Over the summer when I was 14 I decided to get my community
service out of the way by volunteering at my old day care called Country Walk. Little did I know that this would be one of the most embarrassing summer vacations of my life.

Day 1 Monday

Most of the supervisors and teachers that were their when I was were still and most of them were very nice. Except for Mrs.Miller who was my pre-k teacher when I was there.

Of course with my luck I was stuck helping her with the kids. The day went by well all the little kids thought I was cool because I was older. I played tag and manhunt with them and only one kid had to be put on time out for throwing a tantrum but I let him out early which Mrs.Miller didn't like but ignored it.

At 12:00 was nap time for the kids and I was surprised to find
Mrs.Miller still doing her old punishment which I think was always just a threat. The punishment was that if you did not behave she would diaper you, boy or girl, in front of every one and would treat you like a baby for the day and if your parents allowed the entire week.

At 6:00 I was picked up by my sister, Jennifer, who was 18, and I finally got to go home.When we got home my Mom and Dad asked "How was it?". I said "nothing special" and I went straight to bed because the kids wore me out.

Day 2 Tuesday

I was up at 5:00 and dropped off by 6:00, when the parents began dropping off their kids. My mom and I said goodbye and she told me to look for her car at 6:00.

Today I must have been getting on Mrs.Millers nerves for some reason because she kept on shooting me dirtier looks than normal. When nap time came one kid was yelled at brutally by Mrs.Miller for a natural snort of his nose and also threatened with the punishment.

So after nap time was free time outside and I pulled the kid to the side and reassured him it was not his fault. Then the worst thing I could have said slipped out "Don't worry about that punishment she says because she never uses it.".

And we know how kids at that age can't keep a secret. So when he fell and plowed a kid down with him he was once again in trouble for the wrong reason and Mrs.Miller threatened him with the  punishment. When the boy responds with "Well Andrew says you would never put anyone in a diaper and that it was only a threat!"
Mrs.Miller was pissed and calmly but angrily called me over a said
"Michael(kids name) tells me you said "my punishment was just a threat and I would never use it".

"By now Michael had enough sense to leave and play. She continued "How dare you undermine me in front of the children. I need to see your mother about your community service when you leave."

The rest of the day I stayed out of Mrs.Miller's way and helped out
however I could to butter her up which I new was pointless but worth a shot. At 6:00 I found my mom And told her that Mrs.Miller needed to see her. Mrs.Miller had me sit outside the classroom while she talked to my mom.

My Mom came out like when she went in. on the way home I asked What did she tell you?" "She said she was going to kick you out and make your hours void if you ever undermined her again which I doubt will ever happen." That last part made me worry but I shook it off and when we got home my dad spanked me for almost "screwing up my future" and made me sit in my room for the rest of the night which sucked because I was going with friends to the movies.

Day 3 Wednesday   

My car ride up to Country Walk with my mom was strangely quiet. When I got their Mrs.Miller had me do the morning serving of breakfast for the kids and that is when I met Stephanie who was 14 and starting community service for the same reason. She had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a nice body, and the greatest smile. We got to know each other and I started to flirt a little after breakfast serving was over.

When everyone finished breakfast Mrs.Miller called everyone's attention. "Yesterday a councilor told you which I am sure spread that my punishment was nothing but threat.". My face turned red when she called me up and said "He will be the first I use my diaper punishment on".

After 2 min she pulled me in her room and showed me the form my mom signed that said she could do this and told me "Your mommy will be helping me so you will be a baby 24/7 until summer is over.". At that time I figured Stephanie was a replacement for me that is why she stated late. Mrs.Miller decided to diaper me then because the other kids would eventually see me changed.

I had no choice as she laid down a changing pad had me lay down and striped me butt naked. She applied lots of oil and powder to make me smell like a baby and took 3 adult pink disposable diapers and strapped them. They were so thick and I could barley walk. Mrs.Miller slid white rubber ruffled panties on and said she might let me
wear plastic pants but only later on. Pulled down a Ninja Turtle shirt
that barely reached my belly button.

As she was finishing the 3-5 year olds began to come in and laughed as she laid me on her lap in the rocker and feed me a bottle of the grossest milk which I would later find out was infant formula. By 11:00 it was time for lunch and I was placed in a highchair that barley fit. I had to pee and poop very bad but held it as I  thought 'Finally something to get the taste out of my gut'.

Stephanie put an Elmo bib on me then I noticed the baby food on the table. Stephanie fed me two creamed spinach which sent chills down my back and gave me one bottle. Halfway through I had started to feel the poop come out and when the bottle came I just exploded.
Stephanie had started to smell it and got her lovely smile up again which aroused me.

She announced loudly "Time for the babies first change" She
had a student fetch 3 diapers, oil, powder, wipes, and a shirt of her
choice. The 4 year old came back with a princess pony shirt.
Stephanie had me lift my legs were she slowly took off the panties and my shirt to caress my skin to arouse me which worked.

By the time my diapers came off  she looked disappointed but then realized I was erect I was just small which her and the other kids made fun of causing me to ball like a baby which only made things worse as she was cleaning  and reapplying my diapers and clothes. Then it was time for nap time where they had us sleep on padded mats.

When we awoke I was ashamed to have filled the whole diaper with pee. No one noticed so I went to recess in my diapers to play which I was forced to do. Big mistake. After recess I had a bad rash and my diaper had stunk up my hole body. Mrs.Miller smelled it and decided to have Stephanie watch the class as she gave me a bath
and rubbed some cream on my rash. she put me back in my diapers and sent me off to play  for the rest of the day.

When my mom picked me up she had a good laugh and we left but not before Stephanie gave me a slap on my diapered butt. As I went in the car my mom corrected me and put me in a car seat in the back of her van. When we got home "Mommy" had Jen feed me 2 bottles and baby food.

I had not yet seen my room so when I went in their my TV was gone in place for a changing table, my crib was in place of my bed, and all of my clothes except for a few pants were replaced by diapers panties pant outfits and baby clothes (boy and Girl). I was sent to bed at 7:00 but not before my mom and sister helped each other change me and laughed at my "peewee" as my sister called it.

The rest of the summer was pretty much like that and ended up going a week into my school year.
More Specific see part 2

                      Written by: Andrew

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