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I am a 16 year old girl that has a bad time respecting my authority figures. When I was at school I slept the whole time there and I got F's in all my classes. When somebody woke me up I cussed them out. I slept at school because I never slept at night. I was always either flirting with boys or talking on the phone.

I was in the principles office a lot and my parents was called to the school to pick me up everytime I got wrote up on a referral. My mom and dad usually punished me by taking my drivers licence away for a week for everytime they was called to chat with me at school. I usually took rides from friends so that did not bother me much.

My parents searched the web for ways to punish kids and they found one that would work so they thought. They tried it on me after my next write up and was sent home. I was told to take a shower. That's when they removed my clothes from my closet and put bags of diapers in there.

When I screamed "What's going on" after seeing my cloths gone my mother came in my room and said "Babies misbehave and always never listen to their elders and you fit that description". Then my mom said "If you don't put that diaper on yourself I will for you, and I won't be nice."

I tried to fight and she called my dad in the room. He held me down while my mom diapered me. She put powder and baby oil on me and pull the tape and fastened it in place. Then she made me step into some plastic pants. She said after I had that on I was going to spend 2 months like that.

Then she said "I hope your buds have a good laugh at you baby girl when they come over today. And your gonna be diapered 24/7 and that means you wear them to school and anywhere you go under your cloths". I cried my heart out the whole time she was talking to me. I was begging for mercy but she showed me none. Then she told me I lost my bathroom privileges for that time as well.

I hit my parents right then and there. Then I screamed "No way I was going to mess myself in a diaper". They laughed at me because it was cute to them in some icky kind of way. I then ran to my room to head to bed early trying to end the worst day of my life as soon as possible. I locked myself in and I fell asleep.

I was woken up about 4 hours later because my buds came over and my mom made me go down stairs. I saw my buds in the living room. When they saw me they laughed and I cried and just fell to me knees in defeat right there because I lost all my dignity and all my respect for myself. I just sat there crying.

Then I wet my diaper because of the shame. It just slipped out and I had to go before I came down stairs. They saw the diaper turn yellow near my crotch and they said "She wet herself. What a baby". I just hung my head in shame and wished this would end soon.

I cried the entire time my buds were there. They called me all sorts of mean names like diapered brat and poop sitter. It hurt me a lot hearing that from my friends. Then I thought it could not get worse but it did.

My dad put laxitives in some baby food that he made me eat. It was crushed pees and carrots and it tasted awful. My buds watched them feed it to me. Then they watched me poop my already wet diaper. In a way, I liked the feeling of the diaper and it made me feel secure and safe. And made me remember how I felt when I was young. I loved that feeling, but I hid that from everybody.

The next day they bought me a crib to sleep in and a playpen to watch tv in. I can only watch babyish shows they said. I hated that so bad. Then I saw my favorite cartoon when I was little. It was Dragon Tales. Then I watched that entire show pretending to hate it. After the show my parents said "Was it good?" I talked like a baby and I said "Ya I did mommy ." Then she said "How cute my pretty little girl".

Then I said "Can I have my bottle? I thirsty." Then she smiled because she known that I was a baby on the inside and she saw that. I was no longer crying about wearing diapers or being treated like a baby. It seemed like I wanted this for a long time from deep down in me. I did not care about mean people giving me trouble at school about me in diapers.

My parents at home gave me all the love and respect I wanted. I did not care about any friends unless my dad or mom said it was ok to play with them. From that day on I was their little girl they said and kissed me on my forhead and then the I fell asleep. It was late.

They tucked me in my crib and I slept peacfuly through the night. I was happy to be a baby again in a way that I could not explain. It made me feel good. So I will always let it continue to me and I will always be a little girl.

In a way, my parents helped me. They made me find a part of myself that was hidden behind the tuff girl image and I thank them for that. I love them so much. I cry about the times I ran away or misbehaved to them. I vowed to myself to never do that again. I will be a good baby girl for the rest of my life.

Written By: Derrick
E-Mail: dare2stare@live.com