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One day I had a friend over and while my parents were home my friend asked me if I would do something for him. I said I would and he said he wanted me to wet my pants. I said no and he replied that he would give me $10.00 dollars if I did. I never turned down money so I layed on the floor and peed. It came out easy and it soaked my pants then my friend put the $10.00 bucks in my bank.

When we were getting ready for bed my friend said that I should wear a diaper to bed. I thought I should too so I went to my baby brothers room and got a Pampers Swaddler. When I came out my parents called and said that they wouldn't be back for three days. I put the diaper on and went back to my room and went to sleep with just the diaper on.

I woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the bathroom. I was just about to go to the bathroom when I remembered that I was in a diaper. I laid down and used it, and then I went back to sleep. When I woke up I changed into my regular clothes and went downstairs to make breakfast.

My friend came down with my little brother and he brought him to the table. While I was feeding my brother my friend whispered in my ear "I need a diaper" and I told him to get one from my brothers room. He ran up and I heard him go into my brothers room. When he came back down I asked him why he needed a diaper and he said that he wanted the two of us to have wet diapers but he didn't make it.

I looked at his pants and saw that they were soaked. I was behind the counter so he couldn't see anything from my waist below so I wet my pants again and said I wet my pants again. He came around the counter and saw that I did and he said that "It looks like all three of us are wet". I checked my brother and he was wet. I went and got three diapers and cloths for all of us.

I changed my brother first because he was starting to pee so much that his diaper was leaking like it was a waterfall. Then I changed my friend and finally I changed myself. One hour later it was time for my brothers nap so I changed him into his underwear because he doesn't wet in his sleep any more and I put him in his crib. I wet once during my brothers nap but it wasn't bad. When my brother’s nap was over I went to wake him up and found that he wet his crib and he was still wetting it.

I waited until he was done before I woke him up. I changed him and put him on his potty fully clothed. He finished fast and I changed him and put him in his play pen with my friend and I. My friend finally used his diaper and it bursted open. I changed him and the rest of his stay it was all the same except my brother learned to use the toilet and is now but is still in Swaddlers because he still wets his pants in pre-school.

Written By: Jason