The Best Hospital Bed Wetting Story Every Told!
Dear Reader:

It will be up to you to decide what parts of the story have been
embellished, but this much is true: 1) I was in the hospital, 2) I did have a
huge bedwetting accident, 3) I did cry and suck my thumb in front of the nurses, and 4) I did end up in diapers throughout my stay.  Enjoy!

As I awoke from a deep sleep, I knew it immediately - I had wet the  bed. No, I had soaked the bed and I knew the feeling and that strong
familiar smell all too well. I kept hoping that I’d finally outgrown this
childish behavior, but the hopeless tell-tale signs were there for the world to see. Actually, it wasn’t exactly the world that was watching, but the young nurse assigned to the night shift who definitely knew what had happened. There was a glow in the room from the fluorescent light placed in night mode as she stood over me staring at my humiliating condition. I had kicked off the blanket as I slept, so what was now apparent was that I had made a huge wet spot, which was spreading outward from where my butt was located, on to the sheets and up my hospital gown. She had come in to take my vitals, but immediately realized she had much more to do than she had expected.

I pretended that I was still asleep, hoping she would leave, but it
was useless and she had no choice but to deal with it, so she gently
touched my shoulder to get my attention. When our eyes met, mine had fear and embarrassment in them, but hers had a soft, motherly look that made me immediately relax.  “Oh, dear” she said sweetly, “you peed all over yourself, but don’t worry about it – accidents happen to lots of
people. Let me call in a little help and we’ll get you quickly cleaned up.”
Within seconds of her pushing the nurse call button, another nurse came
in and witnessed my condition.

Again, my face turned bright red as the severity of my bedwetting became obvious to two of the prettiest nurses I had ever seen. While they began to take care of me with almost rehearsed precision, I couldn’t help but notice a little grin on their faces as they pulled the curtains closed around my bed for privacy. They then helped me to get out of bed and stand on the floor, and I could tell from their look that knew they were exposing a much wetter patient than they had first thought.

My wet hospital gown was clinging to my body and the odor screamed of someone who was clearly not completely potty trained. There was nothing I could say that could make any difference. A wet bed can’t be undone. Once you’ve proved you’re a bedwetter, you’re stripped of anything connected to adulthood, so I just looked down at the ground like a humiliated little boy, and silently waited for them to deal with the situation.

They began to coordinate my care between themselves, as if I wasn’t
even there, which in a strange way made this awful moment almost
bearable. “I’ll take care of the bed” the one nurse said, which gave the other one the task of undressing and cleaning me. As she peeled the wet
hospital gown off my body, I watched as the other nurse pulled off and
rolled the stinky wet sheets into a ball, only to reveal the waterproof
mattress that covers all hospital beds. “Better be sure to wipe all his pee
off the mattress”, my nurse said to her coworker. “Got it”, she responded and then added, “and this is the reason theses mattresses are  waterproof”, at which point they both chuckled at my expense.

As she left to get dry sheets, the nurse attending to me asked her to also bring back items for ‘his’ sponge bath.  Again, with movements that only come with experience, it was mere seconds before new sheets were being put on the bed and I was standing naked, as my young nurse took a sponge and soapy warm water and was wiping the pee that I was sleeping in only minutes earlier, off my body. 

She had me spread my legs wide so that she could wash the inside of my thighs and as she did so, I saw the other nurse put a rectangular rubberized waterproof pad over the mid part of the bed. She noticed my pleading look and said softly ‘now that we know you’re a heavy bedwetter, we have to take certain precautions, and this is one of them.” I knew she was right, but hearing her call me a ‘bedwetter’, eliminated her seeing me as anything but a little boy in a mans body. I knew I had brought this on myself and had no choice but to let them do what they needed to.

I stood there totally naked with my legs spread and my knees slightly
bent as she got ready to clean me up. While some men would think a sponge bath by a beautiful nurse would give them a huge erection, between the haziness from the medication and the humiliation of what was happening, I was anything but erect. As a matter of fact, I looked and felt smaller than I ever had. As if she were cleaning a non-private part of my body, the nurse deftly sponged my private are.

