ATTENTION: This story is NOT true. Although some facts in them are. The story in and of itself are NOT true. Enjoy.

       It all started at age 16. I was recruited by a special ops team to go into hospitals as a patient and investigate. I was sent in to hospitals when our team got reports of abuse or cruel and unusual punishment. In this last case it was a city hospital near Rockdale.

     From the outside it looked like a ok place. We had our eye on it for a little while. What was not able to be seen from the outside was what was being done to kids on the inside. We have been getting reports of kids telling their parents that they were put in cribs and forced to wear diapers. Well of course the parents did not believe them. I mean, would you? Come on, cribs and diapers.

     So the kid found us on the net. "Under cover kids". Our group was not famous. Except to those who knew us. I guess we were sort of like the A-Team for kids. We didn't charge much. But we were well outfitted. Our main leader was a rich kid down in Beverly hills. He founded the group and paid well to those who pulled jobs inside. His dad was a patients rights advocate for California that had won the lottery twice. His son had started the little group many years back.

    Anyway's now I was a part of this special group. I had found it on the net once myself. I e-mailed the guy and was brought on board. Was told where the branch of the group was based in my area and was brought in.

    Well I was in bed after being prepped for entry. I was trained on security systems for the hospital. The codes for the locked doors. And I had gone over detailed files of the staff. While sleeping with all this info in my head my phone rang. It was about 2:30am. It was my boss. My mom picked up "Hello?" my boss said "Hello, is Stanley there?" my mom said "He's sleeping, who's this?" My boss replied "This is a friend of his, can you please wake him?" She said "ok just a minute".

    She woke me up and said "Your friend is on the phone for you". It was my boss. He said "Get ready, your going in in 3 hours. Suit up". I sat up and said "Oh boy". I had been hearing about this job for months. I had been reading on it for the last year. Now I was going in with 3 others. One about every hour was going in.

     I got up and grabbed my special ops hospital bag and sat on my bed and got ready. My pants were sweat pants with a cordless voice transmitter sewn into the waist. The shirt was a basic shirt. My shoes were velcro with the hell carved out. In the heal was keys to leather restraints. All agents carried them.

    Well soon it was my time to go in. The base called the police and told them I was trying to kill myself with a knife. When they came I put on the act. I pleaded with the police to shoot me in the head. The asked me why I wanted them to do that. I told them because I was a looser and wanted to die. Then I went all out and tried to take their gun. They put me on the ground and cuffed me and the police told one of the team leaders that they were taking me to the hospital that was our target.

     Everything was going perfect. The police took me to the hospital. I continued the act in the back seat of the cop car. I cried and begged them to kill me. I was very convincing. That was the main reason the team liked me. I could cry on cue. Well after a 20 minute drive to the hospital with the base van following close we arrived.

    The police care pulled up to the door of the crisis office. Both officers stepped out of the car and left me alone. I used this time to radio the base van. "Unit 3 to base, do you read?". I waited a sec and then I heard "Base copy unit 3. You are coming in 5 by 5. You are a go. unit 1 and 2 are already in position." I replayed with a "10-4 base".

    Just then the police officer came to the door and took off my seat belt and walked me into the crisis center. The officer removed the cuffs and sat me on a little bench in front of some desks. I sat and listened as did the base van as the officers explained to the crisis worked that I had tried to kill myself with a knife and tried to take the other officers gun. The lady glanced over at me and I again turned on the water works.

As all this info was being radioed to me and the other 2 units were listening to the transmission. When each unit went in the ones already in were to keep radio silence so the van and the unit can talk. This was the way it worked.

     Once inside the locked unit the strip search was conducted. We were very good at this. We knew from trial and error most hospitals didn't search clothing very well. So we were able to sneak in quite a bit. And we were well funded so we had the top of the line material.

   As we figured they found none of the communication equipment. My clothes were returned and I was led to a room to check in my wallet and such. Of course the wallet was not really mine. My real stuff was back at the base in holding. I was given the fake ID's and such. They checked it in to their safe and they called the nurse's station to tell them I was ready to go onto the unit.

      A male nurse motioned for me to get up and follow him. Which I did. As I was walking down the hall to the unit I was looking all around. I noticed the 4 solitary rooms. One of which had a clue. There was a dry diaper on the floor in  one of the rooms. So I said out loud "Excuse me, what is that diaper doing on the floor in that room?". The staff told me not to worry about it and keep walking.

    The van outside was listening to all the units as always and was recording when I mentioned the diaper in the room. So we had our first clue that some thing may be out of place. Which warranted us to investigate. Although I still had yet to see a crib of any kind yet.

     I was finally led through the locked door to the ward. Once on the ward I was met by the other 2 agents already inside. We were lucky enough to all be in the same room. The rooms had 3 beds each. Which worked out well because no one would know what was up.

  Well that night we just decided to eat and rest up before the next day. We check in every hour to the van by radio as always. Plus we called the base by phone each day and pretended we were calling our parents. While each of us slept one of the 3 of us would keep watch.

