, Friday night. Mom wasn't about to let either of the boys go
out in weather like that so they made plans to just stay home and watch movies and eat

       At 7:30 she told Tommy to go take his bath so he could get dressed for bed. Yeah, it
was a little early, but they were going to be sitting around and she didn't want to wait
until later when they were tired.

        Tommy went and took a shower. He dried himself off and wrapped a towel around
his waist and called to his mother that he was out of the shower and went to his room to
wait. Both mom and Michael came in. Tommy laid back on the bed as his mom powdered
and diapered him without saying much and getting it done as quickly as possible.
Michael made a comment about his brother looking like a baby and asking if he wanted a
bottle too. Mom scolded him again and sent Michael to take his shower and he could get
ready for bed as well.

       Michael stomped off pouting and went to do as he was told. Mom help Tommy into
his pajamas and they talked for a few moments about that he was not a baby and why
they were using the diapers. She also told Tommy that Michael's teasing would be put to
and end in just a short while. She also assured Tommy that if he would be a good boy
then he could help take care of his baby brother.

        Tommy prepared a few things that his mother told him to do as she went to go get
Michael. Michael had just finished his shower and shut the water off when his mother
came into the bathroom. As he reached for a towel mom pulled it away. "You won't be
needing that yet!" She told him as she grabbed the naked boy by his ear to lead him to
the bedroom.

         Michael had no choice but to follow on his tip-toes. Embarrassed about being
pulled through the house naked, he was more worried about saving his ear. "OWWW!
MOM! MOMMY! Please, my ear!!" Mom slapped the boy's bare behind with her hand pretty
hard and took him by the arm warning him not to give her any trouble. When they got to
the bedroom, Tommy was just turning his desk chair around for mom to sit in. Which she
promptly did and pulled her teenaged son across her lap and effectively putting him over
her knee like a little boy.

       Mom wasted no time. She began spanking Michael with her hand as she scolded him
for all his teasing and for acting like a brat and stomping off and pouting when he was
told to take his shower.

         Michael spent the next five minutes receiving parental correction and an attitude
adjustment from his mother's hand! His behind, which started out nice and white, quickly
turned pink and then red. From the way he was carrying on and crying, mom knew that
the message was getting across.

     With the spanking over, mom held Michael over her knee and told Tommy to bring her
the paddle. Not to use it but so it would be handy in case she needed it. Michael was told
that the spanking was just the first part of his punishment. Since he thought that it was
so funny that Tommy had to wear a diaper to bed at night and liked to make fun of him,
that the second part of his punishment would be to spend the weekend in diapers himself
just like a little baby. Maybe then he would know what it was like and would not tease his
brother any more.

      Michael was stood up in front of his mother as she picked up the towel and dried him
off. Even making sure that his hair was dry. "Lay down on the bed Michael." His mother
told him. "Mom? Do you really have to do this? I'm really sorry. I'll never tease Tommy
again. Please mom?" Michael tried to get out of this punishment.

     "Tommy, give me the paddle." The boys mother told him as she reached up to pull
Michael back over her knee. Michael pulled away and backed up to the bed as Tommy
handed the paddle to his mother. "I'll do it Mom! I was just asking!" Michael sat down on
the edge of the bed, his hands grabbing his bottom to protect it and sitting on his hands.
He laid back on the bed.

     "Michael, I am only going to tell you once. Turn over and move your hands." She
stood over him. Michael did as he was told rather slowly. "Mommy PLEASE! Don't! I'm
sorry! I was just asking! Mommy PLEASE!" Michael's pleading did little good. Mom
brought the paddle down smartly with two loud smacks! Michael howled out in pain. She
handed the paddle back to Tommy to put away.

        Taking hold of Michael by his upper leg, his mother rolled him over onto his back.
She warned him not to hesitate obeying her again or there would be at least a dozen more
with the paddle just like the last two.

