The Baby Sitter Who Wets The Bed
Kim the babysitter arrived at the house where she was babysitting and she was greeted by the mom who showed her around the house telling her things what she should do and the kids bed time and how her son who was ten had a bed wetting problem.

She said to Kim that he had to wear his goodnights to bed every night and if he wets the training pants two nights in a row
he would have to wear his sisters pampers size six baby diapers taped to him. Kim said to the mom "is that a little extreme?". The mom said "I have had enough of him acting like a baby maybe this will humiliate him and he will try harder not to wet the bed or pee his pants like a toddler who is not toilet trained."

Kim then said "well your his mom so I will do what you want". Then the mom said that her son could have friends over but if they wet the bed they to have to wear a training diaper the next time they sleep over.

Kim nodded her head and the mom then told her that the last babysitter for some reason was wearing her two year olds pampers diaper to bed because she was peeing the bed at night.

Kim was shocked and asked how old was she? The mom said she was nineteen. Kim could not believe that a girl that old was wetting the bed like a five year old. The mother said "I came home early one night and she was sleeping in the guest room and her sheets were pulled up and I could see the baby diaper she was wearing under her panties. so I walked up and checked her diaper and it was pissed.

I then shook her to wake her up she woke and tried to hide the fact that she was wearing my daughters pampers diaper. I told her right there and then that she no longer was going to
babysit for me. I can't have a babysitter who still pee pee the bed and wears my daughters diapers.

Kim then said "what happen to her next?". The mom said "I walked her home in just a pampers diaper and my daughters baby top with a blue bonnet and baby soother in her mouth".

Kim was in shock you mean everyone saw her in diaper and dressed up looking like a baby? The mom said yes and all the kids in the neighborhood some who she babysat saw her and made fun of her. Some even came over and checked her diaper and asked her is it time you change your diaper.  Which made her pee and over pee her baby diaper and all the kids started to laugh and say "you still pee your pants and have wear diapers. Your still a baby who cant tell when she is peeing her diaper".

I finally got her to her house where her little brother who was five saw her and ran to get his mom. When the mother came to the door she saw her daughter and asked me what happened.

I went inside and talked to her and told her how I found her
daughter sleeping wearing my two year old pampers diaper and they were in need of changing. Her mom looked at her daughter and said "well what do you have to say for yourself?".

The daughter was crying and said "I don't know how it happened, I just started having bed wetting accidents the week I was babysitting. Just a little the first night but it got worse every night after till I completly wet the bed on the fourth night. I tried on one of the good nights thinking it might help but her son came in the room that morning and saw I was wearing
one of his toilet training diaper and checked me and found I
had wet myself . I woke up and he said to me why are you wearing one of my goodnights. 

I was so humiliated and began to cry and over pee my diaper right that moment. He saw that I was peeing my pants and said well it looks like you can't control your bladder in the day time ether. So I think you should have to wear my sisters pampers for the rest of the day and to bed. Because we can't have you peeing your self in front of everyone can we.  I was so upset I did what I was told and let him change my now soaking wet training diaper and put a new dry pampers diaper on me with some duck tape to hold it together. The rest of the week until his mom found me I had to wear diapers 24/7 I even started to poop my diaper in the day and night. 

Kim's mom was so upset she said "I almost have your
brother out of diapers and now my nineteen year old daughter has to go back to wearing diapers and be re-toilet trained how not to pee and poop herself like a one year old".

Well I told my now ex-babysitter mom if she ever need someone to babysit her daughter that I could or my son seeing that he had to diaper change her for the last two days.

Kim said how embarrassing that would be if she had to go back to wearing diapers. the mom said lets hope that it does not come to that okay.  Kim laugh and said maybe when I am eighty or ninety I will wear diaper but not today .

                      Written by: Fred

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