It was a little past three am on a spring night. I was ten years old and awoke like I
had on many nights, lying in a cold wet bed. I quietly tried to change my bedding, not
wanting to wake up my two year old cousin Joey. Soon, however, he began to stir and
finally called out for his mom, aunt Karen. Aunt Karen soon entered our room with a
bottle for Joey, and asked 'need some help'. Together, we remade my bed and after a
quick visit to the bathroom, I was back in bed. I watched as she changed Joey's wet
diapers, remembering the last time I had worn a diaper.

         Before aunt Karen moved in with us a few months earlier, I stayed at my grandmas,
when mom needed an overnight sitter. Grandma was usually watching a few of my
cousins anyway, so one more wasn't a problem. Grandma had her own way of handling
bedwetting kids, like me. She simply diapered those at bedtime that might wet. I wasn't
the only one, but I was the oldest. It was always embarrassing to be put in diapers in
front of my cousins that were younger and didn't need them. Even worse was sleeping in
the same bed with them, while wearing only a diaper. In spite of the embarrassment, I
found it much nicer waking up in wet diapers as opposed to a wet bed.

         Now that aunt Karen lived with us, I rarely stayed at grandma's. Aunt Karen took
care of things at home so mom could work. She also took care of my bed wetting
cleanup, and never got upset with me when I woke up in the middle of the night soaked.
After while, I found myself wishing that she would make me sleep in diapers. I watched
with envy, as she changed Joey after remaking my bed. By the time Joey had finished his
bottle, he usually had a load of poop in his diapers. I would fall asleep to the smell of
poopie diapers and dream that I was the one wearing them.

        After many nights like this, I was obsessed with the thought of being in diapers. It
wasn't long before I began trying them on when I was home alone. I loved how babyish I
felt wearing diapers, and how naughty it was sneaking them. Finally, one night, I was
laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and kept thinking about diapers. I couldn't resist any
longer, so I got out of bed and grabbed some diapers, pins and plastic pants. Then I got
back in bed and diapered myself. I was both nervous and excited being in diapers with
everyone home. I played with myself through my diapers for awhile, dreaming that I wore
them all the time, until I came in my diapers. Then, I drifted off to sleep.

        About three am I awoke to aunt Karen changing Joey She just finished putting
plastic pants over his fresh diaper. Then she turned to me and asked if I had wet. Still half
asleep, I was unsure and slipped my hand under the sheet to check. As my hand brushed
across my plastic pants, I remembered that I was in diapers. when I said I wasn't wet she
said good, get up and go potty, and pulled back my covers. I had been caught, she stared
for a second not knowing what to say. Then she touched my diapers as if to convince
herself that I was really in diapers. Then she asked if this was my idea, and I said yes. She
thought for a second and said that it was probably a good idea. Then she slipped her
hand inside of my plastic pants and said you're soaked. I said I am, and she said you
didn't notice? I nodded no and she said is it better then waking up in a wet bed. I said
yes, much better.

        Then to my complete surprise and delight, She began to change my diapers. She
told me that she would talk to mom and see if I could wear diapers to bed if I wanted. I
couldn't say yes fast enough. Soon I was in fresh diapers and plastic pants and she said
good night. The next day, I awoke in a dry diaper. I had to feel it a few times to make sure
it had not been a dream. Then I felt the need to go pee, and relaxed my bladder letting go
in my diapers. Soon I began playing with myself through my diapers until I came in them.
Then I got out of bed and slipped out of my wet diapers, and put them in the diaper pale.

         Later that day, aunt Karen talked to mom and mom called me in to discuss it. She
said aunt Karen had told her that I had been secretly sleeping in diapers because of my
bed wetting. I admitted that I had and she said you should have told me about this. I
would have let you sleep in diapers along time ago if I knew you wanted to. I said I was
embarrassed to talk about it. She said if that was what I wanted to do, then it was okay
with her.

       All day long I looked forward to bedtime and being put in diapers. When the time
finally arrived, aunt Karen told mom that she didn't mind helping me get diapered, since
she was used to diapering Joey anyway. I laid on my bed and got diapered right after
Joey and aunt Karen then made me go say goodnight to mom. She giggled when she saw
me and gave me a hug and a pat on my diaper. Then I went to bed, like a big baby.

        Over the next few weeks everyone got used to me wearing diapers at night again.
Aunt Karen it seemed could tell just how much I loved being in diapers. She seemed to
get a kick out of diapering me too! By now, we had a regular routine. I took a bath an hour
before bedtime and once I was finished she diapered me for bed. This left me with about
45 minutes till bedtime to romp around the house wearing nothing but a diaper.

         After the first month of being a bedtime baby, I was completely addicted to wearing
diapers and knew then that I would never want to stop. I even wore them during the day
whenever I could get away with it. The only thing that I still just fantasized about was
going poop in my diapers. Each morning, I awoke to the smell of Joey's poopie diapers
and could only imagine what it would feel like. The whole idea made me hot, and I played with myself as I fantasized.

        It wasn't long before I got too live out my fantasy. I wasn't feeling well one morning
when I woke up and Aunt Karen decided that I needed rest. She said she wanted me to lay
down and take it easy till I felt better. I asked if I could lay down in the living room and
watch TV, and she said okay. I went to the living room and she brought my pillow and
blanket. Then she said 'you need to get out of those wet diapers'. I said 'what if I fall
asleep and have an accident?', and she said don't worry, Aunt Karen is gonna keep her
big baby in diapers all day. With that said, she retrieved some fresh diapers and changed
me on the floor in the living room.

         I loved being babied and she could tell, she said "now you lay down and rest, and
Aunt Karen will take care of you." I asked "what if I gotta go to the bathroom?" She said
'that's what your diapers are for silly'. That's what I wanted to hear, I had needed to go
poop since I woke up. I waited awhile till she was doing things around the house then my
big moment arrived. I rolled over on my tummy and pushed a little, and soon I felt my
poop pushing its way in to my diapers. I was in heaven as I laid there like a baby filling
my diapers with poop. I couldn't believe how great it felt going poop in my diaper, and
acting like a two year old. I couldn't wait for Aunt Karen to notice what I had done.

        When she came by after a while she noticed the smell, and had a big smile on her
face. she took a quick peek in the back of my diaper and said ' you are such a baby' then
went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle for me. I gladly accepted it and started
nursing it, while she again examined my mess. She said , I'd better wait awhile just in
case you're not done. I remained in my poopie diapers until lunch time when Aunt Karen
changed me, carefully cleaning my messy behind like a babies.

         While she changed me, Aunt Karen told me that she thought it was cute that I
enjoyed being a big baby, but recommended that I not try this (pooping) around mom.
She said that it would also be a good idea if I appeared sick still when mom got home
since I was wearing a diaper in the middle of the day. I took her advice and pretended to
be asleep when mom got home while Aunt Karen explained that I had been sick and
resting all day. Mom said 'he sure seems comfortable with being in diapers'. Aunt Karen

          That night at bed time Aunt Karen seemed to sense what was to come. She
diapered me for bed, this time applying Vaseline to my bottom, and baby powder. She
also sneaked me a baby bottle of milk and said good night. After about ten minutes I
began pooping in my diapers as I nursed my bottle.

          Then I began masturbating in my messy diapers. When morning came Aunt Karen
found her other big baby with a rather large load in his pee soaked diapers. She felt the
bulge and then smooshed in down with her hand, Making my mess even messier.

                                        COPIED FROM STORY ARCHIVE

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