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I am 22 years old live at home with my mom and wet the bed 4 or 5 times a week. my mom keeps a rubber sheet over my mattress and i sleep under another so when i wet i am soaked. my mom started spanking me at 10 for wetting and i am still getting them. this morning was typical. mom wakes me up at 6:30 pulls the sheet back and i am half asleep in a puddle of pee my underware is soaked. mom tells me to get up and go to her room.

As I head down the hall mom walks behind me smacking my wet bottom with her hand. when we get to her bedroom she takes off her pj bottom's so they won't get wet and sits at her vanity. she picks up a wooded hairbrush and pulls me over her knee i am 6 2 but she is as tall as me and works out every day so she holds me over her lap with ease. she then starts spanking and scolding me the spanks shake the pee off my underpants i can feel it hit my waving ankles.

In a few minutes i am crying just like when i was ten but mom spanks harder. all the squirming and bouncing on her lap along with the pain produces a erection but mom keeps spanking for a full 20 minutes. at last she stops and i get up my penis is sticking straight out in my underwear mom says she can hang a coat it but at least today i did not have a accident on her lap.

After the spanking mom tells me to take a shower and get ready for school. Now you may think i get embarassed when my mom spanks me like this but i don't i have gotten so many over the years i am used to it. But when i have a accident and wet my pants and get spanked in public i am embarassed. its happened more then a few times over the years the last time was in october last year.

Mom and i went on a picnic at a park with a river i did not think we would be there all that long so i had 3 pops with lunch and 2 more after. now this park has no restrooms so i wanted to head home as soon as we finished eating but mom wanted to
read, after 15 minutes i asked her to go, she refused. In 15 more i was getting desperate but mom said hold it or else, 5 minutes later i had to go and i wet my pants my jeans tuned dark in my crotch then hips then butt mom smiled and kept reading. 20 minutes later i had to go even worse i laid down on my back and wet again this time it came out so strong it was like a fountian pouring out of my crotch.

I was soaked mom picked up the small round breadboard she used to cut our sandwiches and after brushing off the crumbs stood up and told me to stand she walked over and held my arm and gave me 10 hard spanks on my wet jeans. this was not to hurt me but to get the attention of the people around us and it worked they stood and followed as mom pulled me 30 feet to the nearest bench. she pulled my jeans down to my ankles and began scolding me to give the crowd time to grow it worked in 5 minutes there must have been 30 men woman and teenagers in a semi circle around us and that was not the
only thing to grow as she scolded me about being a naughty boy who needed a spanking i got a huge erection.

At last she put me over her knee and spanked me good in minutes i had kicked my jeans off and the crowd was cheering her on and clapping she spanked harder and faster after ten minutes i had a accident on her lap she always knows when i do that and she really lets me have it at the end i sound more like a 5 year old not a 21 year old. when its over i get up and keeping my head down pick up my jeans but mom did not let me put
them on.

Instead we walked thru the crowd still clapping and laughing back to the picnic sight mom gives me the basket and holds the blanket and tells me to carry my jeans backto the car. we walk all the way thru the park for 10 minutes me in my wet underpants crying mom behind me spanking my bottom all they way to the car.

When we get to the car i have to ride home in my underwear everyone who looks in can see when we get home mom does not park in the garage but in the street i hope no one sees me going up the walk. once we get in mom tells me to go up stairs i am to get another spanking after dinner for the accident on her lap. now that is embarassing. i have many more stories and will write again

Written By:  Michael