The Park
I am a very lucky adult baby. I have a good friend that works in a high place within Pampers and another good friend who makes her own clothes. These two women are both very good friends of mine who do almost everything I ask them. When I was 30, I told these two women about my obsession with being a baby and they immediately fell in love with it. These two women act as my mommy's.

As soon as she found out about my obsession, my friend at Pampers immediately started making me adult sized Pampers (same material, same designs) and bringing them to me. She would put them on me and punish me if I took them off to do anything. And my friend who makes her own clothes had no problems making me anything.

The first thing she did was make adult baby reigns with locking buckles in the back. She even found an adult sized baby pacifier for me. It was designed in some way, that if a certain part of it wasn’t pulled, there was no way to get out of your mouth. Then she made no thumb-mittens. Ah! I hate those mittens. And then she decided to make an outfit for me. You may email me to get a picture of me in it. The picture you will receive is about a year after this happened. The booties and that bib are not part of it though.

This is where the real story starts. One morning they came to my house and got me out of bed. They took off my clothes and put a sesame street diaper on me. They put this outfit on me (there’s a zipper on the front) and checked how tight my diaper was by opening the bum flap patting the diaper to see how much extra room there is. It was fine. They buttoned the flap back up and put the mittens on me.

They took me to the front hall where they put the baby reins on me. It was still 5 o clock in the morning. They took me down the street to the nearby park where they put the pacifier in my mouth and tied the leash to the reigns around a tree. They wrote on a sign "if you wish to help me, pull on the ring of my pacifier”. They spread out a baby blanket beneath the tree and put on it 3 adult pampers, 2 bottles of milk, baby wipes, and baby powder. They waved good bye to me and started to walk away.

I started to cry not because I am an AB, but because I didn’t want to be embarrassed like this. My natural AB habits came over me and I began to suck on the pacifier. Around 6 o clock there was a big gust of wind and the sign blew away. I tried to catch it but the baby reigns would not let me go far enough. And so, nobody knew I was a fully capable adult, they thought I was a mentally deficient eleven year old as my two friends had shaved off any of my hair that would make me look like an adult. I started to suck on the pacifier again.

The first person was a jogger. She stopped when she saw me, came over and pinched my cheek saying,”aren't you a cute little boy” in baby talk. I had not yet done anything in my diaper so she moved on and kept running. Before the next person came, I had to pee really badly since my friends had fed me three large baby bottles of milk before I came and I did, completely soaking my diaper with the very large wet.

The next person that came by was another lady and she smelled the urine and saw me sitting there teary faced and sucking on my pacifier and guessed the smell was coming from me and started walking towards me. I backed away as far as the reins would let me. At this point I had been holding in a poop for a while and suddenly it came out. The lady did not notice the change in the scent and started pulling me towards the blanket.

Once there, she laid me down on my stomach and opened the bum flap in the outfit. She touched the bum part of my diaper and felt not only the wet material but the warm mass inside it also. “aw you naughty wittle baby waby!” she said as wagged her finger at me. “you have a very wery stinky wittle diaper on, yes you do!” she then proceeded to take the outfit off of me.

She took off the dirty diaper and put a new one under me before she began to clean my diaper area. She used 3 wipes then spread powder all over me. She taped the new diaper on me and then stood me up. She looked at me standing there in just an adult baby Pampers, mittens and sucking on my pacifier. Then she asked me, “why don’t we go for a walk?”

She undid the reins from the tree and started pulling me away from the blanket. I tried to go back to the blanket but the lady pulled on the reins even harder. “come on, we can leave your stuff here. If you don’t want to cooperate I believe I have a baby stroller in the back of my car I believe you’ll fit in". I strained even harder. “fine then, baby stroller it is.” I tried to go against her but from lack of sleep, her strength overcame mine.

We had reached the car. She kept holding onto the reins as she opened her trunk and unfolded the baby stroller. She picked me up and put me down in the stroller with my legs underneath the tray. I tried to fight back as she strapped me in but with the mittens on I could barely do anything. I couldn’t even open the buckles. I was stuck.

I do not remember any further as at this point I went to sleep to avoid the embarrassment and woke up in a very wet diaper in my bed at my house. I’m sure It was not a dream

Written By: Bradley                                            

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