Well here we go again my mother said. 10 years old and still wetting the bed, and your pants. Mark I am getting tired of changing, and throwing away your sheets and underpants. Do you remember what I told you would happen to you if this kind of behavour happened again? Yes mamm I replied. Tell me
then what am I going to do? Spank me like a baby. Thats right. And I decided last nite to go even one step further. Now take all your clothes off and I will be right back.

There I stood shivering waiting for my mother to return. I remember to this day how she towered over me when I was scolded. When she returned she had one hand on her hip behind her back and I could tell she had something in her hand but at first I didn't know what it

With her other hand her long manicured finger was pointing at me and was shaking as she continued to scoled me about wetting the bed and peeing in my pants. When she realized I wasnt quite paying proper attention to what she was telling me she grabbed me arm as she sat in the chair, and pulled me over her lap.

Now I had been spanked before, but this time I was in for it. First of all she had a pair of my younger sisters white cotton panties in her hand (thats the only kind I found out later she would allow my sister top wear). She was calling me names as she was slideing those panties up my legs. After she got them on me she proceeded to give me a spanking with her hand,

Then she pulled them down past my bottom and gave me the bare bottom spanking of my life. She pulled me by my hand into her bedroom and diapered me right on her bed as I was still crying my eyes out. All I remember is she kept saying I was going to stay in diapers as long as I lived in her house. Today I still live there and still im in diapers.

Written By: Mark

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