       Soon the sun was up and we all were up and checking in. It was 7am and one by one "Unit 1 to base, checking in". And the van would confirm each unit check in with "base copy, unit checked in for 7am". each hour they would sound off to the base and be confirmed.

      Today was the day we try to get some information from the kids there. Didn't get much from many of them. A lot had really tried to stay away from the solitary rooms and didn't get on the staffs bad side. And we had not found a bed wetter there yet.

     So by noon of talking to the kids when we were alone and away from staff we really didn't have much to go on. So after talking with each other we decided to do some tests. Unit 1 was to pour warm water on his bed that night and pretend to have wet it. Unit 2 was just to get in some trouble to get into the solitary room to survey it. My job was the hardest. But that was why I was there.

   My job was to get into so much trouble that they went all the way with me. That was my job. I was also to wet the bed. And then pitch a fit and turn on the tears. That was my best thing. So after clearing the new mission for the night with the van we were set to go. We spent the rest of the afternoon interviewing kids.

     Finally we hit one that knew something. He was what we were looking for. A bed wetter. I was the one talking to him. He told me about what happened to him a week ago. He told me that he had wet his bed. And he had been warned not to do it again or else. Well he said he couldn't help it and he wet the bed for the 3rd time in 5 days he had been there.

    Can't blame him. These places are scary place to be alone in. I knew a little about it but I always had a radio to talk to the van and I was always in with 1-2 other agents on any hospital missions. So tonight was out chance. I was the main lead in our plan. It was up to me to get in trouble and push the staff to the point to where I was diapered and placed in a crib.

    So that night after checking in with the van I put my plan into action. I went to the bathroom and got a cup of warm water. I poured it out on the bed and then laid on the bed for a few minutes and let the water soak to the places needed to be believable. Then I got up and walked to the nurses station and told them I peed the bed.

They got upset. They had me strip and remake my bed and told me if I wet the bed again I would be in diapers. And if I could not stay dry I could sleep in a crib like the baby I was acting like. So after remaking the bed I laid and called the van on the radio. They had heard every word. I was instructed to proceed.

So 4 hours later I got up and repeated pouring the warm water on the bed and laying in it again. And I went to the nurses station again and told them "I am really sorry. I didn't mean to wet my bed. Please don't make me wear diapers". And then I let them take the lead.

They took my by the arm and took me to the restraint room and locked me in the room. I called the van and told them to stand by. I then put the radio on voice activated so I didn't have to push the button to transmit. Soon I saw them coming in the little window in the door.

They had a disposable diaper, powder and wipes. The 2 staff came in the room and relocked the door. I played my part good. I turned on the water works and started crying. I begged them not to diaper me. But of course they did exactly as we wanted them to. I was laid on the bed and the other nurse took off my wet clothes. Now naked I was cleaned with the wipes, powdered and taped into the diaper and then escorted back to my room in just a diaper and a T-shirt and put into bed and told if the diaper was wet in the morning I would be rediapered that night and I would be sleeping in a crib.

That was the exact threat we wanted them to follow through on. So of course I wet the diaper and went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to a staff standing next to my bed tapping me on the shoulder. He asked me to get up so he could check my diaper. And of course it was wet. He got really mad. He called me a baby and said "Since you can't seem to stay dry you can just stay in diapers and you will be sleeping in a crib tonight".

With that I was taken to the restraint room and was changed into a dry diaper and led to the breakfast room. All the other kids as well as the 2 agents looked at me in my diaper and T-shirt. The man said to the whole room "This is what happens to little BABIES that wet their beds". And then I was led to a table with a tray of food waiting for me.

The 2 other agents came over and sat with me. We began setting up the sting for that night. It was to go down like this. I would be diapered by the staff once again and then put in the crib for the night. By that time several police and patients rights advocates. Everyone was called and on stand by around the block.

About a hour later a staff came up to me and said "lets get you ready for bed". This was the cue that it was going down. I put on the tears and begged all the way not to be diapered and put in a crib. As I approached the room I saw the crib. Made of all metal with a top. There would be no way out of it.

I was taken to the room next to the one with the crib and put into a diaper and a sleeper with babyish prints. I was them put in the crib and the crib was locked and the staff put a bottle of milk in the crib and shut the door to the solitary room while saying "Have a nice night". And I said "Oh, I will". They guy didn't even realize what I meant by that.

I called the van and told them it was a go and what room I was in. No more than 30 seconds later you could hear police sirens of the police cars. The sound was deafening. Then I heard the ward door fly open and the sound of police running in saying "Police, everyone freeze". And then I heard my bosses dad say "He is in there. Get him out".

The door flung open and police followed in behind the bosses dad with camera's. The crib was filmed with me inside. I was let out and I approached the staff that had diapered me and put me in the crib. He said "Who are you?" I said "I belong to a special ops team that busts scum like you". And I walked off the ward waddling along with the 2 other agents.

That afternoon after I got all my stuff back I was taken home. The story was, I had spent the week with my friends camping. The base covered everything. So my mom was none the wiser.  But I liked the diapers so much that I am the only diapered agent on the team.

                                           THE END...


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