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Aaron, the fourteen year old boy looked up from his magazine at Carly. She was beautiful, medium-length brown hair, bright blue eyes, perfect skin, and a slim sand-timer shape. They lived together, but they weren't realated at all. Aaron's parents had been sent to jail for child abuse, and having no close relatives nearby, was adopted into the family of his best friend at age five.

He had lived with her for eleven years and never once told her how he felt. It would be too awkward, living together and going out, and even worse if they for some reason broke up. Aaron knew he would tell her eventually, he just wished he had the guts now. Aaron brushed all that aside.

Carly's parents had left for an anniversarry trip, leaving Aaron and Carly home alone for the week for the first time. Carly said she was going to have something exciting planned, but Aaron wasn't sure what she was going to come up with. Suddenly Carly spoke up. "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear diapers again?" She asked concentrated on a book.

Aaron was shocked at this question; he hesitated for an answer. "I- I guess, kinda." He asked not following. "Well, do you want to try and wear one?" She asked excitedly closing her book. What was going on here? Aaron was now very confused and didn't know how to respond.

"Come on, it'll be fun. We'll use towels since we don't have any real ones." She said standing up. "I- um.. That would be gross and kinda weird," he managed to say. "Oh come one, please Aaron?" she pleaded, with her hands together. "It'll be fun, I promise, and no one has to know about it!"

Aaron couldn't resist saying 'no' to Carly. Maybe she would start to like him more if she followed her plans. "Okay, fine." he sighed. Carly squeeled and bolted down the stairs and came up a few minutes later with two large towels. She handed one to Aaron. "Just put this in your underwear, make it feel like a diaper," she said going behind her own curtain so that they could change privately.

"What? In my underwear?" Aaron asked baffled. "Just do it!" he heard Carly say from behind the pink changing curtain. Aaron sighed and went behinf his own curtain. He reluctantly pulled down his pants to his ankles and stared at the towel in his hands. He started folding it, and after a little struggling, managed to get it into a diaper-like shape.

He slid it in the front of his briefs and slowly pulled it from the back. The feeling was so strange. It was bulky, yet soft, warm and comfortable. He adjusted the towel a little and then he heard Carly from behind his curtain. "Hey, are you finished?" she asked happily. "Yeah." Aaron replied, about to pull up his pants when the curtain suddenly slid open. "Hey what are you doing?!?" He exclaimed trying to pull it back.

"Oh it's fine, you're acting like we've never seen each other in our underwear before" Carly said. Aaron looked up. Carly was pantless too. She had on white panties with some of the twoel sticking up from the front. Being modest and not perverted, he tried his best not to look, but his eyess decieved him. "Isn't it awesome?" Carly exclaimed smiling. "Um.. Yeah it's... pretty nice," Aaron replied, stunned by the situation.

"Hey, let's wet them!" Carly said more excited. "WHAT?" Aaron almost yelled, "That's gross!!"
"No it's not, it'll be fun. Come on, that's what diapers are for!" Carly coaxed. After a few minutes of debating and arguing, Aaron finally gave in. "Yay!" Carly squeeled again "Let's wet them now!"
"Now??" Aaraon said nervously.

"Yeah, come on, just try and relax, we'll do it together." Carly said, and with that grabbed one of his hands and closed her eyes. Aaron followed, enthralled that Carly had held his hand. Aaron tried and tried, and pushed, and pushed, but his bladder would not let him wet himself. He started breathing slowly, in and out, and he could feel the pressure coming. Very nervous, he clenched Carly's hand tigther, unaware of it. Suddenly his pee burst out of him.

The shock of it all caused his eyes to bolt open and he started down at his underwear. He couldn't tell that he was wetting by looking at it. He tried to stop
the flow but it kept coming. The towel absorbed his pee and he felt it spread into the dry parts. He started worrying about it leaking, when as sudden as it had started, his pee stopped. He just stood there, dumbstruck about what had happened.

Carly broke the silence. "WOW! That was awesome! I didn't have to go to the toilet! My diaper held it all!" she said walking around the room, getting a feel of her wet 'diaper.' "What about yours?" "Uh, yeah, it held it all, it was very.. nice." he said, still standing in the same spot.

"Well, we better get these towels cleaned. Get dressed again and throw it in the wash." Carly instructed going back behind her curtain. Aaron did the same and began to remove the towel. What a strange experience that had been, and oddly, it wasn't bad.


Written By: Alex