The Mental Institution
After my new relationship progressed from the "just good friends" stage, to an intimate one; I disclosed my incontinence to my girlfriend; who is a nurse, in the nearby mental institution. When she first saw me, in my cloth diaper & plastic pants (which I prefer over disposables) she informed me that she could get "better quality ones" for me, for free, from her ward; as they get new ones on a regular basis (even when not needed), & just throw away perfectly good ones which have been used only a few times.

The next evening, when she returned from work, she told me to remove my diaper, & she would put the institutional cloth diaper & plastic pants on me. As she pulled the plastic pants over my diaper, she went behind me to adjust it, & I felt the waist going very tight on me, & heard a "click" sound.

Asking her what the noise was; she laughed, saying: "Your new plastic panties, from the  institution, had a small chain inside the waistband, with a small padlock in back; which I just locked you into. This is because some of my incontinent patients may try to remove it, without my permission. Now you must wear this, until I decide to unlock it! It is impossible for you to slide the plastic pants down over your hips, unless I unlock it, & loosen it!"

After locking me into my new plastic pants, she said: "We have just enough time to go to my ward, & visit my friend, who was just admitted after trying to commit suicide. It will help her to adjust to her new surroundings, if we visit her." I asked her if I could be unlocked from my institutional plastic pants, until we got back from our visit; but she said "No, you will wear the institution's locking plastic pants, during our visit to the mental institution!"

Upon arrival, we had to sign in, as guests. She also had to sign in, as a guest, since it wasn't her regular work shift. Next, we went upstairs, & to a locked & guarded door. Showing our passes, a guard let us in.

Just before my girlfriend's friend met us in a lounge area; my girlfriend wanted to see my pass, to compare it to hers. They were starting to use a new pass form, but she had been given some of the old ones during her shift, as they were short on the new ones.

As our visit ended, & we were about to leave; I told my girlfriend that I needed to use the bathroom. My girlfriend said she would wait for me @ the guard's door. While in the restroom, I remembered that she still had my pass; but that would be ok, as I could get it from her, at the guard's door.

As I approached the door, I told the guard that my girlfriend had my pass. She had just been let thru; so the guard opened a small window in the door & asked her if she had my pass (this was a different guard, from the one who had let us in).

She replied: "He is not a guest. He is the mental patient that I came to visit!" Smiling broadly; she added: "Have a pleasant night. I will return in the morning, to visit you again!" My argument was to no avail; as the guard did not believe me. He ordered me to return to the lounge.

A few minutes later, a nurse told me it was time for me to go to my room for the night. I tried to explain the joke which my girlfriend pulled on me; but she did not believe me. She said to her assistant that I was a newly admitted patient, & my official records had not yet been forwarded to the ward; from the admissions' office.

After being escorted by the nurse to my room; she ordered me to remove my clothes. I was very embarrassed to have her see me wearing the institution's cloth diaper & locking plastic pants. She assumed that a nursing aid had already changed me, & put the locking plastic pants on me.

At 7 AM, the next morning, my bedroom door was unlocked, & my girlfriend arrived, at the start of her work shift. She informed me that she had submitted my official admission papers; & that I was "now an officially admitted mental patient; & that my stay would be permanent"; as indicated in the commitment papers which she had smuggled into the
admission's office.

She added: "Now you will be locked in here, for the rest
of your life; & will be locked into your cloth diaper & plastic pants at all times. I will decide when to unlock it, & change you! For my entertainment, you will use this pacifier, whenever I tell you to! Now start sucking on it (she put it in my mouth)!

Also, you will play with these baby toys whenever I tell you to, or I will lock you into solitary confinement & apply electric shocks to you (she gave me a baby rattle, a yellow duck, & some play blocks)! You are completely under my control, and will comply with my orders! Now crawl on the floor, while sucking on your pacifier - right now!"


                      Written by: JACK

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