Like most all of the visitors to this site, I am an ADBL. My reason for being an ABDL, is that it is "just the way that I am", due to my childhood & teen years, as a CHRONIC BEDWETTER. My parents were understanding (especially my dad, since he had the same problem in his youth), & they took a logical & practical approach to my bedwetting, by keeping a plastic sheet on my bed, to protect my mattress and having me wear a cloth diaper & plastic pants every night to protect my bedding.

This was in the 1950's & 1960's, before disposable diapers
were available. Wearing a diaper & plastic pants was very embarrassing, especially when my 2 sisters teased me. If they were caught, they were made to wear a cloth diaper & plastic pants, even though they were not bedwetters, so they teased me only when my parents were not close by.

I agreed with my parents reasoning that it was best for me, to continue to wear a diaper & plastic pants, since it would keep my bedding dry. If I had wet & stinky bedding, my mother would only do laundry twice per week; thus I would have to air out the bedding, to dry and my room would stink.

My friends would find out that I was a bedwetter (which I tried to hide from them) if they smelled stinky bedding, thus wearing my diaper & plastic pants helped me keep it a secret. Occasionally, a friend would find out, when visiting, and we were in my bedroom playing, either by them noticing the plastic sheet, or if I had an occasional leak onto my bedding, from the leg or waist of my plastic pants.

Since they were my friends, they didn't tease me, but a couple of times a friend would bring another friend of theirs, who I had not met before, or barely knew. The friend-of-a-friend would tease me and tell other kids at school who would tease me. Thus, my bedwetting was a closely guarded secret.

My mother sometimes became very frustrated that I continued to wet, & made me hang out my stinky wet sheets to dry, on the clothes line. This also happened during our frequent summer camping trips, as my sheets had to dry out during the day. I was very embarrassed to hang up the sheets, especially in a campground, where it felt like I was putting up a billboard saying that I was a bedwetter.

Thus, I also wore my diaper & plastic pants on camping trips, and only had an occasional leak onto my sheets. Sometimes my mother insisted on changing my diaper & applying baby powder, as she did a more thorough job of cleaning my bottom, than I did. She insisted on inspecting for "diaper rash", at least twice per month even during my teen years (& changing me during each inspection).

She occasionally became very frustrated at my piles of stinky laundry, which she had to clean. She often tried to shame me into stopping my bedwetting (not understanding that I just could not help it) by making me wear nothing but my diaper & plastic pants while making me hang the wet sheets to dry on the outside clothesline. I was afraid that a neighbor would see me (they occasionally did)!

She made me put on my diaper & plastic pants an hour before I went to bed, to shame me by having me wearing it in the living room. She meant well, as she just wanted me to stop wetting, but her actions caused me to be what I am today - an adult, who is an  ABDL.

                      Written by: JACK

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