My story begins in a barber shop. 1 day I went with my nanna to go get a hair cut. I am incontinent and I couldn't control my bowel movements every now and then. so my mom got tired of washing poop filled underwear and she got really mad so she went to the store and bought a huge pack of super absorbent huggie diaper looks a lot like bulky diapers.

She said that since you poop in your pants your going to wear diapers and I'll change you will not be able yo use the toilet any more. I'm going to the store again to buy so more cloths and a new bed for my baby who will wear diapers until you are potty trained again. And I will send out for youth size changing table and go on E-Bay to buy you some nappies youth size. Baby I wont be gone long.

3hrs later she comes home with a crib, diapers, baby wipes, pacifiers, cloths, restraints, bibs and a baby monitor. 1hr later my room has been cleaned out. All that is in my room is a crib a changing table, mountains of diapers and baby toys.

My mom said also I called the school and switch you in the special ED class and I also bought stroller for my little poohpoo baby. 1 year has gone by. today I still wear diapers and am still in special ED class. My mom say that I'm not 14 teen any more I'm 3 and I am a special ED baby. 

                           .THE END. 

                      written by: Zach

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