My mom is a very strict woman as you can see. she had finally had it with trying to potty train me, so instead not only
kept me in diapers but at home I was to be her baby girl."well mark now that I have you all diapered I have set up your playpen in the living room.

Climb in and here is your baby bottle of formula, and after you have finished it it is nap time for you as I have to get your nursery ready and wont have time to watch you. but i will come back in to check on you from time to time. And if you are not napping you will be punished".

It took no time to fall fast asleep. When I woke up my mom was reading the paper on the couch. "well well you certainly took a nice nap. I didnt want to wake you so that is why your diaper is still wet. besides I want you to see your nursery". She took me by the hand and led me to what used to be my room. When she opened the door I started to cry as it was a baby girls nursery.

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                                     Written By: Mark

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