Spankings are embarrassing enough, but how must they feel after dirtying our pants
like little babies? Mark shares on this very subject . . .

       I was around seven years old and I had been bored all day. My mom asked if I
wanted to go to the store. I told her "yeah" and we hopped in the car. There was a long
stretch of country between our house and the store we were going to, and it would be
hours before we saw much of anything again, so my mom asked me if I needed to use the
bathroom. I told her I would be all right.

       Not 15 minutes into the trip I had to pee. I held it for another 15 minutes or so until it
got bad. "Mom, I gotta pee bad!" She obviously scolded me for not going at home, but
she stopped and let me pee in some bushes. When I got back in the car she promised a
good spanking if I pulled another stunt like that.

      An hour or so later my stomach started hurting. I had to poop now. I held it as best I
could, but eventually it started to hurt really bad. I told my mom I had to go but she
threatened to stop the car and put me over her knee, so I tried to hold it longer. "Please
mommy, it hurts!" I couldn't hold it much longer. "We'll be there in a few minutes, Mark."
A few minutes weren't long enough, and I soiled my drawers for the first time since I was
a baby. I remember it squishing in my underpants.

       Needless to say, my mom was furious. As soon as we got into town she stopped at a
store, marched me into the bathroom and took my clothes off. She threw my undies away,
and then my shorts, as both were soiled badly. She stood there as I finished pooping,
waited for me to wipe my butt, then I was over her knee faster than I could protest. She
whacked my butt good and hard till I cried. She let me up to rub my bottom and told me
to stay there.

     She went back to the store and came back with a big diaper. "What are you gonna do
with that?" I asked, as I cried. I knew the answer, and there was nothing else for me to
wear, but I backed away as she tried to put it on me. She started fuming and grabbed me
by the shirt and bent me over the toilet and proceeded to spank my butt till I was
screaming. The whacks burned and I begged her to stop and told her that I would wear
the diaper. She spanked me a few hard times more, then put the diaper on me.

        I saw friends later and they never stopped teasing me about it, and I made quite a
few scenes, ensuring further punishment. On the way home, my mother pulled over next
to some woods. She went into the trees and came back with a switch. She told me to take
my diaper off and get out the car, and that I was gonna be switched. I was crying as I got
out of the car, and wailing as she bent me over the hood.

       The hot metal stung my privates and the switch quickly burned my backside. All I
could do was scream and beg as she brought the switch down a good 20 times, leaving
marks on my bottom with each whack. I couldn't sit down in my seat and I cried the whole
ride home, and as if that wasn't enough I got a huge spanking from my father after he got
home and he made me apologize to my mom. I remember I had marks on my butt that
didn't fully heal for days and couldn't sit without the sting coming back. I was a good boy
for months after that.

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