Scott was 15 years old and he was staying with his cousin. "Scott..." said Tommy. "yeah?" asked Scott. "I gotta tell you something." "what?" "I...I.. I still wear diapers to bed!" Tommy began to cry. "you wet the bed like a little baby?!" laughed Scott. "shut up! I though you'd understand!" He ran upstairs angry. Scott still laughing. Aunt Lisa walked down, "Scott! are you teasing Tommy?!" "NO!" He lied. "How dare you lie to me!" she took him by hand upstairs.

"since you think its funny to tease, you'll be the baby!" She put him on the lap and spanked him till he cried. She laid him down and powdered him up real good. She turned him around and slid a suppository in his butt. "wait here" He laid there naked as she went into the garage and wheeled out an old crib with a top on it. His stomach began to growl... Scott has always been very nervous as using other peoples toilets to poop, so his body had been holding this in for three days.

She slid a thick diaper under his butt and strapped it tight. The urge to poop grew stronger. He couldn't hold it much longer. He ran. When he got about two feet from the front door uncle bill opened it and grabbed him. He picked him up and held him like a baby. "Awwww... where are you going?" he asked in baby talk. He then tickled him a little. Scott tried to resist but his uncle was too strong and held him tight before he knew it he was curled into a ball trying to hold his bowels. then they exploded!

His body eased up, and there was a giant load in his diaper. His uncle put him down. He took two steps and fell due to the heavy weight of poop, he fell right into it, and it squished against his butt. He began to cry as they put him in the crib and locked it.

                                              Written By: Scotty

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