The Way It All Started Me Wearing Diapers
Hello my name is Johnny. My story is real and true. Up until about 5 years ago I had never even thought about wearing diapers. I was not a bed wetter or didn't even have a thought of doing it. But about 5 years ago I started having really bad dizzy spells and they would get so bad that I couldn't even sit up.

It turns out that I have a medical problem that is call Extreme Vertigo and I do mean extreme! Well when this
first started I would get so dizzy that I couldn't get to the bathroom and would wet or mess my pants. This would happen to me 2 or 3 times a week.

As time went on the dizziness got to where it came every day. Up to this time I never did use diapers but after I started wetting my pants every day because I couldn't get to the bathroom I got me some depends. I really hated to wear diapers because I was not use to having to do that. But as time went on I got to where I liked it. And because of all the mental
things that go along with my medical problems I have been seeing a therapist.

I still today have a hard time understanding why I have got to the point that I like to wear diapers now. But my therapist told me that when someone has a health problem that or brain it made to adjust to what ever has to be done to get by. And in my case it is wearing diapers and that I shouldn't feel bad for the way I feel. Because I really don't have a choice, I have to wear diapers and that is that.

But now 5 years later I don't EVER go to the bathroom I just do it ALL in my diapers even if I am at my Dr. office or at my therapists office if I need to pee or poop I just do in my diaper and don't even think about it. Because now it makes me feel better mentally to pee my diaper so I do it 24/7. And my therapists told me that anytime I wanted to pee or poop my diaper in her office that I could do it but to just let her know I was going to do it first. So I do and ever thing seems to be working out for me as far as wearing diapers.

Now I have them stupid dizzy spells about 4 or 5 times a day but being in diapers seems to help me not feel so depressed when I have a dizzy spell. Its an ever day thing with me now dizziness and diapers and I have got use to it well the diapers I've got use to not that stupid dizziness. When I look back to the time before I got sick it sometimes really depresses me because I can't do any of the things I use to do.

Like mow my lawn or have sex with my wife I mean ever thing I try to do I get sick because that of stupid dizziness. So now days I just sit here most of the time on my computer and pee and poop my diapers as I am on the computer its about all I can do without getting dizzy. Except for the clean up I get dizzy doing that but oh well at least I get to pee and poop my diapers and to me that is a real good feeling.

                      written by: Johnny Sandlin

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