I tried to pretend this wasn’t happening until I heard her say, “Uh oh”. As I looked down, she looked up with this apologetic expression and then said “I’m going to have to completely shave you in order to get you totally clean.” I was so stunned I couldn’t respond, but it didn’t matter because she wasn’t asking for my permission. This WAS going to happen and with the skill of a surgeon, my hair was gone in about 7 strokes of the razor and my genitals looked like that of a pre-pubescent boy.

She then had me turn around so she could clean off my bottom. I saw her smile and nod to the other nurse as she continued to do her thorough job of washing me - especially in my crack. It was then that the emotional impact of what was happening overwhelmed me and I started to tear up. I fought it hard at first, but then a whimper escaped and the tears started streaming.

It was the only emotion I could find to deal with the humiliation, but it
said it all to the women in the room. Both nurses heard it, and saw my
tears falling when they looked at me at the same time. Each reacted with
motherly compassion by telling me that “it’s all right, there’s no need
to cry, we do this with all bedwetters and we’re almost done,  sweetheart”. My nurse was, indeed almost done, except for drying me off with the lightness of a mother patting her baby dry. Embarrassingly, and without any restraint, my tears became even more uncontrollable.

As they continued to console me, my eyes lowered to the breast of the nurse by my bed and I notice for the first time how large and matronly
they were. They were almost too large for the size uniform she was
wearing and her cleavage was so deep I wondered if her bra was pushing her breasts together.

Without any control or forethought, and to my complete surprise, my thumb found its way right in to my mouth. Not only was it in my mouth, but I was clearly sucking it for comfort as I continued to sob. It was if nothing else in the world mattered more at that moment than having her nipple or any woman’s nipple, in my mouth. I would have sold my soul to suck her breasts, but I knew my thumb would have to pacify me instead. 

There was nothing sexual about this emotion. It was basic and primal and my need to suck was so strong it was if my survival were dependant on being able to do it. I should have felt even more self-conscious, but it was a distant emotion at that point.

I now felt as if I could almost get through this and just wanted back
in bed, but it was then that I saw my large breasted nurse opening an
adult disposable diaper and laying it out on the bed. With my thumb still
embedded in my mouth, my eyes opened wide with the sight of this
humiliating garment, she smiled, understanding my surprise, but said “none of us wants to have to do this again, so let’s be responsible and get you in a diaper ASAP, before you pee on anything else”. 

It’s too late to get a doctor to prescribe an external catheter, so it’s diapers for you tonight.” Simultaneously, I heard my nurse putting on a rubber glove and as I turned to look back at her, I saw her squeezing 4 inches of Desitin from the tube and into her waiting palm. Before I could even take my thumb out to say anything, she had put it on my butt and was smoothing it over my bottom and in my crack.

I reluctantly took my thumb out of my mouth and weakly said that I didn’t think this was called for. “No, sweetie”, its diaper rash that’s uncalled for and this is the best protection for bedwetters like yourself, so I have to put it all over your diaper area, whether you like it or not.”. She started to turn my body around as she told me she needed to do my front. The other nurse said the bed was ready if she wanted to apply my diaper rash ointment with me lying down. She agreed and guided me onto the bed as she positioned my bottom over my waiting diaper. 

I watched her squeeze another 4 inches of Desitin into her hand as I
sucked my thumb deeply and naturally, as if everyone my age still sucked. She gently spread my legs out and down on either side before
masterfully covering the front of my diaper area with the smelly ointment. I stared at the ceiling as I felt her smooth the ointment all over my diaper area.

It felt much more sensitive than before she shaved me and I also felt her put a thin layer on the inside of my thighs where pee had gone before. I then saw the other nurse holding Baby Powder, poised to sprinkle it on me once the other nurse finished. As my nurse went to clean herself up, the other came to my side of the bed, looked in to my eyes as I sucked my thumb, smiled her warm smile, and told me that she was proud of what a good boy I was being under such embarrassing and humiliating conditions.

Although I was old enough to date her, she called me a ‘good boy’ as if I were a patient in the children’s wing!  Oddly, I welcomed the compliment and it made me feel so proud of myself, that I wanted her to continue to be proud of me. I smiled at her, and tried to stop crying as I pulled out my thumb, thinking I could do it and that it would please her.

Unfortunately, she could see how difficult it was for me and with amazing sensitivity, took my hand and slowly, but purposely, replaced my thumb in my mouth, knowing I would suck it in with ease. She dabbed my tears with a Kleenex and said “There, there little man. I understand your need to suck and how relaxed it makes you.”

