The Hospital III (Bed wetters Hell)
Chapter 1

  It’s 8:00AM. Once again that beeper goes off. Time to go back to work. I look out the window and see the van waiting. I grab my duffel bag full of supplies and head out the door.

        On the way to location I get briefed as to what is going on. Seems once again patients are being abused with diapers. Seems bed wetter’s are being made fun of in front of everyone. Made to walk around in just diapers and a T-shirt for each night they wake up wet.

         My job is to go in and investigate. Gather names, proof and contact the authorities. We arrive around the block just after 9:30AM. I put on my gear and transfer to the company’s ambulance. I am put in restraints and the show is on.

         We arrived at the hospital a little after 10:00PM. While back up to the door where patients are received I start my act. I begin screaming to be let go. Of course it’s everything the staff expected from someone not wanting to be there. I am rolled in and transferred to their restraint room. Now alone my mission begins.

Chapter 2

“Hello Stanley, my name is Doctor Newman”. “Screw you” was my reply. Newman backed up a bit, Shocked at my reply. “How much Thorazine has he had nurse?” he asked. “300mg over the last 8 hours” she replies. Newman had a amazed look on his face. “300!?.....and he’s still awake!?”. I just smiled back.

Over the years of working for the company I had built up a tolerance to Thorazine up to many milligrams. It took very high doses to even make a dent. Of course they didn’t know my history. My chart was totally made up by the company. Even my last name was fake. All a cover.

Newman ordered that I remain in restraints another 4 hours. Then he read that I wore diapers. He looked back at me again shocked. A trend? He jotted something in the chart and then left the room and locked the door. Possible evidence?

4 hours passed and like ordered I was released. I was then changed into a clean diaper and led into the ward to join the others. As reported I noticed 2 kids had apparently had wet nights. Both were in diapers and T-shirts and nothing else. I just sat and watched from a chair in one corner of the room. Just observing everything first.

         Lunch finally arrived and I ate it quickly while watching everyone else. Looking for any possible evidence. But nothing abnormal happened besides the kids in nothing but diapers and T-shirts that is. Dinner was finished and then off to group.

        Group was also nothing abnormal. Nothing I haven’t seen on any other mission. Was a little hard to keep my mind on what was being said. My eyes kept looking over to the kids in nothing but diapers, they kept pulling on their shirts trying to cover the diapers. I could see they were very much embarrassed.

        After 2 more groups dinner was served. Again nothing abnormal. After dinner came a diaper change for me and the others who needed one. I was used to being changed so it wasn’t anything to me. But I did have pants on over the diaper, so I was pretty comfortable. The evening was spent in the day room watching TV.

      At 8PM I called the cell number for the mobile base unit parked around the corner. Making sure they are receiving my signal and reporting that everything is ok.  I hung up and went back to watching TV with the others.

Chapter 3

“It’s time for bed” one of the staff said. I looked at the clock and it was 10:00PM. I went to my assigned room and got into bed. It had a plastic sheet under all the sheets and blankets. Across from me was one of the kids that had a wet night. He got into bed and asked “Are you new?”.  “Yes” I replied. “Try hard not to wet the bed, or you will be sorry”.

I sat up a bit and said “What?”. He explained to me that he had wet the bed for the last 7 days, and every day he woke up, got his wet diaper changed and was put into a dry diaper, T-shirt and then walked out to the middle of the day room. When everyone was in the room, each person who wet the bed had to tell everyone else that they wet the bed. Then had to spend the day in diapers and a T-shirt only. Until they had a dry night that is.

The whole time he was saying this, the van around the corner was recording the transmission from my hands-free microphone sewn into the neck of my shirts. We had more evidence. Well after talking a little and getting to know each other we both went to bed.

The next morning at 8:00AM we both got up.  We both had wet nights. Today was Tommy’s 8th day and my first. By now Tommy had the whole process down. He sat on the edge of his bed till the nurse came in to check and then change him. Then it was my turn. “Don’t fight them” Tommy said on his way out the door.

The nurse checked and then changed my diaper as well. Wasn’t my first time being changed. Now I was being led into the day room where the process was to be completed. By 9:00AM everyone was gathered in the day room. Now it was time for the bed wetters to tell everyone publicly that they wet the bed.

        Tommy went first, with the whole room listening as instructed. “My name is Tommy, and I am wearing diapers because I wet my bed”. All those that didn’t wet the bed laughed for 5 minutes or so. Tommy hung his head in shame and sat down on a near by sofa.

“Your turn Stanley” the nurse said. “I ain’t saying that” I protested. None of you should have to say that crap. There is nothing to be ashamed of for being a bed wetter. Many people do it of all ages. Looking angry in my direction was Dr Newman. As I was on my soap box making my speech I was quick jabbed in the butt area with a needle. Yep, Thorazine. I was dragged off to the restraint room and put in restraints. All activity being recorded of course.

Chapter 4

      About 8 ½ hours later I finally was waking up. A male nurse came into the room, checked my diaper and seeing it was wet changed it. Then Dr Newman entered the room and instructed the nurse to release me. As I was taken back to the day room Dr Newman instructed me that I better start doing as I am told. He escorted me to the day room and then went about his evening routines.

     It was almost dinner time. I sat on a near by sofa next to Tommy. “Did it hurt” Tommy asked. I looked at him confused. “The injection….did it hurt?”. “Na, I am used it” I replied. Tommy and I began once again talking about what goes on here. I learned some very interesting information. It seems at visiting time all the kids are allowed to be dressed, but then as soon as all the visitors leave all the kids that wet the bed have their pants taken away again.

