Well My story begins with the fact that ever since I was 6 years old I've liked diapers. I remember when I was seven my grandmother took me to the movies and I wouldn't be quiet, so she threatened (as if it was a joke) by saying "If you don't be quiet I will put you in diapers when we get back to the house."

And well as you know I like to wear diapers so I just kept it up, hoping that she wasn't joking. By the end of the movie she had said “That's it, when we get back we are going to have you diapered.” and that was that.

We got back and she opened up my little cousin’s room and she laid me on the changing mat and diapered me and put me in the crib and said "You are not allowed to leave this crib until that diaper is wet and messy." I felt so good like I was in heaven, then came my urge to pee.

I let it out and my diaper was now sopping wet about a half hour later when I was playing with his baby toys I didn't even notice until I sat down but I pooped my diaper. When I sat down it just mushed all over my petite little butt. That was the end of that story.

    My Next story is when I used my bike, I was wearing a skirt, to ride down to a Brooks when I was 12. when I got there I bought a pack of depends. Quickly I asked the cashier where the bathroom was and she said, "Right down that hall, sweetie."

Taking the diapers with me I ran to the bathroom and pulled down my panties and put the diaper on. It felt so good. I just sat there for a while and somehow my mind retreated and I fell asleep like a baby when I awoke 30 minutes later I felt my diaper to see that it was wet.

Then about five minutes later the same cashier, who I checked out with, came into the bathroom and said "Did Little Rebecca Wet her diapers?" I tried to speak but she stopped me. She quickly changed me and said "Look Beck I know what your doing and if you want I'll keep these diapers behind the desk so that way you won't have to hide them from your mom.

Then I remembered that my mom still wouldn't be home for three hours I could easily get back home and wet the diaper and then still have plenty of time to dispose of it. So the cashier said her name was Sam and then she patted me on the butt and told me to get lost and come back tomorrow.

I came back the next day and the next for a whole three weeks until I ran out of diapers, at that point I was so used to just letting go of my bladder I just did it every once and a while by accident. And that concludes that story. Oh and if you were wondering my mom didn't get back till 7 o'clock every night so I never had a problem with her.

   My final story is about a boy. At this time I was 14 years old which is the age I am today. My story starts when I was in 8th grade and I really liked this cute boy named Tim. He was the Jumper for the basketball team and an excellent athlete all around.

Surprisingly not any girls were into him. I decided to go and talk to him and I got nervous. As we committed small talk I got even more nervous and then without thinking I peed. (Remember I said I got so dependable on the diapers in the second story well this was one of the results). Then I ran away crying into the girls bathroom.

That night I fell asleep at three a.m. And at school the next day Tim didn't show. Then that night a brick broke through my window it had a note attached to it and I woke up screaming. but my parents were heavy sleepers and slept through it.

I read the note it had said "Dear Rebecca, I noticed how you peed yesterday and I realized you didn't notice it until you finished. I then realized that you were a TB. The reason I didn't come to school today was because I was writing this note all day. You see my parents are out of town and I was wondering would you like to come over and have a diaper party just you and me. I don't like to wear diapers but I would like to try them or just baby you. whatever you choose just tell me at school tomorrow. Love Tim".

I went over his house that day and he babied me all day. We had so much fun and then we dated until the year was over. He was going to an out of state high school so we broke up and tomorrow I am going into high school.

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Written by: Rebecca
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