The Accident
  I crossed my legs in frustration.  I was shopping in a K-mart with my mother when I felt the urge to pee.

“Mom, can I please go to the bathroom?” I asked

She said “Let me just try on this dress, then we will go.”  She picked out her size and a favorable color and we headed to the dressing room. 

We entered the same stall and I sat down on a bench while she tried the dress on.  The need to go pressed harder and I crossed my legs tighter in determination. 

Mom took the dress off and frowned in frustration.  “This dress doesn't fit, I’ll go get another one, stay here.”  She hurried out of the room.  2 minutes later, she had still not returned.  My bladder overflowed.  Soon my panties and shorts were soaked.  The pee dripped down to the floor. 

Then my mom came back.  I looked up,
Startled.  “Well, did you have an “accident”?” she questioned.  “Yes.” I said. 

She led me out of the stall and into the baby department.  She took a box of toddler training panties and a pair of pants that had a crotch snap  from one of the shelves. Then she went to the cashier and paid for the items.

She led me to the ladies room and took the biggest stall.  Once inside, she locked the door and pulled my shorts down.
“Now, since you can’t go potty like a big girl, you have to wear your new panties.” She stated. 

Then she slipped off my shorts and grabbed the box of training panties.  She opened it and pulled out a folded pair of panties.  She unfolded it and had me lift my legs one at a time.  Then she got out the pair of pants.  “These will make it easier to change you if you have an “accident”.” She said. 

She put these on me, gathered up the rest of the
training panties and put them in her pocket book, and opened the door of the stall. She fixed her hair at the mirror while I stared at my image.  I looked like a six-year-old in training pants because I had an accident! 

The top of the disposable panty showed, and made me look childish. My mom took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. She took a shopping cart and put me in the child seat.  When she strapped me in, I lost all hope. 

I started to whimper, and then I sobbed loudly.  “Shhh, baby, don’t cry, it’s alright.,” said my mommy. I sobbed louder in frustration and then wailed. My mommy took a pacifier out of her pocketbook and plunked it in my mouth. I started to suck, and accept my new life as a toddler. 

We continued shopping, and I think that it was somewhere between the Furniture section and Food section that I had to poop. I made a face and squatted. A squishy mess filled the training pants and I chortled at the sound it made. My mommy looked at me and wondered what made me giggle. Then she sniffed the air and knew. 

She directed the cart back toward the Baby section and bought a large box of baby diapers. She paid for them and then we went to the restroom. When I was all laid out on the changing table, my mom exclaimed “Oh, no.  I forgot the wipes.”

Then she saw an elderly lady washing her hands.  “Excuse me, but could you watch my daughter for a minute while I go get the wipes?” she asked.

The lady said, “I’ll be happy to.”
My mom rushed out the door.
“Hello, honey.  What’s your name?” asked the lady.
“Katy.” I giggled.
“Well, Katy, how old is you?”
“ Fwee!” I exclaimed.
“Wow, 3 years old.  You’re only a baby then.  For a minute I thought you were older.”
“Baby.” I repeated solemnly.
“Did Katy make poopy in her diapy?” she cooed, as she un-taped the panties.

She slid the messy diaper in the garbage and continued to coo at me.  “Your mommy forgot the wipes, so I’m watching you for her.” I sucked on the pacifier for a minute or two, and then my mom was back. 

“Thank you,” she told the lady.  She cleaned me up gently with the wipes and then lifted my behind. As she slid the soft, ultra-thick diaper on me, I kicked my legs in happiness. Then she taped it up and re-did the crotch snap on my pants. With another ‘thank-you’ to the lady, we were off to shop some more. She made another visit to the Baby department and bought the following:
3 baby bottles
2 toddler sippy cups
1 car seat
2 bibs
2 cartons of baby food
1 box of diapers
1 toddler potty for training
2 pacifiers
1 baby carriage
2 pairs of pants with the crotch snap
2 rompers
3 onesies
2 pairs of rubber pants
1 teddy bear

She took the items and paid at the cashier, who smiled at me and asked my mother “How old is she? 3?”

My mother replied “Twelve, actually, but she started having a lot of wetting and bowel movement accidents in the car and I put her in diapers because it is a medical problem.  Her bladder is that of a 3 year old, and her body is really quite small, so it is much easier.”

