Back in junior school which, in the UK is up to age eleven, we underwent a full medical examination each year which included inspection of genitals.

I was different because of my bedwetting and related incontinence problems in that I wore nappies and plastic pants. This was accepted among my peers because everyone knew and there was no ridicule and embarrasment.

Aged nine, I remember that the medical was conducted by a woman (the Doctor was usually a man) and so I faced not only having to stand naked in full view of a strange woman AND have my testicles and penis examined, I was worried that she was going to see my different underwear, different that is from the other boys and girls.

At first, the routine was to strip down to your undies to have your chest and back examined and then you were measured and weighed before the dreaded 'personal' inspection. The last thing you had to do was provide a urine sample and for this at least you were allowed the privacy of doing that behind the screen.

And so I was stood in my nappy and plastic pants while this woman (who was just into her forties I would say) was examining me and when it came to the point where the Doctor would normally just ask you to pull your pants down, of course I was sligtlly different and sensing my unease and slightly red face, she had me lie down on the couch and told me that she would undo my nappy and examine me and that it would be "just like my being changed" I think she said.

I remember the feeling of her pulling down my plastic pants and fumbling with the pins of my nappy, it was unusual, different, exciting? Very exciting as I felt my willy uncontrollably begin to stir.

Once naked and lying down, she had me at first roll over on to my tummy where she opened up my bum-cheeks and very quickly examined my anus. Then rolling back over i lay there with my head to one side staring at the wall as I felt her hands on my balls and manipulating them softly, squeezing each one gently as my willy quite naturally responded and began to grow before her eyes.

I then looked down to watch her take hold of my willy which grew to a full and swollen erection within a few seconds. She very slowly and delicately eased my foreskin down so that my babyish mauve knob came into view. She rubbed it and squeezed the eye open briefly before pulling up and down on my shaft a few times, my willy was absolutely rock hard just then and my shaft full of very strong and exciting feelings.

Well that was about it. My nappy was replaced. She smiled and chatted away as if everything was completely normal, which to her of course it probably was. Looking back I'm sure I wasn't the only little boy she had seen who had popped a boner.

And so I wonder if anyone else experienced similar and would care to share their experience on this forum?


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