        Mom sat Michael up and pulled a t-shirt over his head. Then she laid him back
down. Tommy had pulled the cloth diapers from the diaper warmer and prepared them for
mom to put on Michael. Mom took hold of Michael's legs and pushed them high up in the
air. High enough at least for her to slide the diapers under his bottom.

      Mom set his legs down and spread them wide as she did. Tommy sprinkled, or
maybe dumped is a better description, baby powder all over his brother's crotch. Mom
told him not so much next time as she rubbed it in and spread the powder around, lifting
the boy's legs and rubbing the powder over his bottom as well. When she was satisfied
that it was spread enough and that her son was embarrassed enough being treated by his
mother this way, she set his legs down again and pulled the diapers up and pinned them
snugly around his waist and pinning them to his shirt to help keep the diapers from
falling off.

       All this time Michael had been laying there just doing as he was told with tears
running from his eyes. How could he have ever have been so stupid as to get himself into
this position. He only meant to tease his brother a little. He never meant to hurt him. It
didn't matter that he was sorry. Mom wasn't listening to him. He just kept telling mom and
Tommy that he was sorry. He would do what ever he was told and get through this. He
knew that he hadpushed mom too far this time and had really hurt Tommy.

         Mom sat Michael up on the edge of the bed. Taking one hand at a time she slipped
a pair of mittens onto his hands and tied the loosely around his wrists so they couldn't
come off. Michael just let it happen. When they were on he tried to pick up a pencil and
could even do that.

         Next mom slipped a pair of rubber baby pants, actually they were plastic, on
Michael and pulled them up over his diaper. "Mommy? I'm not arguing and I don't want to
be spanked again. Can I ask a question?" "Sure Honey."

    "How come I have to wear these baby pants and Tommy doesn't?"  "That's a fair
question. Because Tommy only wets his bed at night. If he has to go to the bathroom
before bed, he can pull his diaper down and go."  "Can't I?" Michael didn't like this.

     "No Michael, You may not! Since you were behaving like a baby and teasing Tommy
about being a baby, this week-end you are going to be the baby. You may not do
anything with out permission. You are going to have to use your diapers as well so you
are reminded what it is like to be a baby." Michael knew that there would be no use discussing it more. He just made up his mind that he would 'hold it' for the week-end and not use the diaper.

     As they talked, mom had slipped a pair of his old short pajama pants on him that he
hadn't seen in years. They were the ones with the little trains on them. Mom then put a
pair of big blue bunny slippers on his feet. She sat him up and then put a velcro strap
around his arm just above his elbow. As she fastened the cloth strap behind his back and
attached the other velcro end to his other arm in the same manner. She explained that
this would make him a little more helpless and dependant like a baby since he would not
have the full use of his arms. It would also help because she was not going to put up with
his fighting this and didn't want to have to paddle him every five minutes either.

       Tommy stood by handing things to mom and helping her as Michael let himself be
dressed. Mom tied a bib around Michael's neck with little turtles on it just in case he
drooled :) or spilled something while watching the movies tonight. Almost complete,
mom dropped a pacifier tied to a blue ribbon around his neck. Michael opened his mouth
to complain but thought better of it.

      Just one more thing now, mom told Michael. Tommy handed it to her and she tied a
blue baby bonnet over Michael's head. Not to keep him warm or anything. It just made
him look much more like a little baby.

         Mom stood Michael up and moved him in front of the mirror. She turned him around
and showed him off she Michael could see what he looked like. Michael looked and more
tears came to his eyes.  "Mommy, I'm not a baby! I'm so sorry Tommy! I'm sorry Mommy!"

       "If you behave and not give me or Tommy any trouble this week end then you won't
have to be a baby any more."  "I'll be good Mommy! I promise I'll be good!"  "Good Boy

    Mom put her arm around her teen aged baby son to take him to the living room to
watch the movies. "Tommy, that should do it. You can shut off the tape now." Michael's
eyes got big as he spun around and looked around the room. There was the camera!
Everything had been taped!

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