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It started when my wife and I wanted to have a baby, well she wanted it more than me. Not to say I did not want one. We live in a two bedroom house, which the extra room will soon be a baby room. At least I thought, it's been five years and we still are not pregnant. I am 26 and she is 25.

And she worries that something might be wrong with us, so we both got checked by are family doctor. Turns out it's not her, it's me. Well I think of myself as a healthy person. So I asked the doctor what's wrong with me. Well the doctor said that my sperm count is pretty low. I said "so I am shooting out blanks". "Umm I wouldn't putting it like that", the doctor said. Well what can I do? He said the only way is to find a donor. I was blown away by his reply. And just said "thank you" and left the doctors office and went to the waiting room were my wife was waiting for me.

As we walk to the car she asked me what happened. The car doors shut and I turned the key to start the car. I said that we got to keep on trying. She said ok. For me having somebody else's kid was out the question. And maybe I can still make a baby but with my wife knowing that the reason we are having problems making a baby was because of me, I felt like I was not man enough for her and fear she felt the same way.

A few months passed with no luck, I kinda gave up on it, and it seems like my wife did too. I was getting ready to go to work when my wife came in the room and said "can you please put the toilet seat down and put you towel up". Then she stormed down the stairs as I said "sorry honey". That really drives her up the wall when she has to pick up after a grown adult. I don't blame her. It's just in the morning, I am always in a rush.

Well as I look in my dresser to grab some boxers all I found was a pair of white briefs. I hate briefs but I did not want to ask my wife what happened to the laundry, at this time. So I got dressed and went downstairs. I stepped into the kitchen to see that there was nothing cooking on the stove or anything on the table. I guess my wife saw my reaction to this and she just said that she needs to go shopping and that I should just stop by McDonald's for breakfast.

As I left out the door I couldn't stop thinking, how is this her way of showing that she is mad at me for not being able to have children. Pulling into McDonald's, which I don't really care for, I get my meal and go to work. After lunch I had to go to the restroom really bad. I guess that McDonald's just went though my system really quick. As I reach the restroom I was really holding it back. Then I notice someone else was in there.

So I tried to act like nothing was wrong as I waited for a stall to become open. As a good co-worker stepped out I was stepping in. And he said man when you gotta go, you gotta go!! I said you ain't lying man. And we both laughed. After I finished I look at my underwear and seen a little brown spot. Thinking to myself, that's why I hate white underwear especially briefs.

I got home after a long days work and entered the door. I notice the smell of clean. You know when the floor has been mopped and the furniture as been dusted. Being very pleased about this I stepped into the kitchen and noticed my wife Nicole had been cooking dinner. I having a smile on my face, I said to my wife "how has your day been". Big mistake. She turned and looked at me and said "it was great".

Then she started to tell me what she did for the whole day. All I was thinking was, what have I got myself into. I smiled and nodding my head, acting like I was really into the conversation. After we ate. I went into the living room to watch some football. I got into my lazy boy and put the leg up. Before I can even think of it, my wife handed me a ice cold beer. I looked into her eyes and said "you are the best thing that ever happened to me". She couldn't help but to laugh at me. As she walked away and said "you are stupid". With a big smile on my face, I couldn't help to think this is the life.

The next morning my wife woke me up and said "looks like someone had an accident". I looked at her puzzled like what is this woman talking about. Then it came to me, I left my underwear, pants and shirt on the floor in the bathroom. I was thinking she must of saw the brown spot and that I should have put them in the hamper last night but I guess I was to tired to even think of it. I went to explain this to her and she stopped me and said "don't worry about it baby. I'll take care of it".

I said wow, you are in a good mood today as I was thinking she never calls me baby. She smiled putting her back toward me and leaving into the hallway. I got up to get dressed for work. I opened the top of the dresser drawer to notice there were no socks and no underwear. So I looked in the other ones to find it was all empty. I yelled out "honey were are my clothes at". She said "they are in the baby's room". I was thinking the baby's room!?

I walked in and noticed that we had baby's furniture in the room. A over-sized crib along with a big wooden table that was all white. It looked like it was pretty strong. There was a white dresser as well. The walls were painted all baby blue. She walked into the room shutting the door behind her. I asked her "when did you do all of this?" and she said "while you were working".

A big smile was forming on my face as I asked "are you pregnant?". She said no. "Then how do you know we are going to have a boy?" I asked. As I looked around and noticed there were boys toys and little trucks and cars on the wallpaper pattern. She said "because I already have a baby boy". I am thinking that she is going to tell me that her sister wants us to take care of her son or something because she is sounding a little crazy at this point. I have to go work soon so I tell Nicole that she can explain this to me later and that I need to get ready for work.

She looked at me and said "I called your boss and said that you were taking your two weeks vacation". I put my head down trying to hide my anger and asked why. She said "because I want to spend time with my baby boy". My head popped back up looking at her with a confused look. Then I went to the dresser and opened the drawer and seen that there were diapers in there. I picked one up to see that they were adult diapers. So I looked in the other drawers and noticed baby clothes in my size along with plastic pants and baby's socks and who knows what else.

While I was thinking of the adult sized crib and what I know now, that big table is to be the changing table. Now I am 5'9 about 215lbs and my wife is 5 foot nothing and 120lbs wet. I am thinking there is no way she is getting me to go along with this. I said "Nicole, I am not your baby. I am your husband and this is crazy and you need some help". Than she said "well it looks like you want to be a baby with you leaving your stuff everywhere and the accidents you are having".

