At age 9 I was a chronic bedwetter. My parents provided cloth diapers & plastic pants (this was before disposables were available) and left it up to me, if I would wear them. If I did not, I had soaking wet bedding (I had a plastic sheet, under my regular bottom sheet) & my room stank.

Any friend visiting would know I was a bedwetter (from the smell) and I feared that word would spread. Thus, I wore my diaper & plastic pants every night to keep my bedding clean (and keep my wetting a secret). My mother would only launder my bedding once a week thus if I did not wear a diaper & plastic pants, I would be sleeping in very stinky bedding!

Occasionally I would still leak but most of the time, my diaper would do the job, since my mother would wake me up once every night, & help me get into a clean diaper & plastic pants. She let my put on my diaper while insisting that she check it, often refastening the pins to be sure it was on snugly.

One hot summer night just after I got into bed, at about 10:15 PM my mother came in & said: "We decided to go to the Dairy Queen, for ice cream cones. You don't have time to get dressed as they close at 11 PM. Just put your bathrobe on, & get in the car hurry!" I lived in a small town, & the DQ was the only fast food place in town.

As I got into the back seat, my older sister snickered knowing that I was wearing my diaper & plastic pants under my bathrobe. Drive-in style was in vogue with teenage girls coming out to each car, to take & deliver orders. My older sister insisted on a milkshake, which my parents said "ok" to.

As my mom handed the milkshake over her shoulder, from the front seat, my sister managed to spill it all over my bathrobe! My mom said: "Give me your bathrobe, now. I need to clean it off"! She had a towell under her front passenger seat, for spills. After she cleaned it off, she put it on the dashboard & told my dad to turn on the defrost, to dry it out.

Meanwhile, they ordered another milkshake for my sister. I sat in the back seat, licking my cone (wearing nothing but my cloth diaper & plastic pants), as the teen girl waitress returned, with my sister's milkshake. I was afraid that someone who knew us (this being a small town) would come over to our car, and see me in my diaper & plastic pants.

Fortunately this did not happen, as I sat in fear that it would! When the teen girl waitress returned with my sister's replacement milkshake, she saw me wearing nothing but my diaper & plastic pants and said (laughing): "It looks like you have a big baby in the back seat!" I turned ten shades of red, in embarressment!

What made the situation even worse, was she lived just a few houses away from us, thus she knew all of the kids on our block. She told all of them, about seeing me at the DQ wearing nothing but a diaper & plastic pants! Several of the kids on the block frequently teased me about this, and never let me forget it!  

Written By: Jack

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