The moment had passed and it was on to the work at hand. As her eyes descended to my crotch to begin my powdering, mine descended to her breasts, and I was again emotionally transported to a beautiful place of fantasy. I imagine that she is topless & I am on her lap buried in her
breasts and able to suck ‘to my hearts content’, until I’m filled with  comfort & security. She strokes my hair as she happily gives over her breasts to me as I hold one with both hands and eagerly suck, until I’m  completely satisfied. No matter how long it takes, she presses her breast into my mouth so firmly that my nose is pushed against her breast.

I was abruptly brought back to reality when I felt her gently sprinkling the sweet smelling powder over my diaper area. As I looked down, She looked up at me with a big smile and said “it’s time to get you protected before you have an accident on me! I have two kids in diapers at home, so I’m an expert at putting one on so it won’t leak – especially given how wet you get”.

With that said, she pulled out a very thick diaper doubler from her uniform pocket and placed it over my front as she aggressively pulled the diaper up between my legs and snugly made sure the elastic legbands were in my creases. The tapes were positioned and secured in seconds and just like every mother, she ran a finger through the diaper legbands to make sure the elastic was on the outside.

She then rolled me to my side to do the same check on my diaper in the back before lightly giving my diapered bottom the obligatory pat.  “Now we’re ready for anything that comes out, right baby?” she said, as if pleased with her job well done. She looked at me and smiled but never expected a response from me, given the thumb buried deep in my mouth. Her calling me baby didn’t even register and then, as if by instinct, she covered me with fresh sheets and snugly tucked me in as if I were one of her diapered children.

The other nurse left after taking my vitals and turned out the lights
so that the glow remained. The nurse sat down on the side of my bed and
asked if I’d like her to stroke my hair as I fell asleep. I nodded, with my thumb seemingly anchored in my mouth, and as she stroked my hair,
her breasts, which now looked more massive than ever, came closer to my face than they had been before. I tried hard not to look at them, but
they were like magnets to me that I couldn’t resist.

I know she sensed the effect they were having on me because the rhythm of my sucking increased rapidly and I had to have looked mesmerized. She smiled knowingly, and tried to take my focus off her chest by first saying firmly to me that “those are not for you’, and then told me about other bedwetters she had dealt with over the years.

I knew she was trying to make me feel better, and I felt like I had been reduced to a little boy who should feel better at hearing that there were other thumbsucking/bedwetting boys in the world. I began to get sleepy as she continued to talk and then I heard the side rails of the bed snap into place, as if the side rails to a crib were snapping into place.

I awoke to the last nurse I saw before falling asleep coming in to
take my vitals again.  She smiled and said “good morning sleepy head”, but I could hardly bring myself to look at her as I remembered what we had gone through in the middle of the night. “She quietly added “I hope
you’re feeling better after the rough night you just had”.  I was so happy
that she was seeing me without my thumb in mouth that I thought that
maybe I could regain my status as a man and responded with a confident
“much better, thanks”.   

Those thoughts quickly vanished when I saw her place a package on the side table with what I could easily tell were adult diapers. I winced when I saw them, but she told me she’d place them out of sight so that no one visiting would see them. She then said that, in case my thumb got raw from sucking on it, she would place a “personal pacifier’ in the drawer for me to use. She also added that she asked purchasing for the largest size nipple they ordered and that she hoped I would find it satisfying.

Although I thought this crossed the line a bit, she then produced, as if to present me with another type of pacifier, a little stuffed bear that probably came from the gift shop. “He might help you when you feel sad or scared” she said, and placed in next to me in the bed. I felt my lame thought, as being perceived as anything but a little boy, disappear. It was then that her eyes lit up, and I hoped we were finally going to change the subject, when she said, “let’s see if I did as good a job with your diaper as I do on my kids”.

