It all started when I went up to my Aunt Becky's house for the summer.
I always loved going there because she was such a nice lady and let me  do whatever I wanted. On my way over I thought about going to see my best friend Taylor. He lived up here in New York so I always went to his house.

      So, as my parent' SUV pulled up to the big house in a nice neighborhood, I got out and immediately walked to the door. My parents didn't come in because they wanted to beat mid-morning traffic. So I yelled 'I love you' to them as they drove away. I walked inside the house and was promptly granted by my aunt. "Hey there Brett!" she said to me. "Hi Aunt Becky."  I told her. She was a plump woman about 40 and had bright red hair.

After we had caught up and taken my suitcase upstairs, she said,
"Guess what, Taylor knew that you were coming and he wants you to stay at his house tonight!" she said to me.  "Are you sure about that?" I
asked her. "I have never been to his house before. Something about his
parents embarrassing him.

"Oh sure, he says he wants to show you something." she told me.
"He will be here to pick you up at 7:30am so be ready."
"Ok" I told her.  It was 7:00am so I needed to change and get my toiletries.

About 7:45am Taylor's mom, Sarah, came and picked me up. "I hope you don't mind the short notice, but Taylor wanted to show you his TV room." To this I replied, "No problem. I just hope that I am no trouble." After about 15 minutes of talking about the weather, we pulled up to a huge mansion. Complete with a fountain out front. "Wow, I never knew Taylor lived in a place like this!" I said. We walked up to the huge double french doors and I walked inside. Taylor ran down the stairs off to my right. "Brett! what's up?" he asked me. "Nothing much. Nice place man!"

He then proceeded to show me his TV room. It was loaded with every
gadget imaginable. We had a lot of fun that night and he told me that tonight, we get to go to bed late. "What time do you go to bed?" I asked him. "Oh about 9:00" he said. "9:00PM?!?!" "I don't get home till nine." I
told him.

He countered with, "My mom is a little bit overprotective." And that was the end of that. We stayed up till about 1:30am and finally we fell asleep on the couch. Well the next day I found out I was spending a week there, and that Taylor's mom had sent for my suitcase. I was a little worried about going to bed at nine, but I was going to have to adjust. But that was not all I was in for. That night, about 8:45PM, Taylor was getting ready for bed in his room, when his mom (who apparently was single) came up to me holding a disposable diaper. It looked like a baby diaper complete with Barney all over it. And it was just my size.

"Uh, Brett, I know you probably don't wet the bed, but still, I want to be sure you are safe, so if you could put this on, I would appreciate it." I looked at her questionably but proceeded to the bathroom where I put the diaper on. It was a thick, nighttime diaper with an adjustable waist and it took me a while before I realized I was going to have to lay down, just like a baby, and put it on.

For some reason, I really liked the feeling of the diaper. So I proceeded and I finally did it. This was the first of many. Next, I waddled over to my pj's and found they would not fit me anymore. Just then, a pair of footsies pajamas were forced under the crack in the door. I felt weird, but I put them on quickly and got out.

The diaper was so big I had to waddle up the stairs and into Taylor's
bedroom where he was already laying down on the bottom bunk of a
bunkbed. "Sorry about the diaper thing, but, that's my mom." he said. So I got up on the top bunk, and noticed the bars on it were a lot taller
than average, almost like a crib. There were also plastic sheets under the blankets.

But I said nothing, and was almost asleep when his mom brought up to
glasses of warm milk. "This will help you get to sleep." She stayed in the room until we had both downed our glasses and she took them and proceeded to turn off the light. To my surprise, I was extremely tired, and fell asleep quickly. The next morning I groggily woke up to his mom shaking me. "Hey big guy, it's time to get up" she cooed.

I looked over the bars to see Taylor in nothing but a heavily wet diaper. And plastic pants. 'Boy, I am glad that didn't happen to me' I thought. I had not known that Taylor was a bedwetter. But then, to my horror, I looked down to see the front of my footsies wet.

Sarah's mom looked at me and said "I have decided to turn both of you
into my big babies. Last night the warm milk had a special relaxant in it to help you wet heavily. From now on, you are not allowed to talk unless it is  baby talk. You will be diapered full time and you will have to use them.

The restrooms are now off limits, and you will both get a spanking if you try to get in. Now hold your arms apart." I shockingly did as I was told. She proceeded to unzip my pj's and pull them down to my ankles. My diaper was extremely wet and starting to get cold.

She started talking in baby talk. "Okay now, lets take my two babies  and get them ready for the day." She took us both down to the basement  and turned the light on. I was amazed to see a total nursery made out for  our size. All this time, I noticed Taylor had a blank expression on his face.  This made me realize that he was already regressed and that last night was just a lie.

She put me on an oversized changing table and proceeded to untape my diaper. She then took my ankles and pulled them over my head, then
slipping the wet diaper out from under me. I was getting extremely excited, and she noticed. "Looks like baby Brett is wanting to be a baby again."

She put a pacifier in my mouth, and put baby powder over my diaper
area. She then took a razor and shaved all my hair off. Now came the diaper. It was smaller than last for the daytime, and she slid it on and taped it around my waist. Next came the plastic pants. She pulled those on me and sat me up. For some reason, my mouth was sucking the pacifier greatly.

Now she pulled out a pair of pants and suspenders. She also pulled out
a tight-fitting shirt with trains and teddy bears on it. After I was dressed, she did my hair up in a part and made it slick with gel. I was now a full toddler and under complete control. All this time Taylor just stood there like a little obedient baby. "From now on I am your new mommy, and will be for a long while."

She took my hand and led me over to a crib and said "Time to put you
down for a nappie!" She pulled out my pacifier and replaced it with a bottle of baby formula. "Now you are my baby" she said as I sucked involuntarily.


For the rest of the summer, I slowly regressed back to infancy. My parents were horrified when they saw me as a mindless baby in diapers, and they had to put me in a retirement home. I am unable to take care of myself and I am loving it sooo much. Taylor, my baby brother, and I are just mindless, obedient babies now.

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