Well here I was 10 years old and still in diapers. Thank goodness none of the neighborhood kids had seen me yet. My mother led me by the hand to my little girl nursery. It was all decorated in pink. "now it's time to get the little sissy baby changed and dressed for the day" she said as she helped me onto the changing table.

She untapped my disposable diaper which by this time was soaked. "now this is much easier than cleaning your sheets and washing all your peed pants and underoos. You will stay diapered for a long time mark, and being in diapers means using them to poop in too do you understand me young man."

"yes mommy" I said." or should I say young lady, as you will be treated as such." "also young lady you will start talking like a toddler. I want you to speak to me like a baby with a lisp do you know how to do that for mommy?" "yeth mommy" "good girl now let me get this wet diaper off."

She cleaned me with baby wipes, stuck a pacifier in my mouth and grabbed my ankles to lift my bottom in the air to slide a fresh new diaper under me. As she was sprinkling baby powder all inside my diaper she started teasing me. "I guess you are a little girl. I have never seen a weewee this small. You can barely see it. "she started laughing at me."

I guess mommy needs to give you a new sissy name. Let's see if I were to have a girl I would have named her MARY. That's it you will go by Mary from now on." "I don't wanna. " I protested. That was it. she hadn't taped my diaper yet so it was easy to turn me on my side and spank my bottom with her bare hand.

As I lay their sniveling she said. "You will learn to behave kendra. you will not disobey me do you understand me little girl." "ye yeth mommy." "Now you lay there and suck on your pacifier and think about what you have done, while I finish getting you ready. I am already going to be late for my bridge club."

She slid a pair of yellow plastic panties on over my diaper that had duckies on them. Over that she put a matching diaper cover on. She had me stand while she put a yellow summer play dress on me, with yellow ankle socks and mary jane
shoes. The dress was just short enough that you could definitely tell I was in diapers. She started packing a diaper bag and it was then I knew we were going to be going somewhere.

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                      Written by: Mark

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