In what seemed as one swift movement, she pulled back the privacy
curtain and pulled back my sheets to look at the condition of my diaper. As soon as she did that, I resigned myself to the humiliation I knew I
deserved, as I smelled that unique odor of Desitin, Baby Powder and lots
of stinky pee. It seemed to instantly permeate the room and I didn’t
even have to look down to know what it was that she was seeing. “Whoa!,
stinky pants” she said, as she gazed at my sodden diaper, “you are a big

I knew you’d be prone to more accidents, but you’ve filled that diaper sooo much, I’ll be surprised if you haven’t leaked on to the sheets!”  That was all I needed to hear, linked with once again being in the presence of her breasts, and my thumb went straight to my mouth. It felt so good to have it in there, as if I hadn’t sucked for years, and I felt a renewed sense of calm and resignation to my condition.

As I continued to instinctively suck, her expression changed to almost
one of shyness as she continued to look at my soaked diaper. In an
instant, I knew what she was seeing, and as a patient with childish
attributes and my thumb deeply embedded in my mouth, it didn’t matter to me at all. 

She asked me if I was uncomfortable, to which I mumbled “I’m a little itchy”. “I’d hate to have you get a diaper rash on my watch, but considering your ‘condition’, I don’t feel as comfortable changing your diaper as I did in the middle of the night with my co- worker. I know a ‘good boy’ like you can change his own diaper if he wants to, so I’ll set you up and then stand outside the curtain in case you struggle.” Once again, she said it in a way that made me want to do what she asked, just to make her proud of me, so I reluctantly nodded ‘ok’.

The nurse helped me get out of bed and avoided looking at my droopy
mess that was straining to drop to the floor. She put a fresh diaper on
the bed and then told me she’d be right back after she got the Desitin
and a sponge kit like the one that had been used on me just hours

As is often the case in hospitals, she took longer to come back than
I had expected and as time went on, I became more and more overwhelmed by my stinky diaper, and the situation I was in. Like the opening of an emotional floodgate, I started crying just as she happily came back in saying “here you are, sweetie”.  She looked at me with a bit of an exasperated, but concerned look and asked,” What happened, honey?”  She decided right then, that she’d just take care of changing me so that I wouldn’t have to go through the ordeal of doing it myself.

“Ok, honey”,  lay down and let’s do this fast, since I have other
patients to attend to today, but you need to stop crying and I’d like to see
you try and take that thumb out of your mouth. Deal?” I nodded and she
saw me make a valiant effort to stop crying as I reluctantly pulled out
my thumb. Her attitude softened as she saw me doing as I was told, but
then she pulled the pacifier out of the drawer. “Here honey, suck on
the binky so that your hands can be free to help me”. 

This nurse went into a no-nonsense mode and she pushed the binky into my mouth as she put a tube of Desitin in one hand a can of powder in the other. After putting on her rubber gloves, she pulled the 4 tapes off my diaper so fast I could tell she’d done it a million times before. With that done, she pulled back the front of my diaper as she scrunched it together and told me to lift my butt up and hold it there while she pulled out the wet one and put the fresh diaper under me. It happened so quickly and professionally that I actually giggled a bit. She said “you liked that, huh?

Watch this!” At that moment she rolled my wet humiliating potty training failure diaper into a ball, took the Desitin out of my hand and said
“Catch”.  In the blink of my eye I was holding my wet diaper as she
pushed my butt down and took the soapy sponge to start washing my front side. “Maybe if you hold it, feel it and smell it, and get a closer look at how yukky it is, you won’t make such a mess in the next one.”

She had to press harder than before to get the old Desitin off, but she was gentle and liked moving this fast. She then re-applied the Desitin in very few strokes making sure the shaved areas got extra attention. “Legs in the air, mister, and spread ‘em” she ordered, and without a second thought I freely lifted both legs so she could quickly wash me and apply ointment without me having to turn me over. She had put an abundant amount on her palm and firmly spread it over my bottom before moving her hand up and down my crack.

I was amazed at her abilities but was mainly focusing on the soft rubber nipple in mouth as I watched her prepare me for my clean diaper. It was as if someone else’s diaper was being changed, except for the fact that I was still holding on to my old one and the smell kept reminding me that it was me who made it this way.

“Time to powder you, kiddo”, she said as I happily gave her the powder I had been instructed to hold and “Keep those legs up so I can make sure your freshly cleaned bottom gets a good dusting”.  I was in the most vulnerable position I could have been in as this beautiful nurse stood between my legs as I lifted them high in the air for her to attend to
my diapering needs. She had just washed me and applied ointment, after
which she had sprinkled baby powder all over my bottom.

