Jenny was worried. Her mom had just caught Jenny in her room, which normally wouldn't be a big deal. Except for the fact that Jenny's mom had caught Jenny using some of Jenny's homemade, towel diapers. Jenny had been using the homemade diapers for 2 and 1/2 months by then, and she hadn't been caught once. Until now that is.

When Jenny's mom saw her changing her "diaper", she was furious. She went over to Jenny, and ripped the "diaper" off of her. She then bent Jenny over her knee and spanked her for an entire 15 minutes.

When she was done spanking Jenny, her mom told her to get dressed and to get in the car. Still crying, Jenny put her clothes back on, not knowing what was in store for her. Jenny's mom took her for a long drive. After a while, Jenny asked, "Mom, where are we going?"

Her mom replied, "Well, Jenny, apparently you want to act like a baby, so I might as well help you." All of a sudden, Jenny knew what her mom meant. They had just pulled into the parking lot for Babies 'R Us. Jenny was dragged out of the car by her mom, and taken into the store. Jenny's mom bought Jenny a crib, a playpen, baby toys, pacifiers, bottles, baby formula, baby powder, baby oil, and many other things.

When they got home, Jenny's mom called Jenny's high school, and told them that Jenny was dropping out. She then went on the internet and ordered hundreds of disposable, adult diapers. She also bought adult sized baby dresses, skirts, bonnets, and shirts. She also bought tapes that Jenny would listen to at night while she slept. The tapes would make it so Jenny acted like a little baby girl, with out being able to stop herself, and Jenny would know what was happening the whole time. Jenny's mom had the internet store deliver the stuff overnight.

The next night Jenny's mom said, "Since you liked wearing your diapers so much, I thought that you would like a real diaper better." Jenny's mom put on the diaper on Jenny, just like she had when Jenny was a baby. She then put Jenny in the new crib and locked it, so Jenny couldn't get out. Jenny's mom waited an hour until Jenny was asleep, and then turned on the tape that she had bought.

The next morning, Jenny woke up in the crib. She noticed that her diaper was heavy. She then noticed that she had not only peed in her diaper, but she had also pooped in it too. Jenny had never pooped in her diapers that she had made, so she was very surprised.

Jenny tried to call out to her mom, but she had another shocking realization. She couldn't talk! All that came out of her mouth was gibbering nonsense. Then Jenny started to cry.

This got her mom's attention. When Jenny's mom came into the room, she said,"And how's my little baby this morning?" she had a bottle and a new diaper with her. Jenny's mom put the bottle down, and started to change Jenny's diaper. "I bet you're wondering what happened to you, aren't you little Jen-Jen?"

"Jen-Jen" was what Jenny was called when she was only 3 months old. Jenny's mom smiled. "I bought a tape that I played when you were asleep last night. It made you into my new little baby girl. Now you are going to be my little baby forever." Jenny's mom fed Jenny the bottle, then took Jenny to her playpen.

Later that day, around noon, Jenny's mom needed to go to work. Jenny's mom called one of Jenny's friends, who was a babysitter. "I have a little baby here who needs a babysitter. Do you think you can come over?" Jenny's friend said that she would be over in 10 minutes.

When Jenny's friend came to the door, Jenny's mom answered it. "She's in the living room," she said to the babysitter.

The babysitter went into the living room, where Jenny was in her playpen. The babysitter laughed so hard, that she actually peed her pants. The babysitter had already moved out of her house, and was living on her own. When Jenny's mom walked in to the room, she was surprised.

"Looks like we'll be having TWO babies here now!" she said. That night, the babysitter was made to sleep in the crib that Jenny's mom had bought for the babysitter. when she woke up the next morning the babysitter was a baby too!

The two teen girls have been babies ever since, all because of Jenny's over-reacting mother.

                      Written By: Nina

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