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Hi my name is Rebecca and my stories are completely true. Also if you want to be my mommy/daddy please email me. :) <3

My first story takes place when I was seven. I was over my grandmother's house and we were going to a movie. (At this point I had liked to wear diapers.) And when we had gotten to the movies I wouldn't be quiet. My grandmother, half way through, said "if you don't be quiet when we get back I'll put you in a diaper."

As you know I had liked to wear diapers so I just kept up what I was doing. And by the end she said "that's it!" And so when we got back to her house she had brought me into my little cousin's room. (He was two years old.)

She put me on the changing table and put me in a big puffy diaper. Finally she put me in his crib and said "You aren't getting out of there until you've pooped and peed." At that point I had to pee so I just let it out. About a half hour later I felt the need to poop so I did and then my grandmother came up and got me out of the diaper and put me in a new one.

Except this one was even puffier then the other one, in fact it was huge. She took me out of the crib and said "you can go free now and I expect you to use that diaper." And well that was the end of that story.

My second story took place of when I was 12. I rode my bike down to the nearest Brooks pharmacy and bought a pack of Depends. Next I asked the cashier where the bathroom was and she said "Right down the hall sweetie."

I went to the bathroom (I was wearing a skirt). Took off my underwear and put on the diaper. When it was on I sat down and my mind had receded so I fell asleep. When I woke up the diaper was wet. And the same cashier came in and said "Did little baby make a mess?"

So she then undid my wet diaper and put on a new one. She patted me on the butt and said "Come back
tomorrow and I'll keep these diapers behind the desk so you won't have to hide them from your mom." Then I remembered that my mom wouldn't be back for another three hours so I could easily wet this diaper and dispose of it before she got back home.

So I did as I was told and came back the next day to be diapered by the cashier and she was a woman of her word and kept it going for three weeks. I almost got so used to them sometimes I forgot how to control my bladder. Then I ran out of diapers. And that concludes my story #2.

My final story takes place when I am my own age 14. This story starts because I liked this boy named Tim. He was the jumper for the basketball team, very tall and was very hot. But surprisingly not any girls were interested in him so I had a chance.

One day I built up the confidence to go over and talk to him. I was very nervous though. I went over and said "Uh Hi Tim" and then we committed small talk. I got so nervous that I peed myself right in front of him. I then cried and ran into the girls bathroom and cried for the rest of the day out of embarrassment.

The next day at school Tim wasn't there. I hoped he wasn't sick. Then that night at two am a brick with a note attacked to it came through my window. This part surprised me too, my parents didn't wake. so I read the note and it said:

"Dear Rebecca I remembered when you peed your pants at school and I remembered how you didn't realize until you were done, so I figured you liked to pee yourself. I followed you to Brooks one day and saw you wave hi to the cashier and then once you left I asked how she knew you. She explained how you liked to wear diapers. I am not into diapers myself but for you I'd like to try, and if I don't like them then I can just diaper you. The reason I wasn't in school today was because I was writing this note. My parents are out of town for a week so let me know if you want to come over tomorrow. I bought a pack of depends.Love Tim"

I went over Tim's house day and had the best time we went out for the rest of the year. But Tim is going to and out of state high school so I won't ever see him again.

Written By: Rebecca