My fresh diaper was waiting to be pulled between my legs, and I was sucking a pacifier holding my disgusting wet diaper, when….”OH, MY GOD”, a new nurse walks in as if my privacy didn’t matter and I was just a newborn being changed. There I was, in all my naked glory, stripped of all things adult and all I could do was….cry, again!

“Oh, not again!” my nurse says, “get over it all ready, you big cry baby! Here, for Gods sake, give me the damn binky and put your thumb back in your mouth so you’ll shut up and let me finish doing what you should have been doing yourself in the first place!”

“Please don’t get mad at me” I pleaded through my sobs, “it’s just
that….”, “What?! That someone else is seeing you getting your diaper
changed? Big deal – you’re a bedwetter and we all know it! Just suck on that nipple and don’t say another word” “Ok, ok” the new nurse said trying to relax her coworker. “Why don’t you go finish your rounds and I’ll
finish diapering him” “Fine” she said, “but it’s amazing how much more
work a little boy in a man’s body can be than just dealing with a kid.

And by the way, this guy wets a lot, so here’s a diaper doubler to put over his wee wee before he pees  all over you.”  For some reason the comment didn’t even bother me and the new nurse took the doubler in one hand and finished powdering me with the other. She then took her coworkers advice and placed the doubler over my ‘wee wee’ before pulling the diaper up between my legs and taping it on securely.

“There” she said, “protected again’, but I can see the sheets are damp, so why don’t you climb out of bed and go stand there in the corner
while I change the sheets for you.” I think she realized I was feeling some
sort of pride of ownership as I held my stinky diaper tight in one hand,
and sucked my thumb with the other, because she didn’t even try to take
it from me. I walked to the corner with nothing on but my diaper and
stood there as I watched her change the sheets.

It felt like I had more clothing on than I really did and looked down to find that I had been put in a large adult diaper rather than a small/medium diaper, which is my normal size. The result was a diaper that was too large on me and made me look like a little boy overly diapered! The top, non absorbent part of the disposable diaper, came up well above my belly button and really high in the back, above my waist.

My mind was blissfully blank and I was enjoying the mixture of smells
in my room, which were exactly that of a baby’s nursery, when a group
of young nursing students started to come in looking to find the nurse
that was attending to me. My nurse, noticing the group, asked them to
please wait for a moment before coming in and then turned to me and said “let’s get you more presentable, shall we?”

I just stood there waiting for her to do what she wanted, which was to first to take my thumb out of my mouth and replace it with the pacifier. “I think the pacifier looks a bit nicer than having your face covered by your hand”. With one hand now free, she gave me the stuffed bear to hold, which was very soft as I pulled it close to my chest. “Very cute” she said as she went to pull my wet diaper out of my other hand. “I think you’ve held that stinky diaper long enough.

Let’s throw it out, shall we?” As she went to take it, I pulled it closer to me as if it were a trophy that I was being asked to give back. “Wow” she said, “you really are proud of what you did in that, aren’t you?” I did feel  pride, but had no words to say to her, so I just looked down. ‘Ok, honey, but I HAVE to throw it out before I leave.”

At this point she told the group of nurse they could come in and about
8 cute nurses in white uniforms walked in and then stopped dead in
their tracks as they saw me standing in the corner. My nurse just continued to change the sheets as she said that she’d be done in a moment and they could then continue their rounds together. What a sight I must have been. A grown man naked, except for wearing an oversized diaper, standing in the corner of a room wreaking of baby smells, sucking a pacifier and holding a stuffed bear and an old wet diaper, as if it were the holy grail.

The reactions varied from an outburst of laughing to just a raised
eyebrows from the nurse in the front of the group. “Ok, girls”, my nurse
said. Let’s have some degree of respect for all our patients”. Five of the nurses who were clearly stifling comments and laughs had to leave to
avoid the wrath of their superior. Three, however, seemed genuinely
interested in approaching me and the thing is, none of what was happening had any effect on me.

It was just me, without any pretense, without embarrassment and without any real emotion attached to what should have been a truly humiliating experience. It was as if the last 9 hours had removed from me any degree of self-consciousness and I welcomed the attention I was about to get.