Wait a minute!! That was only one time and from the looks of this room you did not do this overnight. She said "your right, I didn't. But I did talk to your doctor and he told me everything. Since you can't tell me that you have a real problem with your sperm like a man I will treat you like a baby that you are". At this point I felt small but still was not going to let this happen. I walked passed her and reached for the door knob and noticed it was locked. I looked at her to see a key in her hand. I walked up to her and saw her other hand rush to the side of my ribcage and I hit the ground hard and was knocked out.

When I came to, I noticed, I had on different clothes on and a collar of some kind with a plastic box on the side of it, and a lock where the release button would be. I got up and noticed the smell of baby powder and saw I was wearing a diaper with training pants and a shirt with Winnie the pooh on it. I walked up to the door and it was still locked. I went to the window to see if there was an escape with no luck. It was nailed shut with only a little opening.

I checked to see what happened to my side, and I noticed two red bumps. Then I figured she must of hit me with a powerful stun gun. Then she walked in shutting the door behind her. "Looks like baby woke up" she said. I said "what the heee", and before I got to finish what I was trying say she pointed what seemed to look like a car alarm switch and shocked my neck, making me get on my knees and having me grabbing the collar trying to rub my neck. I knew what happened before she explain to me.

She said that I am wearing a  dog training shock collar and any time I misbehave I would get a shock. Here are the rules

1. You will not speak like a grown person

2. You will not be able to stand without my help or the help of others just like a baby. You only can crawl

3. You will only eat and drink when I feed you.

4. You are not an adult no more. You are a baby and you will obey my every command.

"Do I make myself clear? she added. Remembering rule one I nodded my head yes. She said "Good, you must be hungry. Come take my hand baby". At this point she is being very motherly and leading me downstairs into the kitchen. I noticed a highchair at the table. Not wanting to be shocked again I let her lead me and help me onto the highchair. Then putting a bib around my neck. I am just thinking how am I going to get out of this mess.

As she was coming back I noticed all she had in her hand was a baby bottle and a baby bowl. When she put it on the highchair table I saw all there was in the bowl was baby food. At this point I was glad she knew how to read my face and knew what I was thinking. She said "don't worry baby, soon you will grow to love your baby food. And if you are good you can eat some adult food to fill you up". She feed me the baby food which was nasty. I couldn't see how a baby ate this. I even puked some of it out at one point but she just wiped my face like I was baby.

She lead me to the living room where there was a playpen there, with little baby toys to play with. She helped me into it and put a pacifier in my mouth and said to be good like a good baby boy. Not wanting to upset her I sat in the corner of the playpen and kinda moved the stuff bear around. She smiled and walked to the kitchen to clean the mess up. I looked at the door and was thinking of a way to escape. I knew once I got passed the door, that the switch can not have that good of a reach to trigger the collar. And if it did I can take it. It's not like the stun gun, but then when I get outside, then what?

She had the key to the car. And what am I going to do outside in this baby outfit. Tell people my wife is crazy? They would look at me like I am the crazy one. Well I guess Nicole saw me looking at the door and said "I hope baby was not thinking of going outside because mommy installed sensors around the house and you would not want to get another boo boo now would you baby?" Then she helped me out of the playpen and onto the floor on all fours. I crawled to the window to see that there were these black round things sticking out the ground. To the naked eye it looks like water sprinklers. Wow, she had me trapped.

She then walked me up stairs and said it is bed time. Baby had a rough day. I am thinking, yeah tell me about it. She put me on the changing table and checked my diaper. Huh, it is clean and dry. Don't worry, you will wet and mess them soon enough. Then she striped me and patting my diaper while looking me into my eyes very lovingly as she went to get another outfit. It was a baby blue footed sleeper with a care bear on it. The zipper was on the back.

After she got me dressed she lead me to the crib and put the bar down and helped me on the bed. Then put the bars up and placed a set of bars on the top as well. It was more like a cage than a crib at this point. Then she left the room with the door open. After I made sure she can't hear me, I checked the top bar just to see if I can get out, but no luck. She returned with a radio in her hand knowing I have a hard time sleeping without anything that made sound like a TV or a radio on.

She put an CD in there and pressed play and repeat all. She opened the top of the crib, tucked me in and stuck a bottle with formula in my mouth and said "good night sleepy head". She left the room and the CD revealed itself to be a hypnosis CD for adult baby's so that they can feel and act like a baby more easily and wet and mess there diapers. Well I did not believe it would work on me as my mind is to strong for that nonsense.

I woke up to a wet and messy diaper. I couldn't believe it. As I was thinking maybe it was because I made myself not use my diaper during the day and my body was forced to use it at night. I didn't want to be in a messy diaper and I went to call that persons name to help me. Wait!, "that person"!! I can't think of her name. Just "Mommy" came to mind. So I went to yell it out and couldn't. What's going on? I am scared and I want my mommy.

I started to cry. Tears were coming down my cheeks. Thinking to myself "I am a man, I am a man". Then it hit me, I couldn't even think of my age. The only thing that came up was "baby". I didn't even know where I worked at, or my name for that matter. All I could think of was "baby". Then mommy came into the room and quickly helped me out of the crib and onto the changing table. She put a pacifier in my mouth and said "everything is going to be ok baby. You have nothing to worry about".

As she changed my diaper she said that I will soon be just a baby and will need mommy to take care of me. After she wiped me and powdered me she put me into a diaper and a oneise. Then she helped me off the changing table. I let go of her hand to see if I could walk on my own just to fall on my butt. I started to cry feeling scared. Then mommy held me in her arms and put a baby bottle in my mouth and said "everything will be alright. Mommy will take care of you forever".

Written By: Chris
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