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It was 2:59PM when it was one minute until school ended. I was excited because today was a very special day because today it was the day that I was going to meet my new neighbor.

As I ran home with glee I saw the movers pull up to my next door house and begin to unload. I went over and saw a girl with blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a short skirt but something was weird about her skirt it was rather...puffed.

I went over and said "Hi my name is Jeff and I am your new neighbor. Do you need help with your boxes?" She replied "My name is Jessica and I would love your help." So I helped her.

After helping her we went inside her house with the boxes still unpacked. "I'll go get some tea, if you want to you can look around the house but don't look in my boxes or else..."

So I went around her house looking at it. The house seemed very empty. As I am a nosy person I decided to be a dumb ass and look in a box. I grabbed a key from my pocket and tore open a box.

As I slowly opened it there I found the strangest thing I had ever seen I found large baby toys, and medium sized disposable diapers I heard Jessica come into the room so I quickly closed the box.

She handed me my tea and asked if I wanted sugar or cream and I said no thanks. We began to make small talk and then found out a lot about each other. The clock turned 6:00 P.M. and I needed to do my homework. "I need to go" I said. "No, Please just stay for dinner for all your help." I agreed.

I went into the kitchen that had two small boxes that we could sit on and a large one for a table. "Please sit down while I get dinner ready." As I sat down I began to feel very tired. "I really think I should go now I can barely keep my eyes open. "Aw is my new baby tired?" As soon as she said that my eyes closed and a lost control of my movement.

As soon as I woke up I looked around and saw I was in jail. I began to freak out when I noticed it was not a jail but a very large crib. As I tried to lift my legs and arms I had no control. I couldn't move a muscle except for my neck. I began to move my neck and I felt my legs being pushed and my butt in the air. I looked down and noticed that I was wearing a DIAPER!

"AHHHH!!!" As I screeched that out Jessica ran into the room and smiled at me. "I told you not to look into my boxes." I Yelled "WHY THE HELL AM I IN A DIAPER AND WHY CAN'T I MOVE."

"Aw my baby is grouchy I think someone needs there diaper changed." "I'M NOT A BABY!" "By the way I put a medicine that will run through your body for a week in your tea it will make you lose control of leg movement so say good bye to your legs for a week."

"So your telling me I can't move my legs..HOW THE HELL IN THE LORDS NAME WILL I GO TO WORK!!!" Jessica replied with an evil smirk "You won't." I began to cry and I noticed I needed to take a poop really bad.

As my face began to have the look that I needed to go Jessica said "Does baby need to poopy, awwww how cute." As my face turned red I began to feel a bulge grow from my butt and into the diaper (I also peed). As I finished she look at me smiled and picked me up and set me on the diaper table.

She then stuck a needle in my arm and I lost all control of my nerves and couldn't move or speak except gibberish. Jessica said as she began to lift my butt and wipe my butt "Your going to be my baby forever!"

As she put the new diaper on me I began to cry. "I guess baby needs more sleep" She set me in my crib and I fell fast asleep." A lesson to be learned is don't look through other peoples stuff or else it will come back and bite you in the butt. (I would love this to happen to me.)

Written By: Baby Boo Boo
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