All three girls walked over to me, having first glanced at my diapered
butt, and then the first girl, who was blonde, cute, but very flat
chested, asked me what my bears name was. I shrugged my shoulder as I contently sucked on the rubber nipple and she smiled quite comfortable with my not having an answer. “These sheets are wetter than I thought”, my nurse said as she continued to prepare my bed and then added “I guess the bigger the boy, the bigger the bedwetter”.

As they stared at the huge wet spot, the blonde responded by saying that her brother had been a diapered bedwetter until he was 16 and that the smell in this room and the stack of diapers and paraphernalia, reminded her of her brothers room. I liked hearing that.

The next student nurse who had beautiful brunette hair, a turned up
nose and a very sexy smile asked me why I was holding a wet diaper so
tightly. My nurse responded for me by saying “Oddly enough, I think he’s so pleased with how wet he made it, that he wants to show people” and so the sexy nurse looked at me and said “do you want me to see how smelly and wet it is, sweetie”.

Then she added, “You made in it quite a bit, so you’re a really good boy for having had it on in the first place!” I smiled as if agreeing, raised it a little higher for her to see it even better and saw her sour expression as she got a whiff of it.

The third nurse was looking directly at my new diaper and pointing to
my crotch, as if wanting to make sure everyone nearby was sure of where to look. I followed her direction, as well, and saw the focus of
everyone’s attention, which was the rapid spreading of a small yellow spot underneath the diapers outer plastic into a huge display of my diaper
getting soaked.

I didn’t even know it was happening, so I watched with them, but then I felt that familiar warmth filling my crotch and the connection was made. As I smiled at the nice feeling, one nurse added that “I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this before, but with a diaper this big it looks like he’s ready for anything that comes out”.

We were all enjoying the show when my attention got diverted to the
chest of the black haired nurse. I could make out the lace on her bra as I
gazed down the v-neck of her uniform. The contour of her large breasts
seemed to fill my eyes as if there were nothing else for me to see, and I
instinctively let the pacifier fall from my mouth, my bear drop from my
hand, and let my thumb pop itself back in to where it needed to be.

One nurse picked up the pacifier, one picked up the bear and then they both turned to give them to me, but at that point all they saw was me intently and happily engrossed with sucking my thumb with my eyes glued to their coworker’s breast.

She slowly pulled the stinky diaper out of my hand with two fingers, as if it were radioactive and dropped it in the nearby trash can. I watched
it as it made a loud plop on the plastic liner in the can and felt a little like I had just lost a friend. This wasn’t lost on my nurse who said “I’m so sorry, honey, but it has to be thrown away now and besides, you’re already wearing another wet one”, and replaced my empty hand with the bear as she led me back to bed. “I sure wished you hadn’t peed again so fast, but these are absorbent diapers and there’s room for one more big wetting before you have to get changed again”.

“Oh! That reminds me!” she said, and then reached over to a plastic
bag on the table. I watch as she reached in and pulled out what was a
very familiar sight – a shiny new pair of adult plastic panties. She said
she had requested a pair for me to slip over my disposable diaper ‘just
in case’ I wasn’t changed soon after my next wetting and that all the
nurses knew I needed more than the usual bedwetter to keep my sheets

She shook them out in front of her until they were completely open.
They were so shiny and looked so soft that even my nurse said they
looked like a nice pair and that they would give me that little extra
protection that heavy bedwetters need. At that point, she stretched out the waist band as she brought it to the floor and said ‘in you go, baby’.

I stepped into them with ease and looked down as she slid them up my legs and over my already wet disposable. In an instant, the disposable diaper had been swallowed up by my plastic panty and I did like the new feeling of being even more protected than before from those embarrassing leaks.

She guided me up on to the bed, laid me down and reached under the
waistband of my panty. She told me she really needed to get on with her day as she pulled my sheets up and then the side rails. She looked down at me with tender compassion and maybe a little pity, but neither emotion really registered because I had another bodily function that was distracting me. As I looked into her eyes and sucked the sweet saliva off my thumb, a familiar sound emerged from deep within my diaper and I exploded a huge poop into the back of my diaper.

I didn’t break my gaze, but the muffled sound seemed to really surprise her, and after the realization set in, she looked at me, smiled and gently said, ”after what you’ve put us through you, you’re going to have to stay in this one for awhile, young man”. I knew she was right and as she left, I have no doubt she heard the sound of me beginning to cry.

Written By: Eric

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