The clerk seemed surprised at the response, but continued to coo at me while she rung up the total. When she was done, we headed out to the car and my mom set up the car seat in the back.

She strapped me in and raised the safety bar. I kicked my legs and sucked on the pacifier some more. My mom started to drive toward the main road. “Oh, Katy, we have to go see mommy’s friend, I left something there yesterday at her house.” She exclaimed.

She drove about 24 miles, and then we were there.She parked in front of the house, got out of the car, and unbuckled me. Carrying me on her hip, she grabbed the diaper bag and walked up the steps to the front door.  She rang the doorbell, and a woman appeared. 

“Hello, Sandra.  What a nice surprise.  What brings you here?” she asked.
“Oh, I think I might’ve left my cell phone here yesterday.” Answered my mom.
“Yes, you did, but why don’t you stay and chat awhile?”
My mother readily agreed and they talked on the couch while I was plopped on the floor and told to be a “good girl”.

I sucked on the pacifier and listened to their conversation.  It was mostly about work, and the stock market.  I felt a bubble of gas coming, and as I burped, my pacifier fell out.  I started to cry. My mom picked the pacifier and me up, and rocked me gently until I felt drowsy.

Although I was almost asleep, I overheard a snatch of their
conversation, about me. “Well, Sandra, who is the adorable baby you have with you? A niece, perhaps?” My mother chuckled a bit, but then she answered “No, Mary, this is Kaitlyn. She had an “accident” and then she decided
to accept it, so I treat her as a 3-year-old baby now.”

Mary answered, but I did not hear her because I was far off in dreamland. When I woke up, I was on my bed at home and
My mommy was changing my wet diaper.  I giggled and said “Hi mommy!” She smiled at me and said “Katy, your old friend wants to see you today. She’s coming over.”

I started to panic. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this!  What if they made fun of me?! Just then, the doorbell rang.  My mom taped up the diaper, put me on her hip and ran to answer the door. It was my old friend Ashley. My mother put me down and I hid behind her leg, ashamed of my baby self.

“Who’s the baby?” asked Ashley.
“Well, you won’t believe me but it’s Katy.”

Ashley stared hard at me for a minute and said “Katy, is that really you?”I removed my thumb from my mouth and looked at her. I started to cry.  I missed my friends so much!
My mommy scooped me up and rocked me while she invited Ashley to take a seat so she could explain.  When mom sat me down in the playpen, I retreated to the farthest corner and sat cross-legged there.  My thumb returned to my mouth, and the rhythmic sucking soothed me.

My mom explained to Ashley what had happened, and Ashley volunteered to baby-sit me this afternoon while she went grocery shopping. My mother agreed. I was to spend the day with Ashley! I crawled to the front of the pen and gave her a childish smile. She smiled back and came over.  She picked me up and sat me on her lap. 

I laid back contentedly as she rocked me back and forth. 
I got a little drowsy and Ashley carried me up to my crib. She tucked me in with Teddy, and I fell asleep under my cozy blanket, snuggling with Teddy.

I woke up later, only to find that I was wet. I stood at the bars of the crib and realized I couldn’t get out on my own. And I was HUNGRY!!  I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and now my tummy was roaring!  I crawled into the corner of my crib, and sobbed quietly.

A few minutes later Ashley came in.  “Aww, Katy, what’s wrong?  Are you hungry?” I nodded and hiccupped miserably.  She lowered the bar of the crib and lifted me out.  She slipped her fingers into my diaper and felt that I was wet. 

She brought me onto the changing mat and removed my soggy diaper.  Then she wiped and powdered me.  After she put a fresh diaper on, I felt a lot better. Then she carried me to the living room and put me in the playpen while she heated some formula.  She brought it to me and I sucked noisily. 

After I finished, she burped me and set me on her lap.
“Katy, do you like being a baby?”
I nodded “It’s fun an you get lots of attention an, an…”
I broke off the sentence, realizing I missed my friends so much.
“But Ashley, I miss you so much………..”
“Don’t worry, Katy, now that I babysit for you, we can see each other often, ok?” she replied grinned and she lifted me off  the changing table to the floor.  Maybe my life would be ok after all.

                         Written by: Baby Katy

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