      So there was no way to prove what was going on. What about the diapers? Hospitals way of dealing with bed wetters and nothing really abnormal about it. Isn’t it written in the chats? Nope, nothing abnormal in the charts to prove this was going on. Which explains why this has gone on so long.

     Finally 6:00PM came and dinner was served. I felt weird sitting at the table in nothing but a diaper and T-shirt. I decided I wasn’t going to take this. I got up and walked toward my room, no one noticed I got up till the staff member said “Stanley, where are you going?”. “To get some pants on” I replied as I continued walking to my room. The staff member set his clipboard down and started walking in my direction. By this time everyone stopped eating to watch the show.

     The staff member stepped in front of the door way and ordered me to return to my seat. I asked him politely to move. By this time 2 more staff where standing next to me. Another was coming out the nurses station with restraints in hand. I said “Either move or I will move you”. With that the staff grabbed me. Wrong move.

       The first staff member I laid down with a kick to the nuts. He dropped instantly. However he ripped the mic off my shirt so the van lost contact. I was on my own. The staff member to my right got a sucker punch to the stomach which also went down trying to catch his breath. The one to my left backed off real fast. “Call security” he shouted in a scared voice. By now all the kids were yelling and cheering me on.

      The staff with the restraints ran in my direction, I tripped him and then knocked him out with a strike to the back of the head. What I didn’t see is the guy right behind him. By now the day room was filled with staff. The kids stopped cheering and the restraints were put on and I was back on my way to the restraint room for another 8 hours.

      I was carried into the room and slammed down on the bed and held down while they secured the restraint straps to the bed and then I was injected and they left the room. About 30 minutes later Dr Newman looked through the little window in the door, but that was it. There I laid for 8 hours in nothing but a diaper and T-shirt.

Chapter 5

     I woke up around 7am the next morning in my room. No memory of how I got there. Tommy came over to my bed just as I woke up asking “Are you ok man?”. “Yea, I think so” sounding confused. “You sure got guts man” Tommy said with excitement. “About time someone showed them”.

     Just as he finished saying that 4 guys rushed into the room pushing Tommy onto his bed and out of their way. I tried to sit up to fight but was too late to react. They began putting the restraints on me. To my surprise the bed had places to secure restraints to. I tried my best to fight but it was useless. They had me down in under 5 minutes.

     “What the hell is going on now” I said in a very angry voice. “We wanted to save time, so we figured instead of waiting for you to make a scene and take out some more of our staff we would just put you in restraints first thing”. I was changed and before I could say anything they left with Tommy.

       I could hear him faintly saying “My name is Tommy, and I am wearing diapers because I wet my bed” and the room full of kids laughing. My microphone was still out and I had not had contact with the van in over 12 hours. However the company would not be worried until I didn’t have contact for 36 hours.

     By 10:00AM visiting time began and the door to my room was shut and locked. I tried yelling for help but no one came. Pure silence. Was deafening. No one could hear me through the thick brick walls. After visiting time I was changed again. 

     The nurse left and then came back. My eyes suddenly got big. She had my breakfast. But not pancakes or cereal, it was a baby bottle with what looked like milk in it. I moved as far away from her as possible and refused to take the bottle. She said “Either take it or starve”. I didn’t really have a choice so I let her feed me the bottle.

     2 sucks into it I spit the content across the room. “What the hell is that?”. “Baby formula” she said. “Why the hell would you be feeding me baby formula?” I asked surprised. “Well, your acting like a baby, so you get formula till you can behave like a big boy” with that she put the bottle back in my mouth. I had no choice but to drink it. I had to keep myself from vomiting the whole time.

      Finally the bottle was empty and she left the room. Just then Tommy came in. “Dude are you ok?”. “No Tommy, not really”. “I never seen them do that before, you must have really made them mad”. “I have that effect on people” I said with a smile.

     “ I don’t normally do this Tommy, but could you do me a really huge favor?”. “Sure man, what is it?”. I gave Tommy the number to the company and asked him to call them and say “Agent Down” and hang up, nothing else. Confused Tommy said “Sure man”. Tommy took the piece of paper with the number on it and called the number. “Agent Down” he said and hung up the phone.

        “Agent Down” was a code we used to signal we need to be helped now. It was short and to the point, and normally something that could be said before staff would notice you were even on the phone.

       Tommy returned to the room and said “OK, I called them”. “Stay in here till I tell you it’s ok” I told Tommy. Confused Tommy sat on his bed as we waited. About 45 minutes passed and I could hear sirens in the distance. It was the company. About 10 minutes later I heard yelling coming from the nurses station and then my team walked through the door.

    “Just can’t stay out of trouble can you Stanley”. “Nope” I chuckled. I was released. With Tommy in hand we made our way to the exit. I passed the now handcuffed nurse who fed me the formula. I opened the baby bottle on the table and poured the formula that was in the bottle into her mouth. She instantly started spitting and coughing. “Not very good is it honey” I said.

     Dr Newman also handcuffed “Who the hell are you?”. “I am agent Stanley, hurt or abused another kid like you did here and you will be seeing me again, but not at least for another 30 years. Enjoy prison”.

     “Who are you” Tommy asked. “I will explain it all to you on the way to your house” I said. Tommy smiled and we waddled our diapered butts out of the hospital and into the company van.

    The End.

Written By: Stanley Thornton

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