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We were over at my friend Sara's playing drinking games. There was Sara, Jasmine, Joe, Terri and me. Joe and I had known each other for about 10 years and he knew all about how I liked to wear diapers and I'm fairly sure that he had told his girlfriend Jasmine. We were playing Truth or Dare and pounding beers like most people in their early 20's do. Terri asked Joe, "What's the most embarrasing secret you know about Mike?" I took a big gulp of my beer hoping that Joe wouldn't answer what I thought he would. "Most embarrasing thing eh? Well I guess that would be that he likes to wear diapers." 

All eyes turned from Joe to me and back. Terri and Sara burst out
laughing. I took another swallow from my beer. Joe shrugged and said, "Sorry
man, but you know the rules." I got up to grab another beer while Joe turned to Sara, who picked dare. "I dare you to tickle Mike for 5 minutes while he's coming back with the beers."

I was in the kitchen so I didn't hear Sara's dare but she was waiting for me in the middle of the dining room. As I approached her and came into view of everyone in the living room she came up behind me and began tickling me. I just about dropped the beers but managed to put them on the dining room table, unfortunately that gave Sara the edge she needed to pin me against the table while she continued tickling me. After 3 minutes I was on the ground begging her to stop. "Stop... I'm going to piss myself...Please Sara..."

I heard Joe say, "1 more minute!" but it was no use, I couldn't hold on
any longer if I tried. I lost control of my bladder and started peeing my pants, laughing hysterically as Sara tickled me right to the five minute mark. She got up as I lay there trying to catch my breath, a dark wet patch covering my crotch from front to back and my ass in a puddle of rapidly cooling pee that my jeans couldn't absorb.

Sara turned to Jasmine who was laughing quite hard and asked, "Truth or
dare?" Jasmine replied Dare! Sara thought for a moment and glanced in my direction as I began mopping up my puddle and a wicked gleam flashed in Sara's eye. "I dare you to go to the drugstore across the street and bring back some diapers for Mike, he'll tell you what brand and size."

Jasmine looked stunned, "No way!" she replied.

"It's a dare, you have to." Sara threw back.

Jasmine didn't look too pleased with the idea, "OK but you have to come
with me."  Sara agreed and asked me what brand and size of diapers I wore.

"Depend Overnights, medium." I sighed. I went and had a shower while
Sara and Jasmine went to the store.

Sara and Jasmine went into the drugstore and headed for the incontinence aisle, "I can't believe you did that to Mike." Sara said.

Jasmine tried to look all innocent but Sara just gave her a cold stare, "I saw you whispering into Joe's ear. I know you were the one with the tickling idea."

Jasmine tried to shrug it off saying, "But how silly did he look, lying in the middle of your dining room laughing hysterically and peeing his pants like a little baby." Sara was already plotting a way to get even with Jasmine as they walked down the aisle and found a package of Depends. Jasmine giggled when she looked at the package, "They do look like diapers."

Sara led the way to the baby aisle. "We just need some powder and some
wipes." She said.

"Well can we hurry it up a little? I really need to pee." Jasmine confided.

Sara already knew that Jasmine should have to pee fairly badly when she
made the dare, in fact she was counting on it. She handed the baby powder and wipes to Jasmine, "Here, hold these."

Jasmine started towards the checkouts with Depends in one hand and baby powder and wipes in the other. Sara fell into step behind Jasmine and
when they were halfway to the checkouts she began tickling Jasmine
furiously. Jasmine already had to pee really badly and was completely
unprepared for Sara's attack and in less than 30 seconds Jasmine's bladder
surrendered. She stood there in the middle of the store her jeans turning
dark blue across her crotch and down her legs as she wet her pants.

Sara waited for Jasmine to stop peeing then gave her a gentle nudge
towards the checkouts. "Come on you still have to buy those for Mike." To her credit (or her drunken disregard) Jasmine walked up to the cashier who gave her a funny look as it was quite obvious that she had peed her pants and was now buying diapers, powder and wipes. While the cashier was ringing everything through Sara said, "I'm sorry but my friend made a little mess over there when she peed her pants." Jasmine looked as though she was about to die but the cashier just said she'd have someone clean it up.

I was just getting out of the shower when Sara and Jasmine returned. Sara shoved the bag of supplies into the bathroom and closed the door. I opened the bag (with a snicker at seeing the powder and wipes, apparently I was supposed to remain at Sara's for a while) powdered myself and put on a diaper. I put my T-shirt back on and headed out of the bathroom. As I left I caught a glimpse of Jasmine's soaked pants as she pushed past me into the bathroom. I walked back in to the living room and took the seat that Sara offered beside her on the couch. I ignored the snickers that came from Terri when she saw me in my diaper and accepted the beer that Sara offered me.

Sara filled me in on what transpired at the drugstore just before she went into the bathroom and removed all the towels and clothes leaving nothing for after Jasmine's shower then she snuggled up next to me on the couch.

When Jasmine finished her shower and discovered that there was nothing
in the bathroom for her to wear or dry herself off with she called to Sara to bring her some clothes. Sara went over and pulled a diaper out of the bag and opened the bathroom door a crack. As Jasmine's hand came out to grab the clothes Sara stuffed the diaper in. Jasmine screeched, "You cant be serious! You expect me to wear a diaper?"

Sara said, "You started this, now I'm going to make sure you know what
it's like."

After a deep sigh Jasmine said, "You could at least give me a top." Sara agreed with that and went into her bedroom and found the most baby-like half-top she owned and went into the bathroom with it presuming she'd have to help Jasmine put her diaper on.

"Now you'll think twice about bugging Mike or anyone else who does
something that's embarassing. OK you have two choices: 1) you can stay
overnight but if you do you'll be wearing diapers the whole time; 2) you can leave with Joe right now and you'll wear that diaper home and get your clothes back tomorrow. So which is it?"

Jasmine walked out of the bathroom and told Joe that they were leaving.
So Joe sheepishly said goodnight and wrapped his coat around Jasmine as
they walked the three blocks home.

Sara, Terri and I put on a movie and continued to drink. Not even 30  minutes into it I wet my diaper and with Sara snuggled up to me she noticed it almost immediately. She stopped the tape and when Terri gave her a 'what gives' look announced that I had wet my diaper. Sara made me lie down in the middle of the living room and changed my diaper in full view of Terri.

Once in a dry diaper I stood up to see the effect the alchohol was having on everyone's inhibitions. Terri was staring straight at my diaper and suddenly asked in a meek voice, "Can you put me in a diaper too?"

Within 5 minutes we were all wearing diapers and cuddled up on the

Now 6 months have passed and certain things have occured from that
night: I hardly see Joe or Jasmine anymore, Sara and I started dating and
whenever I'm over at her place I'm in diapers until I leave and Terri has taken to wearing diapers 24/7 (she even wears them to work, something I'd never do). Sara wears them occasionally but only after she's really been drinking.

Written By: Mike