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While growing up, my family couldn't afford such luxuries as a three bedroom house, a washer, or a dryer. My siblings and I always had to share everything and nothing was ever wasted in our house. I was the eldest of five children. 

While growing up, I was always the prince of the castle. My four sisters resented this. When I was nine, my youngest sister was born. By this time I had already had a strange fascination with playing with my sisters' dolls and having secret tea parties in my room.

When my parents were away, I used to steal some of my baby sister's diapers. I would powder myself and put them on. I would then enjoy defecating in them. When I was twelve, my father caught me wearing a pull-up and severely beat my fetish out of me. I was traumatized after this experience.

Throughout high school, my repressed fantasies continued. I tried to hold this in, but I could not stop. My younger sisters kept me with a constant supply of training diapers. Veronica, my second youngest sister had to wear diapers up until third grade, so her diapers always fit me.

She always had helped me obtain diapers and was usually made fun of by her peers because of her weight problem and underdeveloped bladder. After turning fourteen, I began dating and stopped wearing my sister's diapers. My parents never caught me after that horrible experience because my sister never told me secret.

By college I had mostly forgotten about these fantasies. I was nervous about my freshman year, like most people. However, I wasn't nervous for the usual reasons. My calculus teacher, Mr. Howard, happened to be the father of one of the girls I had dated in high school. He had a vendetta on me because I dumped his daughter two weeks before the Senior Prom. To add to this, I never was a great math student. Diapers were the last thing on my mind at this point.

One day after class I approached Mr. Howard and asked for extra help. He said, "Normally I don't help students outside of class, but for you I will make an exception. You may come to my house tonight at eight if you wish to receive extra help." This made me even more nervous. I didn't know why he would make an exception for me, but I also wasn't too keen on the idea of going to his house at night.

I arrived promptly at eight. Caroline Howard answered the door. We exchanged the standard greetings and I asked to see her father. "Oh, he's in the study. Make sure you knock before you enter. Just go upstairs and it is the second door on the left."

I had been at her house a few times before, but I had never been upstairs. They always this crazy rule about taking your shoes off. Their floors were entirely covered in soft fluffy white carpet and it seemed like a sin to even walk on such perfection.

I knocked on the door only to receive no reply. I waited for what seemed like a lifetime. "I need a moment!", Mr. Howard shouted at me through the door. I could barely hear him through the solid wooden door, but I knew exactly what he said. A few moments later, he opened the door.

I noticed that his study was unlike any study I had ever seen before. When I was told by Caroline that he was in the study, I pictured a desk and bookshelves. However, this study was very plain looking with a wooden bench, three wooden chairs, a long table, and a few paintings that looked like younger versions of Mr. Howard. The walls were painted with a strange robin's egg blue hue that reminded me of a sky during a perfect day. There was another door that seemed like it was seldom used by anyone.

"This is the study. You'll find a chair over there. Bring it over to the desk and sit down." I sat down promptly. There was no clock in this room and by the time I looked at my watch for the first time it read 10:30. I couldn't believe that time had passed so quickly. It was as if this room had a spell on me.

"This room has always made time seem as if it doesn't move.", Mr. Howard said after he noticed me glancing at my watch. "I suppose it is time you left. I have seen noticeable improvement in your studies, but this Saturday, I would like you to come back at noon to review some more. I have some new studying techniques that I would like to show you to improve your grades. I feel that you are solid on the calculus, but your study habits aren't solid enough."

I went home to an almost-empty house. I was tired and it was late, and everyone was in bed except for my sister Veronica. She was now in Jr. High, and it was a long time since she had worn diapers. Except for the occasional bed wetting by my youngest sister Emily, there were no diapers in the house.

"How did the studying go?", she inquired. "Fine I guess. I get a bad feeling about Mr. Howard though. I don't trust him for some reason." She then said, "Well, at least it's better than my classes. I still get made fun of by everyone."

I remembered all the good times I used to have with her. She and I have always been close. I suddenly wanted to wear a diaper badly. I went to bed without doing so because I was in college, so I was well beyond that.

On Saturday, I woke up late and rushed over to Mr. Howard's house for his dumb studying session. I felt really solid about my calculus now and found no point in learning how to study. I already know how to study I thought.

Against my better judgment, I didn't say anything to him. I went back to his study room. This time I was prepared for time to pass quickly, so I decided ahead of time that I would look at my watch often. Hopefully Mr. Howard wouldn't notice.

Mr. Howard opened the door to the study. "Put this on!", Mr. Howard exclaimed. I had no idea what had gotten into him. Had Veronica spoken to him or did he have a secret tap into my mind? I saw the thing of my dreams being presented by my worst nightmare. Mr. Howard held a diaper and pacifier in his hands.

I shot a look of confusion and he stuck the pacifier in my mouth. I tried to speak but I couldn't. He took off my clothes and diapered me. "Now, you are going to do calculus until you dirty that diaper you little brat." Without being able to respond, I simply nodded and went about to my studies. So this was awkward, but it was obvious that I was getting a massive erection in the diaper I was wearing.

He told me, "People concentrate better when they are wearing diapers. I am going out for awhile. Complete 100 problems from chapter 6. Once completed I will change you.

Now I am going to watch college football. I have a video monitoring system in this room. If I see you try to take off your diaper or pacifier I will fail you. You will come to my house each Saturday and complete 100 problems from each chapter. If this is not completed, you will fail my course and have to repeat this."

I couldn't complain about any of this except for the actual calculus, but I only wish he had a dress for me to wear. "Oh, by the way, you will also need to wear this", he said. It was a little girl dress. At that time, I was the happiest I had ever been.

I intentionally failed Mr. Howard's class for three years and eventually failed out of college and stayed in that room for twenty years. Mr. Howard died and left me an inheritance of diapers and baby food and I was a baby forever.


Written By: Mikel Lee Danzig